Thursday, September 18, 2014






I am praying that we can seek some justice with the help of the police and the State's Prosecutor taking proper action against Laura Bodnar and her son, Aaron Tyszkiewicz for their criminal actions against my daughter, Christie (Nikki) Tyszkiewicz and my grandson, Braeden Voegtli who have both been the REAL victims since 12/6/13.  If there had been a proper investigation done, both known abusers (Laura and Aaron) would NEVER have been able to walk free to continue the very sick CYCLE OF ABUSE they both seem to thrive off of.  It is so disturbing to think that Aaron, who has always been deeply troubled by his mother's abuse all his life, could turn so easily on his wife, the mother of his child and lie so easily to the cops in order to protect his abuser who he witnessed brutally beat his wife.  Many can't help to wonder if 12/6 had been planned out by mother and son who are both pathological liars in order to gain control over Braeden that they had both fought for custody prior to Aaron manipulating Nikki into remarrying him a 2nd time after Braeden was born.  The entire family was deeply concerned when Nikki was convinced to return to a known abuser.  We were in fear for her life and Braeden's.  Rightfully so.  As disturbing as this sounds, many question whether they had intended to eliminate Nikki altogether but thank God that didn't happen.  What a coincidence, the very first time Aaron's mother, Laura, is visiting, such a tragedy would occur.  Drama seems to follow Laura wherever she goes.  Both are master manipulators and have proven they are a danger to society.  They both need to be held accountable for the destruction they have caused with malice intent and be stopped before someone else becomes a victim.  Their actions immediately following the beating speaks volumes.  Pictures tell a 1,000 words... Two vicious black eyes, bruises from head to toe and having sustained a concussion, cervical sprain, contusions to the shoulder and wrist was the result by two evil people on a mission.  The 911 call says it all.  Was made by a master manipulator who was determined to walk free after brutally beating her daughter in law by trying to play the 'victim', which is a total charade, yet Nikki is the ONLY ONE PLEADING FOR HELP AND THE ONLY ONE WHO NEEDED MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Because the abusers walked free they were able to continue the cycle of abuse and will continue to do so unless we can finely seek justice where justice is due.  PLEASE HELP!! 

 * 911 Operator > "911 police, fire or ambulance?" (Sounds like my daughter's husband at the time is begging his mom while he's crying - "No mom! Please stop!" >> Laura - "NO! She hit me!")

* NIKKI in distance > "No, you hit me first!"

* Laura > "No, you hit me... I'm telling you!" (does Laura actually believe her lie or is she trying to convince Nikki of her lie? Laura NEVER says Nikki hit her 'first') 

You hear Aaron, who sounds like he is pleading with his mom, but I can't make it out.

Laura replies to Aaron > "NO! She hit me and my neck is killing me" (playing the victim) 

Aaron to Laura > "She told you to stop... I saw, I saw!" (Aaron is confronting the one he claims has always abused him... But Laura will stop at nothing, as she most likely has done throughout Aaron's life, to persuade Aaron that what he actually saw with his own eyes was NOT what he saw >>> again, evil manipulation (he had told us on numerous occasions since 1996 that his mother is crazy and she is NEVER wrong even when she is - it literally drove Aaron to be mentally unstable where he is collecting disability for various 'mental' issues.  

Will give the seconds and minutes of when something is being said.

:13 Laura >  ✦✦"No, No, No, No!" I did not"✦✦ (while Aaron at this point is defending Nikki and pleading with his mom - above)

:21 Laura > ✦✦"No you didn't... I had >>>neck and back<<< surgery" ✦✦ (Laura mentions her neck and her back 5 times in less then 2 minutes... Like she is a recorder or a skipped record just as she was earlier in the evening when I was there and I left because of it - she was 'unstable') 

:24 Laura > ✦✦"NO!... We need the cops here"✦✦

:28 911 Operator > ✦✦"What's your address?"✦✦

:30 Laura > ✦✦"Um, I don't know the address"✦✦

:33 Laura to Aaron > ✦✦"What's your address?"✦✦

:34 Aaron didn't hesitate to give address (he had no fight left to go up against his abuser... Like he has said, his mom has a way of always getting her way, no matter who gets hurts in the process and she is in the wrong OR was he on it?) 

