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911 Call - Seeking Justice

                                                  ✯✯SEEKING JUSTICE✯✯
                                                               911 Call Narrative


911 CALL MADE ON 12/6/13 
Read carefully to what Laura says, who is the x-mother in law of my daughter, Nikki, who was brutally beat by Laura on 12/6/13.  Laura is the one who made the 911 call.    She is a master manipulator. Nikki was first punched in the face, which gave her two black eyes, then was attacked from behind that left her with bruises from head to toe.  Nikki was the only one who needed medical treatment.  Laura is a walking time bomb and a true sociopath.  Nikki's husband, (Laura's 27 year old son) Aaron, witnessed the beating.  She was able to manipulate Aaron into siding with her LIES (or was he actually manipulated?) and then the sheriff who arrived at the scene. Nikki must have suffered post traumatic amnesia and a concussion where she was unable to tell the Sheriff (their claim) who punched her in the face because she was in shock...hit over the head... perhaps?  Or maybe she told the truth and the cops didn't believe her... They believed Laura over the victim?   I'm sure after listening to the '911 call' she continued to play the 'victim' who had 'neck and back surgeries'.  We're in the dark if Nikki tried to tell the men in badges but you hear her saying on the '911 call' she knew who hit her... Did the officers ignore her?  The arresting officer told my sister on the phone that Nikki gave 3 different names as to who gave her two black eyes.  One, her husband punched her, two, the police did it, and the last we don't recall the name but WAS NOT Laura, is what the arresting officer told us.  Seems far fetched that minutes prior to the cops arriving, Nikki was pleading for help and clearly confronting Laura that she was the one who punched her and pleading for help!  Seems very odd that on the 911 call Nikki knew exactly who had punched her.  Once the cops arrive she gives 3 different names?  Nikki knows she got hit over the head and remembers nothing after.  And not one of the names was Laura, who she remembers clearly to this day how Laura literally punched her in the face but is unsure who attacked her from behind when she was walking to the bathroom to look at her face after she asked her husband in a state of disbelief... You are just going to let your mother punch me like that and he said nothing.  She has no memory after being hit over the head from behind... Vague memory of not being able to lift her arms to defend herself - almost like it was a dream.  Not the 911 call, not getting arrested and not going to the hospital or going to jail.  Shock?  Disbelief?  Post traumatic amnesia?  Concussion?  Drugged?  Yet the hospital records from that night show Nikki was alert and cooperative.  No blood work done, no breathalyzer.  Because she was unable to tell the sheriff who punched her in the face (sheriff's claim), and Laura made the 911 call, they assumed she was the aggressor and arrested her?  A No Contact Order issued where Nikki could have no contact with her husband or child?  Really?  Or was it as simple as Laura and Aaron's LIES that the sheriff took the easy way out... Two against one?  So the abusers were set free which allowed them to remain in control and continue abusing the victim and then her 2 year old son, Braeden, who is my precious grandson and has been the REAL victim these last 9 months.  More then disturbing.  On the grounds of what exactly?  If they arrested her on the grounds that she was drunk because Laura said she was doesn't mean she was drunk. They should have done a test to know for a fact... On everyone in the home.  But why would an officer arrest somebody and charge them with such serious charges AND a no contact order issued to somebody who (per the arresting officer) couldn't even give the name of who gave her two black eyes?  Why did the hospital release someone with a concussion to be whisked away to jail?  They obviously noticed her injuries to take her to the hospital.  They obviously did not see any real injuries to Laura and Aaron.  Wow!!  She could have died from the concussion she sustained!  I took her to an urgent care the following day, (I was completely stunned to see how badly beaten she was) which is a good thing, because she had to be treated for a cervical sprain, concussion, contusions to her wrist and shoulder, then follow up x rays.  That's crazy!!  Any human being that could cause such injuries to another like Nikki had sustained is a vicious person who is not mentally stable.  No bruises on either Laura or Aaron.  Those who are supposed to protect victims from crime would give us no answers as to what reason justified charging a battered victim with a crime they did not commit, and as for the No Contact Order... was it based upon what the abusers said?  That is truly scary... How many REAL victims are too depleted by the never ending manipulation by their abusers to have the 'fight' to go up against all the lies that sound so convincing to others by the abuser (in Nikki's case... AbuserS) who is on a mission to convince themselves and others they have done no wrong... Laura knows she beat Nikki; Aaron knows his mother went psycho on Nikki because of whatever she was wired out on and they both know that Nikki NEVER deserved it.  Abusers are never in the wrong and the victim knows how believable the master manipulator sounds who continues to stay 'under the radar' per say in the legal sense and to society the facade they display to everyone, but behind closed doors is a monster... makes the victim truly believe 'it must be me'.  Nikki had been abused by Aaron for so many years... more emotional then physical but he would overpower her and take her phone and lock her in a closet so she couldn't call anyone and now her abuser turned on her for the one he has always claimed abused him?  That's a lot for anyone to take in.  CYCLE OF ABUSE NEEDS TO STOP!

