Monday, April 27, 2015

CPS resorting to child trafficking

I know first hand how corrupt CPS is.  I was slapped in the face with a reality that should NOT exist in America... 'The land of the free'... IS A FARCE!!  CPS IS LEGALLY STEALING OUR KIDS AND HOLDING THEM CAPTIVE!  They are destroying families and unless we UNITE, we will remain powerless over being able to protect our children from the corruption that has been existing for years and is only getting worse.  Our children's 'protection' is being federally funded which has turned into child trafficking exhiliherated by the government when offering funds as an incentive to 'rescue' children from abuse who are supposed to be provided with a better life.  It's so disheartening to realize that we, The People, who are law abiding citizens and who are paying taxes from the income WE HAVE EARNED... is the salary we provide to people who are hired to 'SAVE' children but instead are STEALING children for profit.  Why would DCF commit perjury in order to remove my grandson from a loving home?  What's even more disturbing, how could they flat out lie and assasinate my character and not have ANY EVIDENCE TO SUBSTANTIATE THEIR CLAIMS?  It's total INJUSTICE!  I was providing the love and security I had managed to provide for my children on my own and was providing for my grandson until DCF chose to use their evil powers and expose their greed who were the only ones to INFLICT TRAUMA & ABUSE to an innocent child... Ripping him away to pass off to strangers by fricken LYING is NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF A CHILD!!  CPS is destroying families... And are the ones ABUSING OUR CHILDREN!  Our faith in God gave us the resources to bring Braeden home... Over $10,000 and counting in lawyer fees and 7 months later, by the grace of God, the lies were exposed in a way I will forever be thankful for... If we had knowledge of the police report that spoke the truth sooner, DCF would never have gotten away with  removing Braesen AT ALL!  Many others are not so lucky... The lies we were able to expose, DCF was quite aware of, but were obviously counting on our ignorance to hold my grandson 'captive' in a system THEY could profit from.  

Child 'Protective' Services was created to SAVE children from abuse but instead are abusing their power to rip children away from their families who never were subjected to any type of abuse until they became the property of the state and placed into foster care.  It is so insane that they continue to get away with what they are doing.  What are they doing?  I can only voice what I have personally experienced but opened up my eyes to the destruction that so many are blind to, as I was before 12/6/13.  We were so in the dark about CPS but had reached out to them in desperation with hope they would see the truth of the danger my grandson was in and bring him back home.  It boggles my mind looking back that we honestly believed that DCF would help us seek justice in SAVING my grandson from his mentally unstable father and his father's evil mother who had fled with him three days after brutally beating his mother, then walking free to continue the cycle of abuse.  All we knew is that Braeden's father had always been disturbed by his mother's abuse toward him all his life and he followed in her footsteps... monkey sees, monkey does.  We knew Braeden was in danger... DCF was our only hope to save him.  The reality we were faced with was twisted... IS TWISTED.  Although we were able to provide substantial proof of how unstable Aaron and his mother, Laura are - it didn't matter... All we could do was pray for Braeden to be safely returned to us somehow.  

Our prayers were answered on 2/14/14 when we received a call from a CPS Sheriff from another county stating that Aaron had been arrested while Braeden was with him in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shapherd 3 (google it and/or Aaron Tyszkiewicz).  Braeden was coming home!  God had answered our prayers!  The joy that we felt would only last for 3 days... DCF had the 'power' to save Braeden from two known abusers yet they chose to ignore the truth and he then became a 'target' once he was back home where he belonged.  Thank God Braeden was returned home where he would be safe but only because his father had been arrested.  The insane part is once Braeden was truly safe again in a loving home is when DCF chose to join forces with evil and opened my eyes that THEY DO NOT LOOK AFTER THE BEST INTEREST OF A CHILD.  

On 2/18/14 DCF attempted to kidnap Braeden by threatening to arrest me unless I handed him over willingly.  They did not succeed because I chose to get arrested; I knew I hadn't committed any crime and Braeden most certainly was NOT being abused as he had been previous to having him returned to us and DCF had DONE NOTHING THEN!  It is so mind boggling that they actually thought they could intimidate me by threatening to arrest me!  I was so terrified and even after they quietly left the house without saying a word while I was on the phone with my daughter... I had thought it was only a matter of time before the police would come to arrest me but that never happened!  That was the first of many lies that would follow.

A week later DCF tried a different approach... And succeeded in 'legally kidnapping' my grandson.  Or what I should say - they were successful in manipulating me into walking right into a deceptive trap!  More lies and manipulation proved what manipulative sociopaths that these people are capable of being and sadly are getting away with destroying families because it's an agency formed by the government and is federally funded which had been intended to save and protect children from abuse and/or neglect but having been subjected first hand to their evil methods of how they ripped my grandson away from me with no explanation by flat out lying and abusing their powers... Opened my eyes up to an evil existence targeting our children across the United States who need to be stopped!  These monsters need to be held accountable for their evil actions!  More people need to speak out and be the voices for our children!  This is not what God intended for our children!  They are a gift from God and should be cherished as such by ALL!!  

God provides for those who believe... I have been exposed to this corruption in order to have a voice for our children... Power-+Greed=Corruption [Evil]

It took 7 months to rescue Braeden by hiring an excellent attorney but we had been powerless when we had done no wrong.  No one should be powerless over being able to protect a child they love and care for but CPS has been given a power they are ABUSING.  Read my blog 'DCF STOLE MY GRANDSON' and 'EXPOSED DCF's DIRTY LITTLE SECRET'