:37 Gave address > Laura > (AGAIN) > ✦✦"I've had >>>neck fusion and back fusion"<<<✦✦ (2nd time) ~ So this was the card she was going to play

:43 Laura > ✦✦"My husband's wife"✦✦ (referring to her son and never corrects herself - sick!  Husband?)... ✦✦"And she attacked me"✦✦ (will repeat this numerous times)

:49 Laura > ✦✦"And, Um"✦✦ (911 verifying address)

:54 911 O > ✦✦"Do you need an ambulance?"✦✦  (Laura gave no reply to needing medical treatment... Hmmm - I wonder why?) 

Laura replies > ✦✦"And I'm on the floor and (AGAIN - 3rd time) I had a >>>back fusion and a neck fusion<<< and she attacked me"✦✦ (2nd time) (How did Laura get to the phone to call 911?  Laura was not on the floor when the cops arrive)

:59 Nikki is in far distance yet Laura says ✦✦"Get away from me"✦✦ (So orchestrated)

1:01 911 O > (2nd time Laura is asked) ✦✦"Do you need an ambulance?"✦✦

1:04 Laura refuses medical treatment > ✦✦"Um, No, but I can't get up"✦✦ (yet after 911 operator tells her to stay on the phone, she leaves it to to go where Nikki was to hit her again?)

1:06 Laura > (AGAIN - 3rd time) ✦✦"and she attacked me"✦✦

1:09 Laura > ✦✦"And I can't... No"✦✦ (out of breath still... Why?  Because she just beat the shit out of someone!)

1:13 Laura to Nikki ✦✦"No! You attacked me!"✦✦ (her walk free card) "and she won't leave m... She won't leave me alone. Sh... Please send them" (You can still hear Nikki in the distance, no where around Laura)

1:17 (Can't understand what Laura is saying)

1:19 Laura > (AGAIN) ✦✦"She won't leave me alone"✦✦

1:26 911 O > ✦✦"She pushed you down?"✦✦

Laura's reply > ✦✦"Huh? Ah... Yeah, she attacked me"✦✦ (AGAIN - 4th time)

1:29 Laura > ✦✦"I have a plate in my >>>neck and back fusion<<< (AGAIN - 4th time) and...She won't stop"✦✦ (Like Nikki was doing something to her but is in the distance still)

911 O > ✦✦"She hit you?"✦✦

1:35 Laura > ✦✦"Yeah (AGAIN - 5th time) she attacked me,...she's drunk"✦✦
yet Laura calls Aaron her husband... 'My husband's wife' - how messed up is that? (Laura and Nikki had both been drinking wine and I find it ironic that Laura put in the police report that I had been there earlier and had been drinking and was trashed!... Really? Why would she have a need to LIE about me too? I never had a drop of alcohol!!  Crazy and a complete hypocrite - Laura is too into herself > 'me, me, me' to notice anything about me.  Pathological liars have of way of shifting blame to others of things that they have actually done) Laura clearly states here that Nikki attacked her... Never says Nikki was 'first' to attack her/never claims Nikki hit her FIRST... Only 'attacked her'

1:39 Laura > ✦✦"No, ahh, she had, um..."✦✦  
(She couldn't remember because of all the alcohol she had drank and was obviously drunk plus mixing it with her narcotics.  She and Nikki drank wine... Or was she getting her lies confused?) pathetic! (She had only programmed herself to focus on >>>NECK AND BACK FUSION<<< and >>>SHE ATTACKED ME<<<
NO DETAILS OF WHAT ACTUALLY OCCURRED... She is really good... Except 4 different statements were made.  No wonder Aaron is so 'broken'.