At the very beginning Aaron is defending Nikki and during the call you only hear Nikki in the distance pleading for her life.  By the time the sheriff arrived, Laura had told them that she had to defend her son, Aaron (who she calls her 'husband' on the call), who is over 6 feet, against my daughter, who is 5'2. I saw Laura earlier and she was drinking, plus she takes narcotics.  All I know is she was so wired out on something, which made me uncomfortable because I had been married to a drug addict for over 13 years who was also a sociopath (he tried to take mine/or the kids lives but God was watching over us and he died shortly after when he was 36) so I am very familiar of what they are capable of.  Narcissistic, pathological liars, manipulators and they cause nothing but destruction to others.  Never ending drama.  People are merely 'objects' to them.

Laura sounds totally trashed by repeating herself over and over...(Not to mention, totally out of breath) I guess if she says it enough times, it makes it true (to a pathological liar) and will not let up until others believe their lies.


* 911 Operator > "911 police, fire or ambulance?" (Sounds like my daughter's husband at the time is begging his mom while he's crying - "No mom! Please stop!" >> Laura - "NO! She hit me!")

* NIKKI in distance > "No, you hit me first!"

* Laura > "No, you hit me... I'm telling you!" (does Laura actually believe her lie or is she trying to convince Nikki of her lie?  Both) 

You hear Aaron, who sounds like he is pleading with his mom but I can't make it out.

Laura replies to Aaron > "NO! She hit me and my neck is killing me" (playing the victim) 

Aaron to Laura > "She told you to stop... I saw, I saw!" (Aaron is confronting the one he claims has always abused him... But Laura will stop at nothing, as she most likely has done throughout Aaron's life, to persuade Aaron that what he actually saw with his own eyes was NOT what he saw >>> again, evil manipulation (he had told us on numerous occasions since 1996 that his mother is crazy and she is NEVER wrong even when she was - it literally drove Aaron to be mentally unstable where he is collecting disability for various 'mental' issues.

Will give the seconds and minutes of when something is being said.

:13 Laura >  ✦✦"No, No, No, No!" I did not"✦✦ (while Aaron at this point is defending Nikki and pleading with his mom - above)

:21 Laura > ✦✦"No you didn't... I had >>>neck and back<<< surgery" ✦✦ (Laura mentions her neck and her back 5 times in less then 2 minutes... Like she is a recorder or a skipped record just as she was earlier in the evening when I was there and I left because of it - she was 'unstable')

:24 Laura > ✦✦"NO!... We need the cops here"✦✦

:28 911 Operator > ✦✦"What's your address?"✦✦

:30 Laura > ✦✦"Um, I don't know the address"✦✦

:33 Laura to Aaron > ✦✦"What's your address?"✦✦

:34 Aaron didn't hesitate to give address (he had no fight left to go up against his abuser... Like he has said, his mom has a way of always getting her way, no matter who gets hurts in the process OR was he on it?) 

:37 Gave address > Laura > (AGAIN) > ✦✦"I've had >>>neck fusion and back fusion"<<<✦✦ (2nd time) ~ So this was the card she was going to play

:43 Laura > ✦✦"My husband's wife"✦✦ (referring to her son and never corrects herself - sick! Husband?)... ✦✦"And she attacked me"✦✦ (will repeat this numerous times)

:49 Laura > ✦✦"And, Um"✦✦ (911 verifying address)

:54 911 O > ✦✦"Do you need an ambulance?"✦✦  (Laura gave no reply to needing medical treatment... Hmmm - I wonder why?) 

Laura replies > ✦✦"And I'm on the floor and (AGAIN - 3rd time) I had a >>>back fusion and a neck fusion<<< and she attacked me"✦✦ (2nd time)

:59 Nikki is in far distance yet Laura says ✦✦"Get away from me"✦✦ to Nikki.  (So orchestrated)

1:01 911 O > (2nd time Laura is asked) ✦✦"Do you need an ambulance?"✦✦

1:04 Laura refuses medical treatment > ✦✦"Um, No, but I can't get up"✦✦ (yet after 911 operator tells her to stay on the phone, she leaves it to taunt Nikki and possibly hit her over the head right before the cops arrived... guess she 'healed' and was able to stand up and go into the distance where Nikki was, to cuss her out)

1:06 Laura > (AGAIN - 3rd time) ✦✦"and she attacked me"✦✦

1:09 Laura > ✦✦"And I can't... No"✦✦ (out of breath still... Why?)

