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DCF STOLE MY GRANDSON FROM MY CARE TO PLACE HIM IN A SHELTER BASED ON LIES AND DECEPTION A WEEK AFTER THEIR 1st ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING... DCF literally tried to kidnap him on 2/18/14 & 2/26, stole him on 2/27 and resorted to using the 'Justice System' to having him placed into State care by committing perjury on 2/28.  That's all it takes.

Braeden, my grandson, had been taken by two evil master manipulators on 12/6/13... By his father, Aaron Tyszkiewicz and Aaron's mother, Laura Bodnar after they brutally beat Braeden's mother, Nikki.  All we could do was pray for his safe return because our hands were tied.  Those wearing a badge who are supposed to 'protect' people from malicious and criminal acts that 'victims' are subjected to... made a 'mistake'.  A HUGE mistake!  When the police can be so easily manipulated by 'evil' and make a mistake... The domino affect is insane.  And in this case an innocent 2 year old child has had to suffer unimaginably because the police allowed the criminal to walk free on 12/6/13.  Here's the 911 call narrative - THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON PLEADING FOR HELP... Believe it or not - the one who got arrested!  If there had been a proper investigation done, my grandson would not have gotten caught up in a web of deception! 911 Call Narrative with pictures
We contacted everyone we could possibly think of, but no one would listen to our genuine concerns for Braeden's safety.  We knew he was in the hands of ABUSERS!!!  Aaron has always claimed that his mother abused him and knowing how she had brutally beat her daughter in law on 12/6 AND got away with it, with the help of her son, is enough to know that Braeden was in serious danger after they had fled with him.  But our pleas went unheard.  All we could do was pray...

He was finally returned to us on 2/14/14 by Troy Simon, a Sheriff for CPS from Manatee County.  It had been 2 1/2 long months since Laura and Aaron had emptied out the home that Aaron and Nikki had lived in for just a short time in only 2 days time and then fled with my grandson to another county that Laura had just recently moved to from Maryland to live near a 'guy she had met on-line'... a child she had adopted years earlier who she NEVER had anything nice to say about and had made an attempt to return him to DCF was supposedly left behind in MD and I find it disturbing how relieved she seemed to be and even bragged how she was still receiving his disability check!  Looking back, nothing that Aaron and his mother does makes any sense.  There is so much more to these two very disturbed individuals.  What I do know... They try to destroy anyone who crosses their path and are toxic. 

We had received a call in the evening by Troy informing us of Aaron's arrest.  My niece and I drove over 2 hours to meet him and he explained that Aaron Tyszkiewicz had been arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation on 2/14/14 > Operation Green Shepherd 3 >> God had exposed Aaron's true colors... It was only a matter of time.  Afterall he was on dating sites immediately after watching his mother brutally beat his wife, yet willingly went along with his mother's elaborate 'walk free card' by claiming his mother had no choice but to 'protect' him because his wife had slapped him.  What strikes me odd is that the following day when Aaron had called me to give me HIS mother's side of the story of why his wife was now in jail... He acknowledged that Nikki had been really upset after I had left (I had gone by earlier for dinner and left because of how 'wired out' Aaron's mom was...SHE WAS UNSTABLE), so he said in order to let her get it out - he begged her to hit him.  Why would he admit to that yet turn around and defend his mother in a way where he was almost bragging 'I never knew my mom could be so feisty' when she had no choice but to 'protect' me'.  Nikki had two black eyes and severe bruises from head to toe, a concussion, cervical sprain, contusions to the shoulder and wrist!  (See other blog for pictures)  She was the only one who needed medical attention >> the 911 call is very telling.  Read my '911 Call - Seeking Justice' BLOG > 911 Call Narrative with pictures
 - I wrote a narrative of the actual 911 call that Laura manipulated from the beginning, BUT if there had been a proper investigation done they would have heard Laura leave the call after she had said she was 'on the floor' and  'couldn't get up' then go into a rage again where the last thing you hear is Nikki pleading for help right before the cops arrived. A RED FLAG went up after Aaron was >kind enough< to inform me that HIS wife was now in jail and it seemed as if he were relieved when he told me that Nikki not only got arrested but had a No Contact Order against her where she 'legally' could not see Aaron OR Braeden and NO CONTACT with either one.  What was even more alarming... Aaron wasted no time to ask me if Nikki had ever been 'baker acted' when he knew she never had.  None of anything he said made any sense.  It wouldn't take long to start putting the pieces together of a very sick plan that he and his mother had manipulated in order to flee with their son, Braeden... My grandson.  Mind you, Aaron had signed up for another few years in the army and I believe because his mother had convinced him that he could get disability through the army for being 'crazy' which he succeeded in doing... $3,000 a month that Aaron's mother started receiving since he is in jail and doesn't seem 'mom' is using those funds to bail her son out.  (He never did get out and pleaded guilty a year later where hopefully he will spend serious time).  Seems Laura has hit the jack pot.  

2 1/2 months after they fled with Braeden our prayers were answered by having him returned to me.  

Aaron had met a 14 year old on line on 2/13/14.  The following day Aaron had Braeden with him when he thought he would be having a weekend rendezvous of anal sex with a child.  Aaron Tyszkiewicz (Google him or Operation Green Shepherd 3) is the one shown getting arrested in article >> Article of arrest with mugshot << and Braeden had been with him.  He also told us that Aaron had given permission for Braeden to be put in my care.  Troy made it clear in the investigative report that Aaron said 'he wishes he was never a father' and that "mistakes happen" - on the dating sites he got busted on.  Laura, Aaron's mother, had also been called, but had never returned the call to Troy ... until she found out I had Braeden!  He also stated that Aaron thought of Braeden as an 'inconvenience' and that most likely would not have to be concerned that Braeden would be taken away from us by Aaron changing his mind (from behind bars?).  God had answered our prayers... We were crying tears of joy that we were finally getting Braeden back home with me until Nikki's No Contact Order was lifted and then she would finally be reunited with her son... Our joy would be short lived... Laura had succeeded in taking Braeden from his mother - her next mission would be to take Braeden from me...