1:47 911 O > ✦✦"I already have them on the way, STAY ON THE PHONE with me as long as you can, okay?"✦✦ (Which Laura doesn't)

1:51 Laura yells ✦✦"Police are on the way Nikki... Stop it!"✦✦  
You hear Braeden crying in the background and not ONCE does Laura say one thing about her grandson > she was too preoccupied manipulating and lying her way out of the crime she had committed and was set in 'stuck mode'.

1:53 Laura > ✦✦"Stop it!"✦✦ 
(Again, Nikki in the distance)  Laura and Aaron both are master manipulators who are constantly playing the 'victim' role.  

1:55 Laura > ✦✦"Stop it" (AGAIN) "The police are on the way now"✦✦ 
(was Laura trying to make it sound like she was being 'attacked' again?). She was actually trying to manipulate the one she had brutally attacked that she didn't hit her first, when Laura knows she did.

1:59 Laura > (Still breathing heavy) ✦✦"No! You punched me and (AGAIN - 6th time) I have a >>>back fusion and neck fusion<<< - you come near me..."✦✦(Nikki still in distance)

2:07 Laura > (So orchestrated and a true psycho) ✦✦"You leave me'll paralyze me"✦✦ 
(Wow! She was so wired out on something, her neck and back didn't prevent her from going 'crazy' on Nikki.  Aaron had admitted to me on the phone the following day, almost as if he were bragging, how he never knew his mother could be so feisty when his mom was beating Nikki and in the report he stated that it lasted 45 minutes... He just watched?  Odd!  Why didn't he pull his mom off of Nikki OR was Aaron in on it?  He had also told me that he had been begging Nikki to hit him - to let it out, hit me, hit me, get it out of your system because he felt it would make sense to a degree to me from what I had told him was the reason for me leaving when I did EXCEPT I had lied in order not to hurt his feelings which was a RED FLAG to me.  I didn't want to hurt his feelings that his mother was the reason I was leaving...  I was tired and just wanted to go home... Aaron was getting high, Laura was drinking and was wired out on something - I didn't want to be around them.  So was I a scapegoat.  Why would they say that Nikki and I had gotten into an argument...?)

2:11 Laura yells > ✦✦"The police are coming!"✦✦

NIKKI yells from a distance > ✦✦"Help me! I need help!" (muffled) "Get off me! HELP me!"✦✦ (Nikki was in danger and she was in fear for her life)

2:14 Laura drops the phone (had been told to stay on with 911 operator plus didn't Laura claim earlier that she was on the floor and couldn't get up?  Guess she forgot)

NIKKI pleading in background ✦✦"Help! Get off me!"✦✦

2:15 NIKKI to Laura > ✦✦"You punched ME!"✦✦ 
(And we have proof from the pictures that we took of Nikki which the cops didn't).  No pictures of the REAL victim by the men in badges.  They only took pictures of Laura and Aaron (thank God though) because it only shows a dot on Laura's chin the size of a mole and Aaron had a scratch on his face which was not there two days later, not to mention Laura having a swollen ankle which she had been talking about earlier along with 'neck and back fusion' She is always about 'me, me, me') The pictures we have of Nikki tells who was the REAL victim!  The sheriff took pictures of the REAL aggressor.

2:20 Sounds like Laura 'healed' and went to where Nikki was in the distance (scuffling) (Why did Laura go to Nikki when she had been asked  to stay on the phone with 911 operator and couldn't get up?)

2:35 Aaron > ✦✦"Leave her alone"... Nikki! What's wrong?"✦✦

NIKKI replies > ✦✦"You and your mom"✦✦

Aaron > ✦✦"What are you doing?"✦✦  
(Who was he talking to... His mom was attacking Nikki again.  Laura probably scratched Aaron's face  < although in the statement Laura claimed Nikki SLAPPED Aaron... Why a scratch in picture and not a hand print?) or his mom locking Nikki in Braeden's room that Aaron had just put on the outside of, which Laura and Aaron seemed to both think was funny and 'normal' so no one could hear Nikki's desperate pleas for help) Disturbing!