1:13 Laura to Nikki ✦✦"No! You attacked me!"✦✦ (her walk free card) "and she won't leave m... She won't leave me alone. Sh... Please send them" (You can still hear Nikki in the distance, no where around Laura)

1:17 (Can't understand what Laura is saying)

1:19 Laura > (AGAIN) ✦✦"She won't leave me alone"✦✦

1:26 911 O > ✦✦"She pushed you down?"✦✦

Laura's reply > ✦✦"Huh? Ah... Yeah, she attacked me"✦✦ (AGAIN - 4th time) Nikki was trying to get to the phone but Aaron was holding her back

1:29 Laura > ✦✦"I have a plate in my (AGAIN - 4th time) >>>neck and back fusion<<< and...She won't stop"✦✦ (Like Nikki was doing something to her but is in the distance still)

911 O > ✦✦"She hit you?"✦✦

1:35 Laura > ✦✦"Yeah (AGAIN - 5th time) she attacked me,...she's drunk" yet Laura calls Aaron her husband... My husband's wife - how messed up is that?✦✦ (Laura and Nikki had both been drinking wine and I find it ironic that Laura put in the police report that I had been there earlier and was trashed!... Really? Why would she have a need to LIE about me? I never had a drop of alcohol!!  Crazy and a complete hypocrite - Laura is to into herself > 'me, me, me' to notice anything about me) Laura clearly states here the Nikki attacked her... Never says 'first' and doesn't make a statement claiming such.

1:39 Laura > ✦✦"No, ahh, she had, um..."✦✦  (She couldn't remember because of all the alcohol she had drank and mixing it with her narcotics that she and Nikki drank wine... Or was she getting her lies confused?) pathetic! (She had only programmed herself to focus on >>>NECK AND BACK FUSION<<< and >>>SHE ATTACKED ME<<<
 NO DETAILS OF WHAT ACTUALLY OCCURRED and no statements that Nikki attacked her... She is really good... No wonder Aaron is so broken.

1:47 911 O > ✦✦"I already have them on the way, STAY ON THE PHONE with me as long as you can, okay?"✦✦ (Which Laura doesn't)

1:51 Laura yells ✦✦"Police are on the way Nikki... Stop it!"✦✦  You hear Braeden crying in the background and not ONCE does Laura say one thing about her grandson > she was too preoccupied manipulating and lying her way out of the crime she had committed.

1:53 Laura > ✦✦"Stop it!"✦✦ (Again, Nikki in the distance)  Laura and Aaron both are master manipulators who are constantly play the 'victim' role.  

1:55 Laura > ✦✦"Stop it" (AGAIN) "The police are on the way now"✦✦ (was Laura trying to make it sound like she was being 'attacked' again?). She was actually trying to manipulate the one she had brutally attacked that she had what was coming to her!

1:59 Laura > (Still breathing heavy) ✦✦"No! You punched me and (AGAIN - 6th time) I have a >>>back fusion and neck fusion<<< - you come near me..."✦✦(Nikki still in distance)

2:07 Laura > (So orchestrated and a true psycho) ✦✦"You leave me'll paralyze me"✦✦ (Wow! She was so wired out on something, her neck and back didn't prevent her from going 'crazy' on Nikki.  Aaron had admitted to me on the phone the following day, almost as if he were bragging, how he never knew his mother could be so feisty when his mom was beating Nikki and in the report he stated that it lasted 45 minutes... He just watched?  Odd!  Why didn't he pull his mom off of Nikki  OR was Aaron in on it?  He had also told me that he had been begging Nikki to hit him - to let it out, hit me, hit me, get it out of your system because he felt it would make sense to a degree to me from what I had told him was the reason for me leaving when I did EXCEPT I had lied in order not to hurt his feelings which was a RED FLAG to me.  I didn't want to hurt his feelings that his mother was the reason I was leaving...  I was tired and just wanted to go home... So was I a scapegoat.  Nikki and I had not gotten into any kind of argument... But that's what they both claimed.

