Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sociopaths Who Walk Among Us

SOCIOPATHS EXIST ONLY TO DESTROY OTHERS... they are on a mission to fuel their egos and to feel in power.  My grandson became the 'pawn' to EVIL. First by 2 people who are so narcissistic they are incapable of loving anyone but themselves, then by DCF who abuse their 'power' and join forces with the master manipulators... after all it's about having 'power'. Our story about my grandson, Braeden, who is a gift from God, got caught up in a world of deception >

A sociopath > person who lacks moral responsibility or social conscience is a very polite definition of these 'people'.  LACKS? Think about it - LACKS - as in there is something, or shall I say 'non-existence' in the brain of having any human emotions... feelings, where as others can literally feel a broken heart, sociopaths are so disconnected - their heart only serves as a purpose of being able to 'survive' in a mechanical human existence on earth... 'Survival extinct' keeps them walking and talking among society on the prowl for their soon to be victim.  They are very manipulative and can be very charming.  A part of their brain in order to survive 'CRAZY' or trauma inflicted to them, usually, as a child, disconnects completely in order to survive and prepare them for the next crazy that may or may not occur.  I believe many sociopaths are simply born without a soul.  Imagine having no feelings at all.  Narcissist sociopaths are completely detached from people.  They can be very dangerous.  Not every child who deals with trauma becomes permanently disconnected... Why would Aaron be so proactive into staying only focused on his own needs no matter who gets destroyed along the way?  He can try and blame his upbringing of all the abuse his mother subjected him to, if he chooses, but the fact is... as an adult he chose to continue being a 'victim'  of his mother's abuse to try and mask his own abusive behavior because he's 'weak'.  He uses as a tool to manipulate.  Those who are genuinely 'good' people choose a better path.  I have met many who have been subjected to the unimaginable as a child to only want to make a difference in making this world a better place by actually reaching out to others who have had similar tragedies along the way who still feel the pain that exists within in their soul.  So-ciapaths have no so-ul.  They are soulless...  And is the evil that exists among society.  What is it that exactly makes a sociopath totally disconnect into a self absorbing narcissist, whose only focus is their own existence and their only mission in life is to find their next target who will benefit them in some way?  The charisma they have mastered is so skillful, their target is clueless, as their 'target's' existence is merely to benefit the sociopath in some way.  The very charming person they fall prey to blindsides them when they have gotten sucked in by the charm that a sociopath is determined for you to see until their narcissism overrides a need to have to masquerade you any longer because they 'feel' their prey is 'hooked'.  Once they are in a comfort zone, and the sociopath has accomplished their mission of whatever reason they were willing to put on the facade of the person they molded themselves into for you to see on the surface, the charade stops.  At what expense?  Or whose?  The expense of the victim who fell prey to the sociopath.  People are merely 'objects' to a soulless individual.  Once the 'object' becomes an 'inconvenience' to a sociopath, you can be easily disposed of... by being eliminated...possibly death at the hands of the sociopath.  Because they are completely detached from any wrong doing, they will act accordingly in hopes to never get caught... and go in search of their next 'target'.