2:47 Very far distance (Sounds like Nikki was locked in a room) Laura in distance

NIKKI's PLEADING > ✦✦"HELP ME!"✦✦ (She is obviously in danger) 

2:50 Aaron > ✦✦"I can't believe this!"✦✦ 
(What can't Aaron believe?) I wish our criminal defense attorney had done the deposition on Aaron that was scheduled but Aaron dropped the injunctions against Nikki in order to not have to go through a deposition.  He would break.  Need his jail house calls between him and his mother. Aaron was arrested on 2/14/14 by an undercover child sex sting operation. 'Operation Green Shepherd 3'

2:55 Laura > (in far distance where Nikki is) -> ✦✦"Stop it Nikki!  You Bitch - punch me!" "YOU ARE A FUCKEN BITCH!"✦✦ Laura is showing her true colors... Temper, enraged

3:00 Laura > (taunting - what was she doing?) ✦✦"Are you scared now Nik?"✦✦ 
WHY DID LAURA LEAVE THE 911 CALL?  Did she hit Nikki again? Nikki remembers getting hit over the back of the head. But when?

3:15 NIKKI > ✦✦"You are the one who punched me!"✦✦ 
in a desperate plea in the distance (locked room?) Laura got awfully bold taunting and cussing at Nikki who she claimed had 'attacked' her.  She is obviously the aggressor  >> SHE WAS 'ON THE FLOOR AND COULDN'T GET UP?' AND 'NECK AND BACK FUSUIONS' <<

3:20 NIKKI > ✦✦"I can't believe you hit me... PLEASE!!"✦✦(in anguish)

3:23 NIKKI > ✦✦"PLEASE HELP!" Or "STOP"✦✦ (Nikki remembers getting hit over the back of the head...but by who?  How many times does someone have to yell for help) 

3:27 Can no longer hear anyone 

3:46 Dogs bark, Sheriffs arrive - What did they see when they arrived? (All you can hear is Laura and cops... something about "her face" but can't make it out. All you can hear is LAURA talking who seemed to recover remarkably... I wonder 
if Laura called Aaron her 'husband' to the sheriff...and how many times she told the cops "My husband's wife ATTACKED ME and her BACK AND NECK FUSIONS?) 