Tiffany from DCF came out to talk to me and inspect my home.  My sister, Jana, was here along with her son and two grandchildren who were so excited to see Braeden again after so long and not knowing when we would see him next.  We felt so blessed that God had returned Braeden safely back where he belonged.  We knew he would be safe now.  I was still very upset over what had happened on 12/6/13 and tried to explain the CRAZY, irrational events of that day hoping Tiffany Perry (TCT), the DCF worker, would understand the deception that started this appalling domino effect of trying to seek justice for Nikki and Braeden and how dangerous both Aaron and Laura are.  DCF ARE NOT THE PEOPLE YOU EVER TELL ANYTHING TO WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT! I was very upset over the reality of what had happened and having to relive it was causing my anxiety to escalate.  I have PTSD from years of abuse, and it seemed that history was repeating itself.  I may have PTSD but I like to think of myself as a 'survivor' NOT a 'victim!  I thought the visit had gone very well with DCF and after inspecting the house, she left.  She called shortly after and stated she had forgotten to do a pill count.  I was about to leave with my sister to take all the kids to a park but told her no problem, I would just wait for her and Jana went ahead with the kids.  How did she even know I took medicine to do a 'pill count'?  Didn't occur to me at the time, but had nothing to hide.  I also had no clue that Laura had called the CPS Sheriff with vicious lies about both Nikki and I and had totally manipulated him!  The woman abused her own children, brutally beat her daughter in law in order to flee with Braeden and now I was her next target.  Tiffany returned and did a pill count.  It didn't make much sense to me why she needed to count my 90 day supplies of blood pressure, cholesterol etc..?? When I questioned her about it, she couldn't give me an answer and then stopped.  Before she left she made an odd comment about how unusual it was that Braeden was just handed over to me the way he was and then just tried to blow it off that Manatee County must have a different 'system' on how they handle such matters.  It made me feel uneasy but other then that, I never could have prepared myself for what was yet to come.  

Looking through the 'disclosure' which consists of a diary basically documented by DCF ~ Laura had called Troy (the CPS Sheriff who handed Braeden over to me) and fed him with more vicious lies.  She doesn't even know me!  I never trusted her from the 1st time I met her and intentionally kept my distance.  First this woman brutally beats her daughter in law on 12/6, walks free, empties out the home of the one she beat in 2 days time (what wasn't stolen of her daughter in law's, was trashed), then flees with her 'victim's' son to another county - THEN plots to have Braeden taken from MY care once he was finally returned to us!!  She is evil.

To read through the disclosure was more then disturbing.  Apparently since I had shown emotion to Tiffany, the DCF caseworker, it states I appeared to be 'disoriented'.  Funny how our first visit went find buy once she leaves and receives a call, she sees me through different eyes.  You show emotion and she sees I'm prescribed meds (that I have been taking since 1990) and because I shared too much 'crazy'  to a DCF caseworker, who was so young and ignorant to 'life' she completely twisted and turned everything I had said (if it wasn't so disturbing... It would almost be comical when she states in the disclosure that I had said that I would be getting my own TV show one day!)  Now you tell me - how CRAZY is that?  Was she intentionally trying to make me seem insane?  Nothing she wrote about what I had said was accurate, but to add THAT at the end?  (Perhaps what I had said was too disturbing and 'thought' it was made for a Lifetime movie - Lol).  She saw my meds and 'assumed' I was under the influence.  That is the farthest thing from the truth.  DCF CASEWORKERS ARE MALICIOUS LIARS AND JOIN FORCES WITH EVIL. I lived it... I breathed it.

What's so crazy is that Laura doesn't know anything about me, yet she can call DCF and say anything about me and one is automatically convicted of such lies?  That's all it takes.  She is truly a malicious human being!  DCF IS MORE MALICIOUS!  Ironically, Laura was the reason I had left on 12/6 before she brutally beat my daughter because she was wired out on something (she takes narcotics) plus she was drinking alcohol.  She was 'unstable' and seemed like a walking timebomb and I was certainly right about that!  I had been married to a drug addict and alcoholic for over 13 years which only seemed to bring out his sociopathic behavior, so it makes me very uncomfortable being around anyone who is acting irrationally when they are drinking and God knows what else where they appear to be 'unstable'.  It gives me the creeps and is unsettling.

