Monday, May 18, 2015

Terrorized by police and DCF - What race am I?

  1. Why wasn't Toya Graham's children taken by CPS?  CPS knows when to hit the brakes... Or do they? >>Politics<<  I never abused my grandson... Yet DCF successfully kidnapped him on their THIRD attempt - where there were no cameras to capture it.  I was completely powerless!  Many would be led to believe that a mother smacking her 16-year old son - captured for the world to see - would be subjected to the same violations by police and CPS so many are subjected to... behind the scenes... Would it make a difference if you knew what race I was and which direction I was going to get your attention?  Why won't the media cover the FACTS of child trafficking ran by a 'protected empire' within our government.  Google Senator Nancy Schaefer on how she was murdered while exposing DCF/CPS corruptio . 

    The terrorism I was subjected to by CPS and police WITHOUT any FACTS will forever change my life.  I trust no one... Am I black, white, Hispanic, perhaps Chinese?... Does it really matter?  Do I think Toya Graham deserved to be violated the same as me?  No.  Do I believe CPS knew better then to put themselves out there and be willing to expose themselves for the terrorists they are?  Absolutely not.  Do I believe Freddie Gray was unjustly treated by the police?  Yes.  But because he was black?  No.  As time went on, the mystery surrounding Freddie Gray's death was inflicted by white AND black police officers... Yet everyone is so quick, especially the media, to sensationalize on racism with 'white' cops.  If I were black, would it make more of an impact that DCF and police terrorized me and my grandson in MY home and violated our 4th and 14th amendment rights?  Would my voice be heard?  It's pathetic that media is so quick to sensationalize on injustice with certain individuals... Just because their 'black'.  No racism to 'sensationalize' on the overall corruption that I was slapped in the face on 2/18/14, 2/26, 2/27 & 2/28.  Of course I could use the race card... It was a 'black' woman who showed up at my home on 2/18 and repeatedly got on her cell to call for 'back up' leading me to believe I would be arrested unless I handed over my grandson 'willingly' giving me no logical explanation.  I will be forever be thankful that the Holy Spirit prevented Evelyn Harris, DCF worker, from succeeding with her coerced tactics (abuse of power) in order to kidnap my grandson, Braeden, in this first attempt... Instead she slipped out the door without a word once she realized my sister was on her way (she would have been a witness to me being coerced)... 'Back up' never arrived.  A week later, another 'black' woman appeared at my door from DCF, Shelia Luther, on 2/26/14.  Because I refused to answer the door this time until my sister arrived (witness) by the time she arrived, 5 police officers had also arrived who terrorized me and violated our 4th and 14th amendment rights.  Were they the same color as me?  Does it matter?  I know 3 were (one female) but honestly don't remember if the other two were the same race as me or not... I was terrified!  They all had badges and abused their power.  They threatened to break down my door, searched my house, demanded I allow DCF to count my meds and was subjected to a thorough interrogation... I HAD COMMITTED NO CRIME, have NEVER committed a crime > No search warrant, no probable cause.  Keeping Braeden safe was my priority.  Being terrorized and completely violated by those who get paid to 'serve and protect' would be most likely be a distant memory if Shelia Luther had not returned to flat out lie to my sister and me after the police and she had left because in the police report it clearly states 'Complaint Unfounded' with all the allegations against me proving to be ALL LIES.  What Shelia Luther did next is UNFORGIVEABLE... It led me on a mission to get the answers to why Ms. Luther would resort to manipulating me by lying to us that the police wanted us to come to her office the next day to clear up a 'misunderstanding' having no knowledge that the police had REFUSED to remove my grandson (didn't get police report until it was too late).  Focusing on the color of a person, in my opinion, steers away from the overall corruption.  I knew it was so much more then the color of my skin... Or maybe it was as simple as that.  I was the scapegoat they needed out of the way to 'cash in' on my two year old grandson.  The extensive research I have done regarding the corruption with DCF/CPS exposed by Senator Nancy Schaefer always leads me to where blue eyed babies are in highest demand to be targeted... Braeden doesn't have blue eyes but he was two at the time and white.  DCF was on a mission. 