The police made a horrific mistake which has cost us dearly, financially and emotionally.  You NEVER hear Laura pleading for HELP...  The sheriff could see Nikki's injuries. Nikki was the only one pleading for her life.  The only one hospitalized!!!  NOT ONE STATEMENT MADE BY LAURA OR AARON WAS THAT NIKKI 'HIT' LAURA FIRST... THEY CLAIM NIKKI SLAPPED AARON. YET ON THE 911 CALL LAURA STATES "NO, YOU HIT ME!"   "SHE HIT ME" NO! NO! WHEN BOTH AARON AND NIKKI ARE TELLING LAURA THAT SHE WAS THE ONE TO HIT NIKKI FIRST.  LAURA WAS ABLE TO JUSTIFY WHAT SHE DID BY PUTTING A TWIST ON IT CLAIMING SHE HAD TO DEFEND HER SON (who she claims is her husband on the call) AGAINST WHAT???????  Truly frightening.  But because Laura called 911, and Aaron went along with his mom that Nikki had slapped Aaron in the face (why a scratch and not a hand print then?) and Laura came to the rescue...(if Nikki had slapped Aaron, he couldn't defend himself?) It made it okay to brutally beat another human being which gave her serious injuries, including a concussion?  The pictures and the 911 call TELL WHO THE AGGRESSOR IS.  They allowed a walking time bomb to walk free and managed to get a No Contact Order along with the charges, as if, Nikki, could have possibly have been the aggressor.  Pictures speak a thousand words.  When the sheriff had asked about Braeden, who had to have been traumatized by seeing his mother get brutally beat, then arrested, Laura lied and said Nikki was holding him and when she went to punch Laura, she dropped him.  She LIED!!  Nikki NEVER punched Laura and pictures tell ALL!! Braeden had been in bed. It was Laura who was holding Braeden and turned 'psycho' on Nikki and it didn't help that she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  There are 4 statements which are all different of what occurred by both Aaron and Laura, but even in one of the statements, Laura admitted to, was the one where she was holding Braeden (how could she hold Braeden with her >>>BACK AND NECK FUSIONS<<< Laura dropped him, but claims it was when Nikki punched her in one report.  It was when Laura suckered punched Nikki in the face when Aaron was begging Nikki to hit him for whatever crazy reason.   LAURA WAS WIRED OUT ON SOMETHING!  Aaron was high as a kite.  Both of them, were on an evil mission... But pathological liars have a 'gift' to 'switch gears'.  Nikki NEVER touched her except to try and defend herself!!  Laura also claims in a statement that Nikki kicked her in the throat.. Yet Nikki was the one with a cervical sprain and Laura did not need any medical care.  Laura's neck and back could not have been too serious and if they had been, it would have been from her own doing.  She refused medical care!  What does that tell you?  It's so odd how earlier in the evening ALL Laura talked about was her 'neck and back fusions' over and over again. I was unable to 'reprogram' her when I tried to switch the topic about how nice Aaron and Nikki had fixed up their house... Nothing.  I tried to switch the topic to Braeden since it had only been the 3rd time she had ever seen Braeden...  But Laura was wound up!!  Ironically, this had been the first time Laura had ever visited!  Laura was all about 'me, me, me,' 'back and neck surgeries'. Over and over again.  Couldn't get her to change topics.  It was disturbing.  

Because the sheriff refused to see the truth and was manipulated by Laura, and there was no investigation done properly, she is free to walk among society with no consequences for her criminal behavior.  Who will be her next target?  Aaron claims he's been a victim of abuse by his mother all his life.  Laura and Aaron, who are both abusers, not only managed to have Nikki locked up for a crime LAURA had committed, they were free to literally empty out the home Nikki and Aaron lived in, in two days time!  They tried to prevent us from finding out by conveniently using the 'No Contact Order' to the cops when we had requested a 'cop escort' to go to the home on 3 different occasions to get Nikki's belongings.  The cops told us we were not allowed there the first 2 times (Laura and Aaron did not want us to see them 'fleeing').  Aaron had lied to the cop who stopped about a block away from the house, the first time we attempted, and told him that he knew exactly what 'personal items' to pack for his wife.  When we received a full suitcase filled with BABY CLOTHES and only ONE PAIR OF SWEATPANTS AND ONE PAIR OF SHORTS, we were in total disbelief!!   It was more then disturbing.  How could anyone be so vicious?  What is wrong with these people?  My daughter may as well as been punched again.  Nikki didn't even get the keys to her car.  Guess Aaron was planning on relinquishing another vehicle of Nikki's.  Wouldn't be the first time!  The 2nd time, the cops made us wait at a gas station and they retrieved the keys.  We went to put a complaint in after a 'victim's advocate' brought it to our attention that the police HAD TO ENTITLE NIKKI TO A POLICE ESCORT, ONE TIME, IN ORDER FOR HER TO GET HER THINGS.  But it was too late.  All of Nikki's items were thrown out in the trash or stolen.  Aaron and Laura were free to flee with Braeden to continue the cycle of abuse.  And nobody would listen to our desperate concerns for Braeden because the cops arrested the wrong person!!  Nikki may as well have been guilty of all charges (what happened to 'innocent' until proven guilty?) because no matter who we turned to, THE TRUTH didn't matter.  Nikki's black eyes and bruises, literally, from head to toe that didn't go away for over a month was just a reminder of how the system had failed miserably.  Our cries for Braeden's safety went unheard because a 'no contact order' had been issued against Nikki.  It's all so crazy.  We just had to continue praying for Braeden to be returned to us safely... What a complete travesty of justice.