3 days later I received another call from Troy Simon, the Sheriff from CPS, who had handed Braeden over to me.  I had called him and left a message concerned about Aaron having any say so of where Braeden should be, if, he were to change his mind (while locked behind bars as an alleged pedophile) it didn't make sense that he could in fact change his mind.  The reason for my concern, although no one was able to get a hold of Laura, who had been too busy to return Troy's call on 2/14 after Aaron's arrest, I knew the control she had over Aaron and once she cast her spell on him... Well it made me feel uneasy.  I couldn't bear the thought now that we finally had Braeden back (which was truly God's doing) for Braeden to be placed with Laura who Aaron openly admits from the moment we met him, how abused he was by his mother and how crazy she is.  He has shared many disturbing things about his mother and I have witnessed enough to know that she is a very dangerous person.  What's even more disturbing is as much as Aaron claims his hatred for his mom, it's as if she has some sick control over him.  He is emotionally crippled and is a deeply disturbed individual.  I said something to the effect of how worried I was to Troy once Laura was able to talk to Aaron and was going to try and explain, but he cut me off and stated "well as a matter of fact that's why I'm calling.  Someone will be there shortly to pick Braeden up and you need to have him ready.  If you don't hand him over willingly, you will be put under arrest."  I was in complete shock... I asked why and broke down in tears and begged him not to do this.  It didn't make any sense.  I was completely devastated!!!  Total disbelief.  Nothing he said after that made any sense. I was beyond upset and couldn't grasp much of anything he said after, but I was clueless at that time that Laura had called him and had totally manipulated him the way she has mastered to do with everybody, including the police.  Then he made a comment that was so ludicrous... I thought I must have heard him incorrectly so I asked what I knew had to be wrong but said, "What did you say?  Braeden wasn't safe here with me? I'm under the influence?"  He was so off base... Where was this coming from?  He didn't know me and it certainly was more then insulting after having been married to a drug addict and alcoholic who made my life a living hell for over 15 years where my life was almost taken by that monster, who died shortly after his attempt at 36 years old.  I suffered severe anxiety and depression from the years of emotional and physical abuse and in 1990 was prescribed medicine for it that I have taken since.  Had never been judged in a negative way by the meds I take when I lived in Maryland all my life before moving to Florida in 2010.  Held down a full time job with Verizon Communications since 1980 and raised both my children on my own with no financial help from anyone...  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I literally got sick to my stomach.  I started praying and fought to get back my composure because I didn't want Braeden to see me so upset.  God had exposed Aaron and was His doing to have Braeden returned to me where he was no longer in danger.. (Aaron only had one diaper for his son's ride along to meet up with a fourteen year to have anal sex with for the entire weekend (in police report)). Why only one diaper?  After all, in the Investigative Summary report filled out by Troy, it was made quite clear that Aaron wished 'he wasn't a father', "mistakes happen" (although he was planned) and HIS SON was an 'inconvenience'.  My heart was literally breaking and told myself that it was obviously a huge misunderstanding.  The only thing I could think of at the time was that Tiffany, who had been there Saturday obviously had something to do with this (being naive how they turn and twist things in such a disturbing way) so I called her and left her a message of how dare her misjudge me in such a way that was the farthest thing from the truth and she had made a huge mistake and was going to be the one responsible by placing Braeden's life in danger by removing him from my care was removing him from the one place where he was finally in a secure, stable, and loving home.    

Evelyn Harris from DCF showed up at my home after receiving that call and I tried to explain to her how traumatic it would be for Braeden to be taken from my home.  He had already been through so much that no child should have to endure.  Evelyn just kept saying, "I need to go.  Grab some of Braeden's things and let me have a snack for him for the ride".  RED FLAG! I started asking her where he was going, what county did she work for and even asked for a business card.  She intentionally misled me by claiming she worked for Saint Lucie County and 3 other counties, conveniently left out Manatee County (where our lawyer was able to find out where she actually worked).  She was hoping by lying and saying she worked in the county I was living in would make it easier to just give my grandchild to her because I had filled her ear about Laura because something had told me what their true intentions were as unbelievable as it seemed... DCF is supposed to protect children - Right?  Wrong!!  I just couldn't get myself to hand Braeden over to this complete stranger who shows up with nothing to prove to me that this was even legit.  I even made a comment that she could be a friend of Laura's for all I knew in which she responded that Troy Simon had called me earlier informing me that 'someone' would be coming to get Braeden.  She started making numerous calls telling me "You don't want me calling backup. But you are giving me no choice but to and you really don't want that" over and over again.  Nikki had gotten a hold of one of our attorneys and he told her to ask for legal documents before handing Braeden over.  She was on speaker phone and stated that she was Braeden's mother and he was not going anywhere and wasn't able to get Evelyn to answer any of her questions either.  My gut feeling was that something just wasn't adding up.  None of it was making any sense.  She got on her phone again and stated "okay, I'll give you one last shot to hand Braeden over to me now, or I'm calling 'back up".  I decided that they could arrest me.  At least it would be on record that some stranger out of the blue, who cannot give me any answers as to why they were doing this to Braeden or where he was going would be documented and there would be witnesses.   Evelyn overheard Nikki on my speaker phone say that my sister, Jana, would be here soon and before I even realized it Evelyn had slipped out the door without saying a word.  All I thought was I guess her 'back up' will be here any time... Totally petrified.  But that never happened.  I had asked her name and phone number and had written it down after she claimed she didn't have a business card.  The lawyer called me and said I did the right thing and might be a good idea to get away for awhile and he called numerous people, including Evelyn, Troy, and Laura and told them to back off.  Troy had told my daughter that Laura was the biological grandmother!!  How much sense does that make?  After all, I was in the delivery room when my daughter gave birth to him!  I believe that includes me being a biological grandmother!?!?  The master manipulator (I found out much later) had written in the police report that I was totally trashed when I had been there earlier on 12/6, which I know was to only back up any future false allegations she may need to use against me in case I somehow ended up with Braeden in the future... Setting her wheels in motion - master manipulator.  Another hypocrite who was drinking, taking narcotics and from what I observed was totally wired out on something and she knew I never had a drop of alcohol.   I just don't get it, except like Aaron has always said, his mother is capable of doing anything in order to get what she wants no matter who she destroys along the way.  A master manipulator and pathological liar.  A very dangerous person who will stop at nothing to feel in control and in power.  She had managed to manipulate Troy into having them orchestrate this elaborate plan to have Braeden taken from me so they could take him to her!!!!  Isn't that kidnapping?  What is wrong with these people? THEY WERE GOING TO TAKE BRAEDEN TO A CHILD ABUSER!!!   DCF had already documented that Laura was a 'WALKING TIMEBOMB'... Their words!!  12/7/13 My grandson's life was going to be placed into the hands of a walking ticking time bomb (per a DCF report by Bridgette Romer) who abused Aaron all his life and his brothers and brutally beat my daughter!!  Aaron is a very emotionally disturbed individual and as much as he claims he hates his mother, he can't stay away and Laura has total control over him.  