    I will always live with the guilt that I walked my grandson right into the hands of terrorists (DCF) in which they succeeded in kidnapping my precious grandson, Braeden, on their THIRD attempt and didn't go down trying harder to prevent it - instead - I went into shock that I could have been so deceived by those wearing a 'badge'.  I stood my ground miraculously the first 2 attempts when I was literally terrorized by DCF & police in the 'safety' of MY home. To have been treated so criminally and violated has no justification since Braeden ultimately ended up being trapped in a crippled system for 7 months all based on lies and manipulation. Such deception is practically expected by the woman who made the call, but to have those who are paid to 'serve and protect' resort to ABUSING their power will forever haunt me. It wasn't about 'saving' a child... At all.  All DCF accomplished was ABUSE both my grandson and me. It makes me livid and heart broken. Whenever someone knocks on my door, I have panic attacks now - after all who am I going to call if I need to be protected??!!??  I was dealing with anxiety from years of abuse over 20 years ago by an 'X' who tried to kill me and my kids which seemed to resurface after I was subjected to a stalking hacker for almost 3 years who compromised my PC's, cell phones, printers... I thought THAT was insane?!? Perhaps, but doesn't even come close to what the police and DCF did to us.  I trust no one.   I have PTSD... Who am I supposed to be able to count on to protect those who truly need to be protected? DCF are the LAST people I would call if I felt a child needed to be 'saved' and as for the police?... They proved anybody's fair game to their brutality... Not only young 'black' men like the media is so willing to sensationalize on. CORRUPTION exists within our government... You don't have to be 'black' to be subjected to brutality or injustice by those wearing a badge.  I had been so misled by the media... They have no problem exposing 'racism' and journalist have no problem reporting how DCF/CPS social workers are overworked with the increase of child abuse on the rise where so many children are overlooked who needed to truly be saved from REAL abuse.  The media has no problem reporting ABUSE and DEATHS that occur while in foster care... What is it going to take for someone to connect the dots that the children overlooked by DCF/CPS is a deliberate act by CPS because that child was not a good candidate for  their child trafficking 'business' and recently there was a blue eyed little girl who was tragically murdered in the very same county we live in by the hands of her Foster dad and I couldn't help wonder if she too had been 'legally kidnapped' from loving parent(s).  Documentaries done on 'children lost in the system' always portrays how every child within the system needed to be 'saved' from a parent supposedly strung out on drugs, they were incapable of caring for themselves let alone a child.  I know first hand there was no justification to lure me to a DCF office where no one ever even spoke to me except when DCF demanded me to leave and I was shoved out the door with no explanation, then to testify and commit perjury by assissinating my character to a degree I was in total disbelief.  All the time and energy DCF used in order to succeed in having him removed, could have actually been spent in truly doing the job that our tax dollars are paying these people to do.  Once a child is placed into foster care, they turn their head away of obvious abuse the child is inflicted with because it's money in their pocket!!  It is mind boggling that REAL abuse occurs more often then not once a child is wrongfully removed from a loving home.  Connect the dots.  It's all about money. Power+Greed=Corruption

    In 1997 President Bill Clinton signed the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA). This act allowed child protective service agencies the power to terminate parental rights of children in foster care.  It was meant to keep children from lingering in the foster care system for years on end, and allowed the children to find forever families. Children who needed to be saved from abuse, from parents who were incapable of taking care of themselves let alone a child.  It had a warm, fuzzy, feel good feeling to it. What it has actually created: Child Trafficking. It has given Child Protective Services cash incentives, known as bonus money, for each child they successfully adopt out. This has provided the incentive for social workers to NOT work with the families that they are supposed to serve, but to rather work against them in order to gain their children. Instead of placing these children with fit family members as they are required to do, they find any excuse to deny family members kinship placement, using excuses for past misdemeanor or records non-violent and from 30 years or more made previously. BUT since they will receive large sums for adopting the children to strangers:

    >>  They have OVERLOOKED FELONY CONVICTIONS of adoptive parents in order to quickly get their money.                       Families are being harmed, but most of all it is the children who are paying the ultimate price

    >> They are denied their heritage and thrown into an artificial family, where they are often abused and neglected far worse than they ever were by their biological families.    

