Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Celebrities free and clear from DCF CORRUPTION?

We must show unity to show WE The People (who do not live in a world where cameras would capture a REALITY of what is happening nationwide) are against the corruption with CPS/DCF (Child Protective Services) that is destroying endless innocent families.  Let's show UNITY by clicking this link and adding a ribbon from twibbon that will help expose the corruption. Power in numbers. Knowledge is power.   A REALITY that will never be captured for the world to see.  'Reality' tv is a great diversion with all the never ending drama that get some people 'hooked' until you are faced with your own reality that leads you on a mission to seek answers because your grandchild was abducted in a corrupt manner by the government you trusted.  Where were the cameras when I was betrayed by the government?  Ultimate betrayal that I am determined to expose.

If you are reading this, I am here to tell you that DCF betrayed me in a way that nearly destroyed me and my grandson, and it is happening across the United States.  It could have just as easily have happened to you and your child. (Except for where the cameras are rolling for the world to see).  DCF is destroying innocent families, and from my personal experience with them, they only proved what manipulating lying criminals they are.  My grandson paid the ultimate price when DCF KIDNAPPED him from me because I was foolish enough to put my trust in them.  You live and learn.  They need to be EXPOSED!  I wonder how Kris Jenner would feel if one of her grandchildren were ripped away from her by our government in a corrupt manner?  It's like comparing apples to oranges.  DCF only exposes their corruption to those they feel are 'politically' incorrect.  Parents who don't have the money to fight this very evil corruption.  Those whose voices will never be heard.  This is so much worse than 'organized crime' because OUR tax dollars are fueling these monsters!

Five police officers REFUSED to remove Braeden from my home... but after they left, all it took was for ONE DCF investigator (Sheila Luther) to plot out a way to kidnap him by luring me to her office the following day based on lies by stating the police wanted to clear up a 'misunderstanding'.  Because I complied, I walked Braeden right into the hands of terrorists!  I was shoved out the door with NO EXPLANATION and NO JUSTIFICATION after they demanded me to leave and  my sister requested legal documents (they had none) that would force us to leave WITHOUT my 2 year old precious grandson!  Instead of legal docs, I was literally shoved out the door.  This is not the America that I once believed in!   I went into a state of shock, but miraculously kept my composure.  We had been betrayed by the government in the most unimaginable way.  KIDNAPPING is a CRIME!  They are CRIMINALS!  How can this be happening in the 'land of the free'?  They would commit perjury the following day at the removal hearing to 'seal the deal'.  He would be held captive for 7 very long months based on ALL LIES, manipulation and deception.  It is a complete outrage what is happening to children nationwide.  If we had not been blessed to come up with the resources to hire an excellent attorney, I don't believe Braeden would have been returned home.  The very first 'advocate' who crossed my path on Facebook flat out told me "You will NEVER see your grandchild again if you continue to post on Facebook about what DCF did to you".  I was hell bent on posting everything I could find out about DCF/CPS.  Coincidence... the very first 'advocate'?  All I was doing was posting FACTS... She (Roz McCallister) was on a mission to direct me away from exposing 'corruption' on social media.  How could this supposed 'advocate' be so adamant that there is no corruption, yet threatened that I would never see my grandson... Spells CORRUPTION to me!  Is this why the public 'pretender' (defender) did NOTHING to get my grandson back?!?  Not everyone can afford a lawyer so endless families are destroyed forever!  In 1997, Bill Clinton signed the ASFA which provides more 'incentives' ($$$) to adopt a child(ren) out to strangers.  But children are being removed unethically who are NOT being abused and/or neglected!!  'Medical kidnapping' is even on the rise.  Our children have become a commodity for federal funding since 1974 when Walter Mondale initiated CAPTA (the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act), the legislation that began feeding federal funding into the state’s child welfare agencies. With remarkable foresight Mondale expressed concerns that the legislation could lead to systemic abuse in that the state agencies might over-process children into the system unnecessarily to keep, and increase, the flow of federal dollars.  It didn't prevent the bill from passing and has, in fact, been the case.  Endless children are being removed unethically from loving families!!  The 'Land of the Free'...  This is modern day slavery.