Evelyn Harris has since claimed she has never been to my home.  (Although it is documented in the disclosure but no name was given) Detailed Story of failed kidnapping attempt > Facebook link > (separate blog) p

Braeden and I went to a hotel until 2/25/14.  The day after we got home, on 2/25, there was a knock on the door.  When I looked out the window, it looked like Evelyn Harris again!!  I was in disbelief AGAIN!   I have never felt so harassed and misjudged so badly in my life!  This is my grandson that they have caused so much trauma to, it sickens me.  I was truly terrified for Braeden's safety.  I grabbed him and went into my bedroom and called my sister, Jana, at work and pleaded with her to come to my house immediately because I wanted a witness to whatever reason she was there for.  And she wouldn't leave!!!  Even broke my doorbell, then started pounding on the door over and over.  What law states that I have to answer my door?  I don't like answering my door to anyone, if I don't know them.  I knew now that DCF could not be trusted!  It took everything I had to try and seem composed for Braeden's sake.  My heart was racing so fast and I just wanted to cry.  I could hardly breathe.  I decided to take a shower and give Braeden a bath to refocus until my sister got there.  

My sister, Jana, called me as soon as she arrived and asked me if I knew that 5 cop cars were outside?  What?... Why would there be police surrounding my house?  There had only been one woman standing at the door when I looked.  Again... Total disbelief!  It didn't even seem real.  I had done nothing wrong!!  What am I up against?  How do I keep Braeden protected and make them realize that I was one of the 'good' guys who only had Braeden's best interest at heart? Nothing was making any sense.  I was scared to death for Braeden.  How can people that are with a 'system' that is supposed to protect children from abuse be so brutal and harassing to the only person, at that time, because of Nikki's No Contact Order, that Braeden was truly safe with?  Was this a test? 

Hindsight's 20/20 - DCF had already convicted me with the vicious lies that Laura called them with when I have never interacted with Laura on any type of level because of all the horrible things Aaron had said about her except once for a Mother's Day brunch together back in 2007 and I was appalled by the emotional abuse she humiliated her youngest son in front of everybody with and her narcissism spoke volumes. (To this day, no one knows where this child is)  There was another time I had loaned Aaron a cell phone I had and when I asked him to return it to me, SHE immediately started texting me that lasted all day long while I was at work with ranting and basically acting crazy!!  Too much drama.  When I got the cell back, it had been intentionally immersed in water, destroying the battery, which was purposely done.  Vindictive!!  That confirmed to me how unstable Laura and Aaron really were and I kept my distance.  Tried to warn my daughter to never trust either one and my concerns of how dangerous both seemed.  12/6/13 was the first time we had been under the same roof with Braeden and all I can say is that it was disturbing to me how she only talked about herself and kept repeating things over and over.  Just as she did on the orchestrated 911 call... (Broke down the 911 call in another blog) While you hear my daughter in the distance pleading!!  She was visiting and was only the 3rd time she had spent with Braeden and I was even unsuccessful from trying to reprogram her by hoping to talk about Braeden or about how nice they had fixed their home since they had just recently moved.  She seemed totally wired out on something, disconnected and too self absorbed about herself.  I had to walk away.  

All it takes is a phone call from a sociopathic narcissist whose only mission is to regain control over her grandson who is nothing but a pawn to her and is mixed in the middle of a very sick, twisted game to fuel her ego and make her feel in power in order to continue the CYCLE OF ABUSE that she has gotten away with for years.  Aaron is a perfect example of the damage that emotional abuse can do and sadly is always inflicted by a person who you should be able to trust completely to protect you.  DCF resurfaced all the years of abuse I had been inflicted to in the past.  Being falsely accused for things that weren't true and accusing me of being somebody I wasn't?  It was disturbing and was mind boggling.  I just knew my focus was to protect Braeden from the never ending drama that Aaron and Laura seem to thrive off of.  Those kind of people only cause others misery... Whoever crosses their path.  

Opened the door to Shelia Luther who was with DCF and several police.  They invaded my home and I felt completely violated.  Is this how every law abiding citizen gets treated?  I had done nothing to be encountered in such a way.  The first thing I heard from the police was that it was a good thing I answered my door because they were just about to break it down.  No search warrant.  Why would they break my door down?  I felt like I had broken the law and was being treated like a criminal.  I was interrogated, my home was searched throughout during the whole time they were there, my meds were counted again.  It just didn't seem what they were doing was legal.  But I was too concerned about Braeden... My mind scrambling trying to rationalize exactly why they had invaded my home in such a way and once again subject Braeden to more trauma.  It was totally UNJUST but Shelia manipulated and lied to me...gave me a false sense of security that she could be trusted to do the right thing. After all she had already made up her mind to join forces with the evil that exists in this world but I was unaware of it at that time.  She was on a mission to seek 'power' over me and to prove she had the 'power' to place Braeden into a system that has failed so many families with such unethical measures that people need to be made aware of.  I was blindsided.  The deception DCF resorted to are ways that need to be exposed.  