2:11 Laura yells > ✦✦"The police are coming!"✦✦

NIKKI yells from a distance > ✦✦"Help me! I need help!" (muffled) "Get off me! HELP me!"✦✦ (Nikki was in danger and she was in fear for her life)

2:14 Laura drops the phone (had been told to stay on with 911 operator plus didn't Laura claim earlier that she was on the floor and couldn't get up?  Guess she forgot)

NIKKI pleading in background ✦✦"Help! Get off me!"✦✦

2:15 NIKKI to Laura > ✦✦"You punched ME!"✦✦ (And we have proof from the pictures that we took of Nikki which the Sheriff didn't).  No pictures of the REAL victim by the men in badges.  They only took pictures of Laura and Aaron (thank God though) which shows a dot on Laura's chin the size of a mole and Aaron had a scratch on his face which was not there two days later, not to mention Laura having a swollen ankle which she had been talking about earlier along with 'neck and back fusion' She is always about 'me, me, me') The pictures we have of Nikki tells who was the REAL victim!  The sheriff took pictures of the REAL aggressor.

2:20 Sounds like Laura 'healed' and went to where Nikki was in the distance (scuffling) (Why did Laura go to Nikki when she had been asked  to stay on the phone with 911 operator?)

2:35 Aaron > ✦✦"Leave her alone"... Nikki! What's wrong?"✦✦

NIKKI replies > ✦✦"You and your mom"✦✦

Aaron > ✦✦"What are you doing?"✦✦  (Who was he talking to... His mom, who possibly scratched Aaron's face because she already knew what her lie would consist of in order to walk free <although in the statement Laura claimed Nikki slapped Aaron... Why a scratch in picture) or his mom locking Nikki in Braeden's room that Aaron had just put on the outside of, which Laura and Aaron seemed to both think was funny and 'normal' so no one could hear Nikki's desperate pleas for help OR was his mom attacking Nikki again) Disturbing!

2:47 Very far distance (Sounds like Nikki was locked in a room) Laura in distance

NIKKI's PLEADING > ✦✦"HELP ME!"✦✦ (She is obviously in danger) 

2:50 Aaron > ✦✦"I can't believe this!"✦✦ (What can't Aaron believe?)

2:55 Laura > (in far distance where Nikki is) -> ✦✦"Stop it Nikki!  You Bitch - punch me!" "YOU ARE A FUCKEN BITCH!"✦✦

3:00 Laura > (taunting - what was she doing?) ✦✦"Are you scared now Nik?"✦✦ Did she hit Nikki again? Nikki remembers getting hit over the back of the head. But when?

3:15 NIKKI > ✦✦"You are the one who punched me!"✦✦ in a desperate plea in the distance (locked room?) Laura got awfully bold taunting and cussing at Nikki who she claimed had 'attacked' her.  She is obviously the aggressor  >> SHE WAS 'ON THE FLOOR AND COULDN'T GET UP? <<

3:20 NIKKI > ✦✦"I can't believe you hit me... PLEASE!!"✦✦  

3:23 NIKKI > ✦✦"PLEASE HELP!" Or "STOP"✦✦ (Nikki remembers getting hit over the head...) 

3:27 Can no longer hear anyone

3:46 Dogs bark, Sheriffs arrive (I hear something about "her face" but can't make it out)

I no longer feel safe by those who wear a badge.  The sheriff could see Nikki's injuries. Nikki was the only one pleading for her life.  NOT ONE STATEMENT MADE BY LAURA OR AARON WAS THAT NIKKI HIT LAURA... YET ON THE 911 CALL LAURA STATES "NO, YOU HIT ME!"   "SHE HIT ME" NO! NO! WHEN AARON AND NIKKI ARE TELLING LAURA THAT SHE WAS THE ONE TO HIT NIKKI.  LAURA WAS ABLE TO JUSTIFY WHAT SHE DID BY PUTTING A TWIST ON IT CLAIMING SHE HAD TO DEFEND HER SON (who she claims is her husband on the call) AGAINST WHAT???????  But because Laura called 911 and she and Aaron went along with his mom that Nikki had slapped Aaron in the face (why a scratch and not a hand print then?) and Laura came to the rescue...(if Nikki had slapped Aaron, he couldn't defend himself?) It made it okay to brutally beat another human being which gave her serious injuries, including a concussion? They allowed a walking time bomb to walk free and managed to get a No Contact Order along with the charges, as if, Nikki, could have possibly have been the aggressor.  Pictures speak a thousand words.  When the sheriff had asked about Braeden, who had to have been traumatized by seeing his mother get brutally beat, then arrested, Laura lied and said Nikki was holding him and when she went to punch Laura, she dropped him.  It was Laura who was holding Braeden and there are 4 statements which are all different of what occurred by both Aaron and Laura, but even in one of the statements, Laura admitted to, was the one where she was holding Braeden and Laura dropped him.  LAURA WAS WIRED OUT ON SOMETHING!  But pathological liars have a 'gift' to 'switch gears'.  Nikki NEVER touched her!!  Laura also claims in a statement that Nikki kicked her in the throat.. Yet Nikki was the one with a cervical sprain and Laura did not need any medical care.  Laura's neck and back could not have been too serious and if they had been it would have from her own doing.  She refused medical care!  It's so odd how earlier in the evening ALL Laura talked about was her 'neck and back fusions' over and over again. I was unable to 'reprogram' her when I tried to switch the topic about how nice Aaron and Nikki had fixed up their house... Nothing.  I tried to switch the topic to Braeden since it had only been the 3rd time she had ever seen Braeden.  Ironically, this had been the first time Laura had ever visited!  Laura was all about 'me, me, me,' 'back and neck surgeries'. Over and over again.  It was disturbing.

