Thursday, July 24, 2014

Facebook Post 3/13/14 Exposing Sociopaths

FB POST 3/13 > {Braeden had already been taken from my care on 2/26/14 because of lies and deception and we were just waiting on the Justice System to do what we had waited on for over 2 1/2 months > To prove my daughter's innocence and drop the No Contact Order... Too late - the charges were dropped and the No Contact Order lifted 3/21 although they were still being used against my daughter in preventing from getting Braeden back to this day!}

STOP THE CYCLE OF ABUSE! My daughter, Nikki's pictures of the beating by her mother-in-law, Laura Bodnar on 12/6/13 while Laura's son, Aaron Tyskiewicz (Nikki's husband) watched which left her with a concussion and post traumatic amnesia, yet they both lied to the police then they both fled with Nikki and Aaron's 2 year old son, my grandson, Braeden and Nikki hasn't seen him since!! Voiced our concerns of the danger Braeden was in to only be ignored! But all it took was a call from Laura (Aaron's mother) to DCF telling vicious lies about ME and Nikki for Braeden to be put into a Foster Home with total strangers after I had finally gotten Braeden back into my safe, loving home and had been worried sick about him since 12/6 - then Braeden was finally returned to me because his father was arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation (OPERATION GREEN SHEPHERD 3 - Aaron Tyszkiewicz > google it) and he had my grandson with him!! Laura is using Braeden as a pawn and she couldn't stand the thought of Braeden being with me.  She abused all her children which Aaron has always tried to use as an excuse for his abusive behavior which was only getting worse as time went on.  I've witnessed how abuse truly is passed along to those who know only what their taught.  Laura has turned this into a very sick game and doesn't care one bit for Braeden!!  This woman adopted a son who 'vanished' after she tried returning him to CPS!  She knew her son wasn't capable of watching Braeden. He has admitted it!!!  By the Grace of God he is no longer in the hands of these two very disturbed, evil people! But Braeden should be home with me! Not in foster care ;(