I tried to explain to them that I didn't know who to trust because someone by the name of Evelyn Harris who said she was with DCF had tried to kidnap Braeden the previous week.  They acted like I was delusional, like they had no knowledge of any such thing!  Really?  So the woman was an imposter?  Who just happened to use that name?  Or is this yet another coverup by DCF?  My lawyer called her and Troy Simon, who knows for a fact who came to my home and tried to use scare tactics by saying I would be put under arrest...BOTH OF THEM!!  That's when they reassured me that they weren't there to take Braeden if I could answer all the questions that I was going to be asked.  Interrogation?  Yes!  Then I tried to tell them that if they had arrested the REAL 'criminal' who beat my daughter on 12/6/13, Braeden and Nikki would not be getting subjected to this never ending hell.  I believe after that I was demanded by the police TO SIT in my own home and then added "IF YOU CARE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR GRANDSON YOU WILL SIT DOWN AND NOT MAKE THIS ABOUT YOU".  Me?  I never made it about me... Once again, the things I was hearing made no sense.  To this day, I still don't get it.  Braeden had almost been kidnapped under handedly the previous week and nobody knows anything about it?  How convenient.  But yet I'm supposed to trust anyone from DCF and police officers who were easily manipulated by pathological liars on 12/6/13... Then threatened to beat my door down... WHY EXACTLY?  Baffling!!  What happened to JUSTICE?  What happened to law abiding citizens being respected and protected by those who are getting paid by people like me?  Seems to me my 4th & 14th admendment rights had been completely violated.  Coersement!! DECEPTION, CORRUPTION, POWER TRIP seems to be the leading force in our society.  

While Shelia was reeling me in... I could hear the female cop giving my sister a hard time about my daughter.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  The cop was bullying my sister and giving her a hard time that my daughter had been in the house while Braeden was here!!!  All because her bed wasn't made!  For that cop to insinuate such a thing (Laura had also reported that Nikki was violating the No Contact Order... HELLO!! SHE LIVED IN ANOTHER COUNTY!!)  That woman was trying everything she could to rip Braeden away from us) when my daughter had not seen her son since the brutal beating on 12/6 and since Braeden was brought back to me, had been living like a a gypsy staying either at my sisters or my nieces because she was not going to risk jeopardizing losing her son by disregarding a legal document that we were just waiting for the lawyer to go through the process of getting it dismissed, which it was on 3/21.  

Because of LIES and  DECEPTION, my daughter, who had never been separated from her son since he was born, had to wait almost 3 months before Braeden would know his mother was still alive and very much a part of his life;  for now, not in a way they deserve to be but they both cherish the time they are allowed by a very broken system.  But once again, not only was I being accused wrongfully AGAIN but the female cop was accusing my daughter of breaking the law when she understood clearly that a legal document prevented her from reuniting with her son and was just waiting for the day that she 'legally' could try and make up for the time stolen to shower Braeden with her unconditional love.  And although on 3/21 everything was dropped, because of more bureaucracy,  they were robbed of 3 more days before they could FINALLY reconnect on 3/24.  

My home was invaded for reasons I still don't comprehend, (did I even have to let them in my home?... I had not broken any law and they invaded MY SAFE HAVEN) except DCF received a call from Laura about me... and my daughter.  Because someone calls who is a pathological liar, (like that doesn't happen all the time) that gives DCF and police the right to treat you as guilty of all counts? Search my entire house including my closets!?!  Completely violated!!  To be treated like a common criminal when I have never committed a crime... The Land of the Free - Yeah RIGHT!!! And then to top it off, find no evidence of guilt... BUT DCF CAN COMMIT PERJURY, ASSASSINATE YOUR CHARACTER, DESTROY YOUR FAMILY AND YOU ARE FACED WITH THE FACT that our justice system is a farce and DCF IS CORRUPT!!

Shelia did a pill count of my meds.  I was so naive not to realize they were on a mission.  No matter what - it didn't matter who I was.  They had made up their minds to turn me into whatever they needed to.  I can't believe people can be so evil.  So this was the 2nd time DCF had counted my meds.  I get 90 day supplies of most medicines and couldn't understand how they could twist and turn the meds I take for my cholesterol, bladder, heart medication, arthritis etc.  I keep them in a bag and she pulled out a bottle of my heart medicine that I had saved because it's a smaller bottle and she started drilling me about why it was empty.  I looked at the bottle and told her it was a year old.  She said "no it wasn't... It had just recently been filled".  I knew it was an old bottle and read the date to her when it had been filled but she kept insisting it wasn't and then my sister walked up and said 'what medicine'?  After that Shelia backed off.  Her and the cops left after searching my closets.  Shelia returned about 10 minutes later and stated that the police told her that they were concerned about my demeanor and continued on with her bold face lie (which we just got proof of by getting the police report from that day) saying - they would report her unless my sister stayed with me that night, then "I'm sure we can get it all straightened out tomorrow after I talk to them, it's just a misunderstanding".  My sister has a job, but once again we were being dictated to by a caseworker who works for a 'system' that 'saves children from abusive situations'... at least that is what Americans are led to believe!  She knew nothing about my sister.  Don't get me wrong, my sister has been my rock throughout this but to dictate to someone she knows nothing about to STAY IN MY HOME... That is total hypocrisy and was a total power trip on her part.  I was the one to make dinner, clean the dishes, watch Braeden etc.  WTH?  Just getting the police report to that day, was a REAL EYE OPENER... When Shelia left here with the cops she was hoping they would back her up in removing Braeden but the police found the allegations made against me were completely unfounded.  BUT SHELIA LUTHER LIED.