    It is such an hypocrisy within our government.  An agency who gets paid to look out for the best interest of  a child has found the means to use them as a financial gain instead.                                                                                              

    PLEASE contact your state reps and senators and tell them you are against federal cash incentives and the ASFA being made to social service agencies in order to adopt out children. 

    This has to stop.  1997 Bill Clinton handed over a blank check to an agency within our government for every child that gets adopted out.  In order to continue receiving bonuses paid for by our tax dollars DCF/CPS needs to have an increase of 'merchandise' (our kids) every year.  Not only are kids removed unethically where there is no abuse and/or neglect but they are supposed to be placed with family but they are not doing any such thing.  They find any excuse not to because then no 'incentives' or bonuses would be provided.  

    Let me spell it out as simply as I can >>> 


    Because of the way the family court system in America is set up, parents of #TAKEN (on FaceBook) children are in a unique position. They are guilty of "crimes", real or imagined, that are created by a caseworker, mandated reporter, vindictive relative or other "concerned person". This process lands parents and other biological family far outside the structures of the constitution and bill of rights. In family court there is no due process. You have no rights. The mistake parents make is they go into this process believing they will experience "justice" and "fairness" under the law. This will not happen in family court. What you need to understand is child protective services and family court is a business and a very large industry. Vital to that industry's continued success is the warm bodies of adoptable children. Not only judges, da's, attorneys, the CASA, and guardian ad Litem, are making a fortune off your children being in state custody, but lawmakers, lobbyist, and the related services industries such as counselors, psych eval's, drug tests, parenting classes, jails, dhs employees, etc are ALL EATING THEIR MEALS OFF THE BODIES OF YOUR CHILDREN. The federal funding thru the children and safe families act of 1997 signed by Bill Clinton created an endless flood of federal dollars to child protection agencies in the United States. It did not take long for the agency to figure out that they had been handed a blank check, with very little oversight or accountability. BLet me put it this way: how many children must be "in states custody" to pay a caseworker for a year? Benefits, payroll, medical plan, and retirement, ALL sit on the bodies of your children. That's why caseworkers fight do fiercely to keep your child in custody. Your child is their pay check. Your child provides that caseworker with a livelihood, a career, a position. Caseworkers can have a degree in anything to become employed by cps/dhs/dcf and start making a living, making life decisions for your children. I can find no rhyme or reason to the family court process. I feel it is the largest Ponzi scam since the Ponzi scam was created. Parents pour every asset, effort, and resource into getting their child back, and just like a Ponzi scam or the lottery there are very few winners. The scam allows just enough winners to keep the masses coming back for more. In this case no one questions the motivations of the court, because this is America, and surely there is justice in the land of the free and the home of the brave! RIGHT? Well I, Christie Nichols, a grandmother, from Saint Lucie county, FLORIDA, am here to tell you this:  forget everything you ever believed about the justice system in America!  Family court is not part of the justice system. Judges, by their own doing and motives, have set the family court process outside the sanctions of constitutional law. Every expert is quick to say, "justice under the law", and unfortunately that is what parents are looking for in family court. Justice and due process have been very carefully crafted out of the family court process for one reason: while you are busy looking for justice and due process, the court is getting paid, along with everyone else who has their fingers in the adoption incentive pie, to sell your children to the highly lucrative adoption market. Simply a very complicated family court system is taking children from "unacceptable" families and selling them. For federal funding. What can you do about it? What I am finding is there is no sure fire answer to that question. In some courts a few parents have used certain maneuvers to get their children back. This is the exception and not the rule.  We are in a war against a fearsome adversary for your very family, your constitutional rights, and your right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I disagree with the people who say family court is not covered by constitutional law. I feel a biased system has set family court outside constitutional law for its own greedy purposes. We must unify, and make a stand to rectify this gross miscarriage of justice in the family court system. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER NOW! We must rally in a common cause for our children.  NOW! OUR TIME IS NOW!!  UNITE AND FIGHT!!!!!!!

    Our children are not for sale.  But in reality they are.  It's time to take a stand together.  If it could happen to me, your child could very well be next.  Know your rights!  This is a very evil corruption that We The People need to refocus on instead of allowing media to sidetrack in hopes to divide people and divert our attention away from the government destroying undeserving families of all races.  WE The People!