Mine and my grandson's rights were completely violated.  In order to prove a child wasn't in danger would justify such bully tactics we were subjected to on 2/26/14... or would it?!  Violate my 4th amendment, as long as it protects my grandson but that isn't what happened.  Sheila Luther/DCF and FIVE cops threatened to break down my door, searched my house, counted my meds and demanded I sit in MY own home and give free reign to DCF interrogating me... All based on a call made by a master manipulating child abuser.  They had no search warrant or probable cause - I had committed no crime.  I NEVER have. We, as law abiding citizens should feel 'secure' in our own homes in the United States of America.  WE The People have the 4th amendment that is to prevent those within our government from ABUSING their power and violating law abiding citizens.  I complied because I believed it was the only way to keep Braeden safe.  It should have kept him safe!  I was treated so nefariously.  The observation of FIVE cops and the police report should have protected Braeden and prevented DCF from resorting to KIDNAPPING him, only the report did not surface until months later, which our lawyer presented in order to expose ALL DCF's LIES and save Braeden from being held captive by the state 7 months after he was kidnapped.

A week prior (on 2/17/14), DCF appeared at my door and attempted to intimidate me by threatening that I would be arrested unless I handed over my grandchild 'willingly' with no logical explanation.  Again, I had committed no crime... I chose to get 'arrested' before I handed him over to a stranger.  I was completely terrified... but I knew he would be placed in danger if I complied to their intimidation tactics.  DCF slipped out the door once they realized my sister was on her way.  I wasn't arrested although Evelyn Harris/DCF repeatedly got on her cell to call for 'backup' (who never showed).  What their intention was is completely INSANE!!  (It is documented in the disclosure)  The plan was to 'legally kidnap' Braeden and travel counties away to place him into the hands of a master manipulating CHILD ABUSER whose son (Braeden's father - Aaron) has always claimed he was severely abused all his life (by his mom) AND he had been arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shepherd 3 - Aaron Tyszkiewicz < Seriously?  That's how we got Braeden back!!   His arrest was God's way of bringing Braeden back to safety.  The same woman who had gotten away with brutally beating Braeden's mother on 12/6/13 and harmed Braeden right in front of her son, Aaron, who lied to the police to protect his ABUSER  from getting arrested.   A total injustice!   Look what this psychopath did to her daughter-in-law and not only walked away free but because she and her son lied to the police, the REAL victim was arrested and a No Contact ordered!  Such a travesty of justice!

No injuries to either psychopath... Laura or Aaron...  Only the victim, who had bruises from head to toe, contusions to shoulder and wrist, sprained cervical and suffered a concussion and post traumatic amnesia!  Nothing like DCF 'looking out for the best interest of a child'.  THEY ARE THE ABUSERS!!  They don't have a fricken clue!!!!  The dumb and the dumber have no 'expertise' in being able to decide what is best for our children.  DCF has proven how easily they can be manipulated by evil and how really stupid they are.  They profit while we grieve.  DCF had interviewed Aaron's mom the day after the beating on 12/7/13 and it is documented by DCF that she is a 'walking time bomb' - what on earth were they thinking on 2/17?  To terrorize me in MY home in hopes to travel over 3 hours with a child they remove unethically from a home where he was being lavished with unconditional love and was FINALLY safe from the evil who had fled with him 2 1/2 months prior (when they had committed a horrific crime by beating Braeden's mother) to place him in serious danger?!?  It was by the Grace of God that Aaron was arrested on 2/14/14 and Braeden had been returned safely to us and NOT Aaron's mother (Laura Bodnar).  That was truly God's doing...   DCF failed on 2/17/14, then again on 2/26 to 'legally kidnap' Braeden based on a call made by Laura.  Criminals walked free on 12/6/13 to continue the 'Cycle of Abuse' because of the civil servants who get paid to 'serve and protect' PROTECTED THE CRIMINALS.  It would only take 2 1/2 months before Aaron would get caught committing another horrific crime while Braeden was with him (sex with a 14 year old... Thank God it was an undercover child sex sting operation) but Laura would be free to continue to manipulate those who have labeled her a 'walking time bomb'.  What in God's name was DCF thinking?!?  They weren't.  Our pleas went unheard by DCF when Braeden was truly in the hands of two twisted dangerous psychos who thrive off of abuse all because the police made a 'mistake' on 12/6/13 and allowed the criminals to walk free.  Laura and Aaron are both toxic.  