Police claimed in their report Braeden 'appeared to be well nourished and unharmed'.  'Looked around in the home which appeared neat and clean.  There was running water and the fridge contained plenty of food.  At this time, I am going to unfound this allegation due to lack of evidence on scene and witness statements obtained.  Christie did not appear to be abusing any types of drugs and Braeden did not appear to be neglected.'  Unfortunately we had no knowledge of this report until it was too late but was finally presented as evidence 8/19/14 when DCF tried to continue with their lies about me and tried to continue robbing me of being a grandmother to Braeden!

DCF IS CORRUPT AND DESTROYING FAMILIES!!! There are too many children taken from perfectly loving parents or grandparents who are also providing a stable, loving homes.  DCF IS ABUSING THEIR POWER IN AN UNJUST WAY TO TOO MANY CHILDREN BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR OUR VOICES!!!  It's an epidemic that needs to be stopped!!  

Got a call from Shelia Luther to bring Braeden to their 'territory'.  Made it sound like we didn't have a choice.  Dictatorship.  As far as my sister and I knew, the cops were the ones who wanted Braeden removed.  I had thought it was because I hurt their ego when I stated they had arrested the wrong person. That was the only logical thing we could think of.  So now, we were instructed to go there where we could straighten the 'misunderstanding' out and all would be good.  NOT!!!!  Once again... DCF BLINDSIDED ME.  They nearly broke me completely.  I never in a million years could have ever seen what was coming.  But DCF are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS AND BEYOND DECEPTIVE - MANIPULATIVE they are no better then the sociopaths whose mission is to DESTROY, INFLICT INTENTIONAL MALICE to whoever they choose as their target.  There are truly no words to describe what they have subjected my family to!!  And, I know, first hand that the last thing on their mind is to 'protect children' from horrific living conditions.  All this brought back so many bad memories from over 20 years ago.  I've never felt so harassed, mortified, and completely invaded which equals ABUSE! It is so unacceptable that I was violated of having any rights where I was concerned and my grandson!!  DCF needs to be accountable for traumatizing Braeden.  THEY EMOTIONALLY ABUSED HIM!!  SEPARATION ANXIETY!

I was immediately taken and put in a room by myself... I prayed to give me the strength to get through what was yet to come that would truly test my Faith.  Then I called my lawyers immediately.  I knew we had walked into a trap.  JUSTICE?  They opened the door, while I was  still on the phone with my lawyer and saw tears running down my sister's face.  I thought I was going to collapse and scream in anguish.  Braeden was no where in sight.  All I can say, God gave me the strength I needed to hold my composure and not break down.  I was not going to give these people the power boost that keeps their egos fueled by seeing me fall apart.  God held me up when I was demanded to leave immediately with no explanation of what happened to my innocent precious grandson.  Apparently, I was not entitled to know.  To be treated in such a way was unimaginable I lost Braeden to a 'system' that I knew loud and clear was corrupt and felt powerless.  But isn't that DCF's goal?  To make parents/grandparents aware how powerless we are?  Our children our not ours...DCF is protected legally by any action taken against them to hold them accountable for any criminal act on their part - which I know is why they continue to DESTROY FAMILIES... AND THE MONEY EVERY CHILD BRINGS IN FOR THEM!!  Google Senator Nancy Schaefer, God rest her soul.  That should be the wake up call to every family out there whose world can be completely turned upside down in a blink of an eye. The only words exchanged while I was being shoved out the doors by a cop body slamming me out (which I was unaware of until Jana told me who watched them) was the woman holding the door demanding me to leave, I asked her if she would please talk to my attorney so I could understand what was happening.  My precious grandson who had been through so much already... Watching his mother get beat severely - then ripped away from her;  the two people responsible for her beating emptied out their home to only be taken to a strange place without the dogs he adored where God only knows what kind of abuse he was subjected to since his father had made it clear to numerous people that he was unable to take care of Braeden and thought he was an 'inconvenience' who seemed to think it was the norm to put a lock on the outside of Braeden's bedroom door (Another disturbing 'normal' to him that he learned from his mother) so he wouldn't be bothered while he was on dating sites trying desperately to find his next victim; to go on a ride along to go have sex with a fourteen year old a few hours away for the weekend... to only end up in the hands of strangers again after his father was arrested.  What was he planning on doing with Braeden?  He only had one diaper after all...  Then to witness his father get arrested (which was a true blessing... I just can't imagine what Aaron was planning on doing with his child!!  Was he going to be discarded some way, as easily as every dog Aaron ever owned?  Again... One of the many things that Aaron would complain about his mother always putting her numerous husbands and never ending boyfriends before her own children.  Aaron had been told by his mother he would have to endure the abuse one husband was subjecting him to until she was able to get the hysterectomy she wanted because she was covered under his medical as long as they were married... What Laura wants, Laura gets even if it meant her children were the ones that had to suffer.  Aaron's narcissism always puts his own wants and needs first that consumed him where he is incapable of even putting a 2 year old's needs first (should be his priority). Like mother, like son.   Our prayers had been answered when Braeden was returned to us... And with everything he had been subjected, he needed the love and security that he had been robbed of since 12/6/13... That he was able to get from me.  Braeden was and is my priority.  

I do remember being pushed from behind, not realizing who was pushing me toward the door that was being held opened by the woman who committed perjury against me the following day in court.  When I asked her to please talk to my attorney she flat out said "NO, GET OUT. IF YOUR ATTORNEY WANTS TO TALK, HAVE HIM SHOW UP IN COURT TOMORROW."  Request denied.  I was in the dark.  And NO BRAEDEN!!!!!!!! 