Because the sheriff refused to see the truth and was manipulated by Laura, and there was no investigation done properly, she is free to walk among society with no consequences for her criminal behavior.  Who will be her next target?  Aaron claims he's been a victim all his life.  Laura and Aaron, who are both abusers, were free to literally empty out the home Nikki and Aaron lived in, in two days time!  All of Nikki's items were thrown out in the trash or stolen.  Aaron and Laura were free to flee with Braeden to continue the cycle of abuse.  And nobody would listen to our desperate concerns for Braeden because the cops screwed up and Nikki may as well have been guilty of all charges (what happened to 'innocent' until proven guilty?) because no matter who we turned to, THE TRUTH didn't matter.  Nikki's black eyes and bruises, literally, from head to toe that didn't go away for over a month was just a reminder of how the system had failed miserably.  Our cries for Braeden's safety went unheard.  We just had to continue praying for Braeden to be returned to us safely... God answered our prayers 2 1/2 months later.  God exposed Aaron.  Braeden was returned to only have Laura continue the cycle of abuse with more lies.  Read my first blog > DCF TIMELINE AND BRAEDEN's STORY or DCF STOLE MY GRANDSON at  

Aaron has always claimed his mother abused him who he had such a hatred for so many things she had subjected him to throughout his life... Aaron was always constantly talking about how crazy his mother was and how she abused him all his life...and sadly history was repeating itself... He became an abuser himself.  Yet he can't stay away from his abuser.  They are toxic.  A very unhealthy mother/son relationship.  He tries, but it doesn't last long enough to 'fix' him so he can be a stable, healthy human being.  It's like Laura has some kind of control over him. He's in a comfort zone by playing the 'victim of abuse' by his mother.  Aaron was either in on this master plan to beat Nikki or he has been beaten down emotionally by his own mother and ironically they are like two peas in a pod.  Narcissists, pathological liars, abusers, master manipulators.

The charges and the no contact order were finally dropped on 3/21/14... For a crime Nikki didn't commit.  A charge that was added 30 days after the incident (resisting arrest) is what she had no choice but to plead guilty to, which I find total BS because THEY KNEW WE HAD A SLAM DUNK IF WE WENT TO TRIAL on the original charges and as our lawyer uncovered the FACTS, the last day that additional charges can be added, they added resisting arrest... Just so we would feel grateful for having BOGUS charges dropped EXCEPT for what was added... So they still accomplished a 'guilty plea' only because we could NOT afford to go to trial to fight something so ludicrous.  Probation came with that and the county and state make money from the  'guilty' plea.  Nikki was given probation... For what?  Resisting arrest?  The charge that was added 30 days after the fact?  Bureaucracy at it's best!  Gotta love our constitution and the amendments all Americans are led to believe is a solid foundation to the 'Land of the Free'.  What a farce!   It has been more then costly trying to undue where those who wear a badge made a horrific mistake that we are still feeling the repercussions from in ways that I could never have imagined.  Everyone makes mistakes, cops are human too but the writing was on the wall!!  NO INVESTIGATION.  If there had been a proper investigation done we could have  saved Braeden sooner and he wouldn't be in a shelter!!  Because of the cops 'mistake', it has cost us in various ways ... Financially and emotionally.  But the real tragedy is that this 'mistake' allowed the abusers to flee with my grandson and continue the cycle of abuse.