It is in DCF's records that Laura had adopted a 'disabled' child and tried to return him to DCF once she had won a cash settlement from a car accident and no longer needed the child's disability check.  DCF refused 'returns' and Laura moved from MD to FL, but no child.  Another child 'lost in the system' but didn't stop Laura from bragging about still collecting his check.  Laura is so evil she thought she could 'justify' her abuse toward that child, which I didn't find out until after 12/6/13.  

DCF failed my grandson... They are failing endless children.  Our prayers had been answered by a loving God by returning Braeden back home to us both times he was ripped away... Both times DCF were the ones to FAIL him.  It truly opened my eyes to the overall corruption.  They are failing endless children and destroying innocent loving families.

I believe God led us on this path for a reason.  Standing my ground wasn't an option... protecting Braeden was, but I failed.  Knowing what I know now puts everything in a different perspective.  Sure... five cops concluded that the 'complaint was unfounded' with all the allegations made against me by my daughter's evil mother-in-law proven to be false.  Ultimately, it didn't protect Braeden.  There is no logic in what would follow.  To have been so violated and betrayed by the government to only have my innocent grandson KIDNAPPED by them the following day... They may as well have raped me.  It was a form of betrayal that no family should be subjected to.  Kidnapping is crime.  Because it was the government makes it even more criminal.  DCF is responsible for ABUSING my grandson when they refused to save him from two abusers, then when they ripped him away unconstitutionally from the security he had just reestablished when he was returned to me after Aaron was arrested on 2/14/14.  THEY TRAUMATIZED AN INNOCENT CHILD!!!!  DCF ignored our genuine concerns for Braeden after Aaron and his mom had fled with him. We gave them ample evidence how abusive and emotionally unstable Aaron and his mother are and proved the danger he was in!!  (We even had recordings of Aaron's RAGES that my daughter had emailed to herself.). As difficult as it was for me to see at the time, God had a plan... 

Having the ability to 'look out for the best interest of a child' does NOT exist.  In my experience DCF/CPS consist of people given too much power where greed overrides logic. > Power+Greed=Corruption < It was a done deal once DCF KIDNAPPED Braeden.  Family court only proved to be a total injustice of what is happening to children nationwide.  Perjury seals the deal of 'looking out for the best interest of a child'.  Endless people profit... Even when 'they' fail an innocent child who has no voice. > How family court is contributing to corruption in America.

It was like being raped all over again, when I reached out to the Inspector General with the FACTS of DCF's criminal acts to only be handed over to DCF to investigate...  Is that the American way?  All the government needs to claim is 'it was in the best interest of the child'... (to kidnap a child based on a phone call AFTER 5 police officers REFUSED to remove him?). Not as most people have been 'conditioned' to believe.  All crimes should be investigated by the criminals who commit the unthinkable.  In what capacity did the Inspector General gain my trust with the government?  Does anyone in the government know how to do their jobs correctly?!?  I have written numerous Senators; federal and state levels and Governor Rick Scott but have never received any kind of reply except that they have received my message.  I have made numerous phone calls... 'their looking into it'... There's no accountability when DCF screws up.  The Magistrate's report clearly states how DCF screwed up.  This is a child's life we are talking about!!