We scrambled to get an attorney on such short notice.  Unfortunately, the attorney we got was useless.  We would have been better off representing ourselves.  I almost feel the public defender that was assigned to Nikki was in kahootz with DCF.  I was so nervous because I had already seen what these monsters were capable of but I could never had prepared myself for what they still had yet to come.  They weren't done with me yet... They were on a mission.

When you're testifying under oath, call me naive, but should be based on TRUTH (FACT) and produce PROOF... EVIDENCE of what they are testifying to, especially when they are as bold to claim the one who is their 'target' that they are fixated on to deem unfit... Because they had decided the child who was in their care was now 'theirs' to be placed in their 'system'... WHY EXACTLY?  Greed! Power!  If the 'poor social workers' are so overloaded with children in the 'system'... Why are children who are in a stable, loving home being 'legally kidnapped' to continue a vicious cycle of overpopulating the 'system' that only brings negative results... Except 'poor social workers' are only presented by the media through their eyes only.  Chain of command and bureaucracy are failing children who do need to be removed from abusive living environments but overcrowding the system are numerous children who have been ripped away from their families that should NEVER have been taken from with manipulation, lies, and as for my grandson... Committing perjury against me.  DCF wasn't finished with ABUSING ME emotionally.  What they did is unforgivable but I have to remind myself to put my trust in God to free me of the pain DCF caused by committing perjury about me and assassinating my character.  True defamation of my character.  There is no way to wrap your head around the DECEPTION and EVIL that exists in this world.  My faith in God will heal my spirit and the path I have walked gives me profound knowledge of how to read people and my gut will let me know when a person is soulless... DCF stated under oath that I had been arrested for doctor shopping!!  That is completely ludicrous.  I have never been arrested in my life!  And the woman who had held the door open for me the previous day, Leslie Jones, testified that I was incapacitated... 'Under the influence' when I brought Braeden... THEY PUT ME IN SECLUSION AND HELD THE DOOR OPEN DEMANDING ME TO LEAVE.  I can only imagine what she would have said if I had completely fallen apart, which I had come close to.  Again, damn if I do, damn if I don't.  No win situation.  To be treated like you are scum of the earth JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN is inhumane.  The ultimate betrayal... EMOTIONAL ABUSE!!  And once again... Braeden would be traumatized AGAIN by feeling abandoned... This time by me but because of DCF's doing.  I took him and walked him right into another trap of DECEPTION. 

Braeden was now in a system that would hold him hostage, buried under bureaucracy and nobody knowing their left hand from their right.  Keep hitting one brick wall after the other.  Subjected to the 'unknown' from being ignorant to the deception that can hit from all angles... Have been subjected enough by individuals but was a real wake up call to a system that is 'overloaded' with kids... As if that justifies ALL THE CHILDREN WHO THEY LITERALLY HAVE HARD CORD EVIDENCE AGAINST THAT ARE IN ABUSIVE HOMES... Yet remain in the home to end tragically.  An 'overhaul' needs to be done on the people who are hired and every chain of command needs to get a reality check on human life.  We continue to find out how each 'level' that is supposed to protect 'abused' or 'neglected' children, AS WELL AS THOSE LEGALLY KIDNAPPED FROM STABLE, LOVING HOMES comes through the system and depending on the chain of command... Most fall short of actually the 'system' working in their favor.  DEATHS, LOST BENEATH PAPERWORK, NEVER TO BE RETURNED  TO GOOD LOVING HOMES AGAIN WHO GET SOLD (ADOPTED OUT)... (Exactly, where does the money go when a child is placed or adopted? is it all about POWER??)  BECAUSE THERE IS CORRUPTION THAT HAS YET TO BE EXPOSED WITH TOO MANY CHILDREN BEING REMOVED FROM STABLE, LOVING HOMES... mix in the politics and all the bureaucracy about a system you only hear about how 'overloaded' DCF, CPS etc. is and the numerous deaths caused because of their ignorance.  If they would stop spending so much time removing children from perfectly good homes and boost their egos and profit from... Because they can...  TAKE AWAY THEIR POWER AND PROFIT, they would actually be able to save the children who are in dangerous living arrangements AND NEED TO BE SAVED!

Disheartening that we as Americans are misled into believing that we have the best 'justice system' in the world.  Propaganda - highlighted by the media in hopes to keep society from taking matters into their own hands... But as long as we live in ignorance to the CORRUPTION that exists, and the sociopaths in our society, there will continue to be an injustice that will continue to blindside people everyday who get sucked into a 'system' BECAUSE of the sociopaths in our society whose only mission is to destroy others by utilizing something that was intended to be good and fair like our justice system to use to their benefit, by just lying, which comes easily to these people without a conscious... Who feel no shame or guilt - they are void of having any feelings towards others... Only a sense of power that fuels their narcissism that they have destroyed another 'prey' who they have chosen to be their victim.  