Aaron is in jail for getting arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation on 2/14/14 called Operation Green Shepherd 3 > Google it, Aaron Tyszkiewicz <  We pray he will get the maximum of 11 years.  God answered our prayers and Braeden was returned to me but Laura wanted to regain her power and called DCF with outrageous lies about both Nikki and I.  DCF are manipulating liars who, from my personal experience, join forces with evil.  DCF lied under oath about me and ASSASSINATED my character.  They roll with the lies of those who call.  Braeden was placed in a shelter but thank God did not end up back with Laura, a true sociopath... Evil.   The reality that Aaron is even more disturbed then I had realized (and trust me, I've known from the time I met him he was unstable) is very real. He is 'broken' and weak. But for him to risk his child's life by voicing that his son should be living with his 'crazy' mother... proves how out of touch with reality and disconnected Aaron is.  Unless it all boils down to having to pay child support... including the brutal beating of Nikki on 12/6.  It seemed all planned out... Nikki behind bars for a crime she didn't commit, a no contact order issued, literally emptied out the house in 2 days times and we have proof that Aaron was on dating sites all hours of the night pleading for girls to come over, 2 days after the beating.  Really?  Sounds like it could have very well been a master plan.  Only, our criminal defense lawyer believes that their intention was to kill Nikki!  He told us that Aaron reminds him of Scott Petersen, the sociopath who murdered his 9 month pregnant wife, Lacy. I had come to the conclusion when Aaron had manipulated Nikki into remarrying him, he was capable of doing anything to get out of paying child support... and was truly concerned.  

Why would any sane person subject their own innocent child to the same abuse he endured as a child?  He has a stronger desire to please his abuser, then to protect his own child?  Or would it prevent him from having to pay child support?  That's just crazy.  The cycle of abuse has got to stop!  

It's so dismaying to think how close Laura came to getting Braeden after Aaron was arrested.  God truly intervened in order to have Braeden returned from evil.  Aaron is so emotionally disturbed, he thought of Braeden as an object... We have documentation that it didn't take long after they fled with Braeden that he thought his son was an 'inconvenience'... ironically, per Aaron, Laura found all her kids to be an inconvenience.  The unimaginable can occur when one thinks of others as mere objects and they become and 'inconvenience'.  God had a reason that we retuned the call before Laura that Troy Simon, a CPS sheriff, left on my cell, who had Braeden after Aaron's arrest.  

The very woman Aaron loves to hate for ruining him... The very woman he witnessed brutally attack his wife and have thrown in jail is the woman he NOW wants to have his son with while he is in jail????  Insanity!!!  Braeden has been subjected to so much trauma because of both Laura and Aaron... And DCF... which is unforgiveable!!  

All we need to do now is seek justice for what Laura may have weaseled her way out of on 12/6/14... We haven't taken the necessary steps to make her accountable for her crime yet because getting Braeden back home has been our priority ever since 12/6/13.  As soon as Braeden comes home, we will take the necessary actions against Laura.  Braeden needs to be protected from the two sociopaths whose only pleasure in life is to destroy others.  Aaron has always said his mother will resort to anything in order to get her way and doesn't care who she hurts in the process... And is NEVER wrong.  Seems Aaron has followed in her footsteps.

Braeden is not going to be a part of their sick cycle of abuse they thrive off of...  Their life of total destruction.  

On 8/19/14 the truth was told and the lies by DCF were exposed... We just have to wait for the judge to sign the papers and Braeden will be home soon, where he belongs, to receive the unconditional love every child deserves to have.

This journey is not yet over.  God will see us through.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Children For Sale! HumanTrafficking in USA Among Our Kids!

Read between the lines. Clinton signed in 1997 the 'Family Safety Act' which gave incentive for DCF to remove children from loving homes where there is NO ABUSE! Power and greed are the motivators for DCF to STEAL children based on lies and deception.  Corruption is a reality that exists within a system that was meant to protect children from ABUSE!  Yet DCF are the very ones inflicting trauma and abuse to our children and destroying families across America!  

Adoption Subsidies Are Unchecked for Fraud

By David J. Lansner and Carolyn A. Kubitschek – July 9, 2012

In 2010, the federal government paid $2,501,000,000 to states under the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act. Hundreds of millions of dollars of that money may have been fraudulently collected by adoptive parents who no longer support their adoptive children, made possible because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has prohibited the states from even investigating the fraud. States have lost an equal amount of money.

The U.S. government has long provided funds to states to operate foster-care programs, initially under the federal Aid to Families with Dependent Children program (AFDC). Like Aid to Dependent Children (ADC), the foster care program provided a monthly stipend for each eligible foster child. Like ADC, the money was paid to the adult caretaker (the foster parent) for the support and benefit of the child. As soon as a child left foster care, the monthly payment ended, whether the child left foster care to be reunited with his or her parents or to be adopted by new parents.