My eyes not only have been open to just how incapable DCF/CPS is in protecting our children but the corruption that is destroying innocent families because of federal funding... During my research I uncovered so many disturbing facts of how crippling the 'system' set in place by our Government truly is.  Senator Nancy Schaefer gave me clarity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click here to open your eyes on this evil corruption.   The danger children are placed in at the taxpayers expense... is mind boggling.  My mind wasn't able to process endless media coverage on abuse and deaths of kids while in 'protective' custody to the extent that shames me now... (How many kids are taken unjustly from loving families?) Because all I felt was TERROR once Braeden had been removed in a corrupt manner - it was like a lightbulb turned on telling me (just like when DCF attempted to 'legally kidnap' him the first time on 2/17/14) of the real danger many children are unable to escape from... including death once they are placed in a crippled, corrupt system.  By the Grace of God Braeden was removed from the first foster home and was held 'captive' in a shelter where one of the worker's there attended the same church as us who we felt was like an angel on earth God had placed in our path... To bring us some comfort.  Braeden will give her a hug to this day.  We were truly blessed in so many ways that I thank God for everyday.  That 'fear' I felt... will forever haunt me but I believe it was the profound anguish that followed that I struggled with, is what really scared me.  Fear and pain has led me on a path to seek justice for OUR CHILDREN.  What little Faith I had managed to hold onto was all God's doing.  

It is evil what is happening worldwide.  Good conquers evil.  Braeden was ripped away from us twice because those who wear a badge (cops and DCF) failed him miserably ... But God keeps reminding me by having Faith in Him should never falter because through Christ our Lord miracles happen every day with a power that only He can provide.  You just need to keep the Faith.  God is good.  God is great.

Please share our story and help our children have a voice against this corruption!

God Bless.

Aaron Tyskiewicz is a registered child sex offender (with a 14 year old child) and although he has plenty of stipulations for him to abide by while out in society for years to come, he is no longer held behind bars, and there is no stipulation set in place to protect my grandson from this monster who thrives off of destruction... Abusing and preying on children.  Like mother, like son.  Monkey sees, monkey does, only Laura Bodnar has managed to stay under the radar unlike Aaron.  God works in mysterious ways and Laura's time will come.  We are very blessed that my daughter survived the beating, the next person may not be so lucky.

Braeden hasn't seen his father since he witnessed him getting arrested on 2/14/14 when his father had him with him while he traveled hours away to pick up a 14 year old child to bring back to his place for a weekend of sex while his son was under the same roof... (he met who he thought was a 14 year old child on-line 2/13 and sent pictures of his genitals... really sick) perhaps locked in his room with a dead bolt would be something he and his 'abuser' (mom) would joke together about like they did when he attempted to put a lock on the outside of his two year old son's bedroom door during his mother's only visit (right before his wife was brutally beat) which was an eye opener when Laura gave her approval and both chuckled and talked openly about the lock Laura had placed on the outside of the child's door she had adopted, and giving the child night time meds during the day to knock him out, as if it were the norm.  I can only imagine what went on behind closed doors.

My daughter tried to divorce Aaron while he was in jail, without a lawyer because since 12/6/13 in order to seek justice for my daughter and get Braeden back from the 'system', we had to hire 4 different lawyers which has tapped us out.  For whatever reason the Judge did not grant the divorce and now Aaron has retained a lawyer.  He received his 'disability' from the VA the entire time he was in jail (that's how he was able to hire a lawyer) but not one dime has gone to provide for Braeden.  What makes no sense is after he was arrested it is documented that he wanted to sign all his rights over because Braeden was an 'inconvenience'.  We don't care about ever seeing a dime from this monster... keeping Braeden protected and away from Aaron and Laura forever is our priority.  It isn't out of spite - it is truly what IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF BRAEDEN!  All people are to Aaron and his mother are objects.  It's all a very twisted game to them.  They are both psychopaths and are a real danger.

This is the last chapter of this nightmare.  God has seen us through and we will continue to have faith in Him to help us find a way to save Braeden from any further abuse.  Neither Laura or Aaron have the capacity of putting anybody's needs first, let alone a child's needs before their own.  Please send prayers our way...