Saturday, November 8, 2014

UNITE AGAINST CPS! God Bless America

God bless all the people subjected to the 'systems' that are destroying families with DECEPTION AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL TACTICS, which makes them CORRUPT!!  In my case an out of county DCF worker resorted to 1st KIDNAPPING attempt of my 2 year old grandson on 2/18/14 after a Sheriff for CPS, Troy Simon, who was the first to threaten me with arrest by phone if I didn't do as I was told when DCF arrived at my home. Then DCF worker, Evelyn Harris, who now claims she was never in my home, also tried to coerce me when she came into my home and demanded that I hand my 2 year old grandson, Braeden, over 'willingly'...with no explanation and she refused to answer any of my questions, then repeatedly got on her phone trying to intimidate me by calling 'back up' numerous times.  I was being terrorized by a stranger, who wore a badge, (hindsight's 20/20... she was abusing her power!) in MY home!!  I chose to get arrested so there would be documentation of exactly where & who he was going to since she had refused to answer any of my questions and found out later she lied to me about where she worked!!!  I had done nothing wrong!  I had not committed a crime, but was treated like a criminal!  The Holy Spirit talked to me that day... Once this LIAR learned that my sister was on her way (witness) she left without saying a word... DCF FAILED at their 1st KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT!!  >>>The Disclosure we got months later clearly stated that the 'plan' was to remove Braeden from my care and return him to the X mother-in-law of my daughter, who had fought for custody of Braeden but lost, then she brutally beat Braeden's mother on 12/6/13 (which we have pictures of how brutal it was) then fled with Braeden and an interview done by a DCF worker documented how she was a 'walking time bomb'!  Not to mention her 28 year old son has always claimed that his mom severely abused him emotionally all his life and is 'mentally unstable' by the army who deemed him 100% disabled with various mental issues... Why in God's name would Child Protective Services be so willing to remove an innocent 2 year old from a stable, loving home where he was FINALLY SAFE to return him to who THEY claimed was a walking time bomb?<<< 

A week after the failed 'kidnapping' attempt MORE LIES, MANIPULATION and more SCARE TACTICS. They would stop at nothing!!  I have never been so terrified in my life.  I was TERRORIZED!!  It is so unconstitutional what DCF put my grandson and me through.  Total insanity!  DCF COERCED ME AND MY SISTER INTO BRINGING MY GRANDSON TO THEM by FLAT OUT LYING, telling us the police wanted to see me and DCF continued with their manipulation by stating she was sure 'it was all a misunderstanding and that we could work it out by meeting with them the next day'!  He was literally KIDNAPPED and I was body slammed out the door while pleading to Leslie Jones to please speak to my lawyer (I had his assistant on the phone) so I could understand what was happening.  It was like an out of body experience.  How could this be happening in America?  To be treated so inhuman!  Months later we got our hands on a police report, which DCF had knowledge of, when the police had come to my home because I had refused to answer the door to DCF, then mine and my grandson's 4th and 14th Amendment Rights were completely violated, but the police report clearly stated they found the 'complaint unfounded' and 'it appeared that Braeden was being well taken care of'!!  DCF COMMITTED PERJURY without having to produce ANY evidence by saying I had been arrested for Doctor shopping... character defamation to 'legally' KIDNAP my grandson to prove their 'power' and to PROFIT on 2/28/14.  I walked Braeden right into their trap by being coerced into thinking the police were demanding that we meet with them at DCF headquarters... (Not realizing the police were the one's who REFUSED to remove Braeden the previous day).

CPS PROFITS WHEN THEY PLACE A CHILD IN STATE's CARE WHICH IS FEDERALLY FUNDED BY OUR TAX DOLLARS!  They are no better then the pathological lying, manipulative sociopaths that exist in this world whose mission is to destroy others in order to have 'control' over their victims! WE HAVE TO UNITE!!  This is not the 'Land of the Free'!!  POWER+GREED=CORRUPTION [EVIL]  CPS are conspiring to child trafficking!  

Over $10,000 in lawyer fees and 6 months later the lies were exposed and Braeden is now home... Others aren't so lucky because there's even a higher INCENTIVE to adopt the children CPS ARE STEALING!!!  We were truly blessed to have had the resources to pay for a good lawyer and to have stumbled across the police report which contradicted ALL THEIR LIES!!  Read my BLOG > DCF STOLE MY GRANDSON > >>Click Here<<> our detailed version of our nightmare.  Get our story out... Our children deserve to have a voice!  This corruption with our kids has got to stop!!!  Children are a gift from God and should be cherished as such... NOT A COMMODITY AS A SOURCE OF INCOME TO THE EVIL THAT EXISTS IN THIS WORLD!!!
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