Since 12/6/13 it has been an emotional roller coaster ride and have been getting suffocated by the INJUSTICE in this world.  The REAL victims never got the protection that they were justifiably entitled to on 12/6/13 because a sociopath who has managed to stay below the radar who, from what we have heard from her own son, (and from what little I have observed) abused her children emotionally to such a degree of still having total control of her 27 year son that is 100% mentally disabled through the army for 'mental' issues... very alarming...  OR was he the one who attacked Nikki from behind?  We'll never know because the police were easily manipulated by mother and son who were on a mission, I believe from the time Aaron manipulated Nikki into marrying him again.  They lost custody.  They were going to get Braeden and nothing was going to stop them.  He just needed his mom to do the finishing touches.  We feel blessed that Nikki is alive... And Braeden!!  How could the cops NOT SEEN the blows to her face and body... Head to toe? and do nothing but allow the abusers to inflict more abuse to both victims!!!  Why did the medical facility she had been taken to not give her a drug screen or alcohol level considering the police took Laura's word for it that Nikki was drunk > although 2 days later it was confirmed by the medical facility I took Nikki to that she had a concussion, cervical sprain, contusions to the should and wrist... Yet 12/6 she was medically 'cleared' to be arrested - she could have died!!  Ironically, Laura was the one drinking along with her narcotics.  True hypocrite.  She made claims to DCF that I abuse my prescription meds and alcohol while Braeden is in my care... Hmmmm - I haven't even seen this psycho since 2007 not to mention we have lived in two different states since 2010 and she has only seen Braeden 3 times - twice when she lived in MD and I lived in FL.  The 3rd time was 12/6 and I kept my distance because she was trashed!!  She is such a hypocrite... Laura doesn't even know me and find it more then disturbing the elaborate vicious lies about both my daughter and me are spoken by a pathological liar whose goal is to make us seem unfit in hopes to get us out of Braeden's life.  Who the hell is she?   She's evil.  No one knows what happened to her youngest son who she only had hateful things to say about and right in front of him!!  And didn't hold back about bragging that she was still collecting his disability check, yet no child.  RED FLAG.  I just pray he's safe.  Dispose of one child and replace him with Braeden?  So she can continue the cycle of abuse?  Twisted and dangerous... A walking time bomb.  Just like on the 911 tape, all Laura would talk to me about, like she was a recorder...Back fusions, neck fusions, swollen ankle AND strokes over and over again (she admitted to me she has never received medical care for any strokes and according to Aaron, she had a convenient stroke after the police arrested Nikki.   Is that not so over the top that Aaron tells me he witnesses his mother having a stroke - yet she doesn't seek medical attention - REALLY?  And Nikki attacked her?  But only has a size of a freckle on her chin and never needed medical treatment although Nikki attacked her and she has had neck fusions, back fusions... Blah, blah blah.  Is Aaron that stupid or do they think I am?  That's the million dollar question... Because Aaron is a full blown manipulator, and very abusive emotionally toward Nikki (I witnessed it and have recordings that are very disturbing of his manipulative abuse where he is psycho and thought he was slick by the iPhone that Nikki recorded him with, happened to have mysteriously disappeared with ALL OF BRAEDEN's PICTURES from a newborn?  PROVES HOW DETACHED HE IS BY HIS OWN SON... (just like after emptying out the home with his mother, he put all of of his son's pictures and his toys in a storage he never planned on paying.  Why?  My daughter had prided herself in getting professional pictures of Braeden from a newborn on and he had no intentions of paying that storage bill... With some investigating we were able to find the storage unit and right before it went to auction was able to rescue the pictures that are so cherished by Nikki and got his toys.  A red flag had alerted me when Aaron had told me about the numerous dogs he had owned and had no problem getting rid of them for various reasons.  Thank God Nikki had emailed 2 of the recordings to herself that she stumbled across them to expose the extent of the Aaron that most people don't see... What goes on behind closed doors is a monster too many people in abusive relationships are subjected to... Behind closed doors is sacred to an abuser - how does one begin to explain the 'psycho'  you are living with when they present a totally different demeanor to the outside world?  Just like his mom, he is totally disconnected from people, they are objects to him to have complete control and power over and when they really no longer need that 'person' for the agenda they had intended to benefit from their 'objects' who are no longer useful to them... they get discarded in various ways.  Is that from years of being abused so severely by his mother or are they both sociopaths, connected at the hip? 

My two year old grandson has gotten sucked into a system by the very people who should be protecting him... He was 'legally' kidnapped and ripped away from his mother because of a sociopath, almost again on 2/18/14 after he had finally been returned to us by the Grace of God by the same manipulator who managed to get DCF to attempt a 2nd 'ILLEGAL' kidnapping, then DCF needed to boost their egos by proving that they were on the same power trip as Laura to prove that they can remove any child from any home... and succeeded on 2/27/14.  Even if it is a total INJUSTICE and NOT in the best interest of a child.  It's a reality that the public is totally in the dark about but a reality that every family needs to be made aware of... Before their lives are destroyed and they fall silent because of fear of the 'unknown' who blindsided them by abusing their 'power', DCF STEALS your child(ren) using unethical and illegal tactics... Not knowing what they are capable next... yet our children have no voice.  Who else is there... Our children may not have a voice, but the people they depend on the most do.  STOP THE CYCLE OF ABUSE!!  DCF IS CORRUPT!!  Greed and power go hand in hand with manipulative sociopaths whether they are individuals or a 'system' that was set up to protect children that is broken and destroying them and their families instead!!!  Children should never be compromised by people nor by a system for financial gain. GREED AND POWER!!!!!  DECEPTION and LIES... our prayers were answered when Braeden was returned to us on 2/14, our prayers will not go unheard to have him back home with us again where we can move forward and be free to give Braeden the stability and unconditional love that will provide him with the security every child deserves to have.

God Bless America... My voice needs to be heard for the sake of all the other children who will become victims.  STOP THE CYCLE OF ABUSE!! 

STOP THE CYCLE OF ABUSE!! Pictures of beating but we have many more >>>

Aaron Tyszkiewicz ARREST > his picture is the first one you see >