An unintended consequence of the program was that it discouraged adoptions by foster parents. As soon as a foster parent adopted his or her foster child, the foster-care maintenance payments stopped. Many foster parents were of modest financial means and could not afford to support children without the foster-care maintenance payments. In addition, many foster children required a large amount of support because of their special health, behavioral, or other problems. Accordingly, many children who had no hope of ever returning to their parents simply languished in foster care because the foster parents who loved them could not afford to adopt them and lose the foster-care payments, and no other adults were willing to adopt children who had so many problems.

In 1980, Congress enacted the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act, which, among its many provisions, created a statutory scheme to encourage people to adopt children with special needs who were in the states’ foster-care program by providing subsidies for the adoptive parents. The explicit purpose of the adoption assistance program, as articulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Children’s Bureau, is to “remove barriers and contribute to an increase in adoption of children with special needs.” The statute implements its purpose by providing matching federal funds to state programs. The matching federal funds are contingent on a state “plan approved by the Secretary” of HHS, with the requirement that the state “administer, or supervise the administration of, the program.” 42 U.S.C. § 671(a)(2); see Administration for Children’s Families (ACF), HHS, Programs and Funding: Title IV-E Adoption Assistance.

The statute authorizes adoptive parents in participating states to receive reimbursement for one-time, nonrecurring adoption expenses and for monthly maintenance payments for the ongoing expenses associated with caring for the children. The amount of the monthly adoption subsidy payment for a child is determined by an agreement between the prospective adoptive parent and the state. It states that the amount may be readjusted periodically, “with the concurrence of the adopting parents,” but may never be greater than the amount that the child would receive if he or she had remained in foster care. 42 U.S.C. § 673(a)(3).

The agreement between the adopting parent and the state is a “written agreement, binding on the parties to the agreement” that “specifies the nature and amount of any payments, services, and assistance to be provided under such agreement.” 42 U.S.C. § 675(3)(A).

A 2008 study conducted by the National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning found that maintenance payments are around $400 to $900 per month. The average base amount nationwide is about $350 a month. The federal government generally reimburses the states for 50 percent of the payments, although in some cases it pays a larger percentage. In 2010, according to tables released by the Administration for Children and Families, the federal government paid $2,501,000,000 to states for adoption assistance, including one-time reimbursements and monthly maintenance payments. Thus, states probably paid about $2 billion of their own money in adoption assistance payments.

Federal statutes 42 U.S.C. § 673 and 42 U.S.C. § 675 mandate that states terminate adoption assistance payments when any one of three events takes place:

  • The child ages out of the program by turning 18, if healthy—although states may, at their option, extend the program adoption assistance program to age 19, 20, or 21—or 21 if handicapped;
  • The state determines that the adoptive parent is no longer legally responsible for supporting the child; or
  • The state determines that the adoptive parent is no longer actually supporting the child.


Adoptive Parents’ Failure to Support Their Children 
While there may be many reasons that a parent is no longer supporting his or her adopted child under the age of 18, the most common scenario is that the child has stopped living with the parent. That may be the result of a divorce in which the state makes adoption assistance payments to one parent while the other parent has custody. More common are the cases where the child has left the home. Many children adopted from foster care run away from their adoptive parents or are forced out by them. The children may be put with another adult, return to their birth parents, return to foster care, live on the streets, or be incarcerated.

Because ACF guidance to states allows little room for states to monitor adoption assistance recipients’ eligibility, there is no data on the total number of children who prematurely leave the homes of parents receiving adoption assistance. Available data suggest that the number of adopted children who do not live with their adoptive parents until they turn 18 is significant. Nina Williams-Mbengue, program director at the National Conference of State Legislatures, found that 10–25 percent of pre-adoptive placements disrupt before adoption proceedings are finalized, and 10–15 percent of adoptions dissolve after they are finalized. Some practitioners believe that the numbers are much higher. That substantial fraction should not be surprising; children adopted out of foster care tend to have serious emotional and physical scars from their “frequent displacement, exposure to drugs and alcohol from birth and at other points in their lives and other forms of abuse.” Nina Williams-Mbengue, Moving Children Out of Foster Care, The Legislative Role in Finding Permanent Homes for Children [PDF].

Some adoptive parents find raising such children too difficult and voluntarily surrender those children. In other cases, the children run away, either because they want to live without restrictions or because of abuse in the adoptive home. Indeed, some states, such as Wisconsin, even define categories of “hard to place children” who are eligible for adoption assistance, in part, by their tendency to run away. A child who is moderately difficult to care for may “run away four to seven times a year and three or four days at a time,” while a child who requires intensive care may “run away for long periods of time (eight or more times a year and five or more days at a time.)” North American Counsel on Adoptable Children,Wisconsin State Subsidy Profile, Question 4.

Diane Riggs of the North American Council on Adoptable Children has pointed out that pressure on states to increase adoption rates may in fact be leading to an increase in the number of adoptions that fail as states encourage adoptions by foster parents who are not actually capable of meeting the children’s needs. Diane Riggs, Plan, Prepare, and Support to Prevent Disruptions. In the 1990s, disruption rates after adoption “for children with physical, mental health and developmental problems, range from approximately 10% to approximately 25%.” (Sheena Macrae, Ed., Disruption & Dissolution: Unspoken Losses [PDF]. For an extensive discussion on subsidized adoption failures, see Dawn J. Post and Brian Zimmerman, “The Revolving Doors of Family Court: Confronting Broken Adoptions.” 40 Cap. U. L. Rev. 437 (2012).

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MassOutrage | Why Can the State Kidnap Your Child?

ɱᎯȘȘ ΘƲτરᎯĢε!!!! Welcome to my world! The founders never DREAMED that a state agency would one day come into homes and kidnap children. I never imagined such CORRUPTION existed! WHY CAN'T ANYONE STOP DCF? DCF committed perjury in such a heinous way about ME in order to remove my grandson from my home so they could profit $$$ by placing him in a shelter and continue fueling their egos by abusing their power!  I'm still in total disbelief!!!! Parents are powerless over a 'system' that was put in place to PROTECT CHILDREN from abusive homes, yet they are the ones inflicting TRAUMA AND ABUSE by STEALING children who are in stable, loving homes! #JusticeForBraeden 

This article may pertain to Massachusetts but is happening across the United States...  World!  I have talked to parents who have had their children being taken wrongfully away in England and Switzerland.  I moved to Florida to find some peace after retiring from Verizon Communications and was the only sole provider to raise both my children without the help of anyone else.   


MassOutrage | Why Can the State Kidnap Your Child?

If everyone knows that the Massachusetts Dept. of Children and Families (DCF)is out of control, why can't they be reined in and told to behave? This is one of the dirtiest and least known secrets of how the DCF is able to destroy so many families, and the source of their power: DCF is in control, no…

Why Can the State Kidnap Your Child?

DCF is completely in control. Even judges can't rein them in.

The founders never DREAMED that a state agency would one day come into homes and kidnap children.

I. Why Can't Anyone Stop DCF?

If everyone knows that the Massachusetts Dept. of Children and Families (DCF)is out of control, why can't they be reined in and told to behave? This is one of the dirtiest and least known secrets of how the DCF is able to destroy so many families, and the source of their power: DCF is in control, not the courts. It must be nice to answer to no one, knowing you cannot be punished, cannot be sued, cannot be accountable for the trauma you perpetrate, both on purpose and by mistake.

Ever since the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided two cases back in 1995, Care and Protection of Isaac, 419 Mass. 602 (1995) and Care and Protection of Jeremy, 419 Mass. 616 (1995), the DCF has had almost complete control of all children in its custody. A judge will only interfere if DCF is committing what is ridiculously called an "abuse of discretion."

When does DCF abuse its "discretion" enough for a court to step in and stop them?

Generally, never. The Courts have become rubber stamps for DCF. Death, torture, broken bones, bruises, wounds, medical neglect, and other 'minor' problems caused by DCF do not seem to bother courts very much. However, if the parents pray, spank, or yell at the child, then they will authorize the DCF to take your children and give them to a family who cannot be told not to abuse them. Foster parents and DCF approved programs and institutions can usually abuse children at will, often with no consequences whatsoever. As long as it's their guy doing the abusing, nothing will happen.

Not only will a court refuse to stop DCF caretakers from abusing children, it will usually not mind if DCF is falsifying records, committing perjury, taking children on false pretenses, illegally stretching out a case for years, or demanding that a wife commit perjury by getting a false restraining order against the husband.

In other words, DCF is accountable to no one, and no one can stop them, unless the state legislature or a higher court steps in and changes the state of the law.

Well, can't I sue them?

As with all things in the strange world of "child protection", the DCF has been given a gift of protection from lawsuits, called "qualified immunity". That is a fancy name for being lawsuit-proof in most cases. Right now, until someone succeeds in getting a court to change the situation, DCF agents are immune from suits for all "discretionary" decisions. Our federal civil rights laws state that ANY PERSON who deprives someone of a right is liable. Our courts say, "horsefeathers", those nice DCF abusers are above the law, as are GALs, DCF lawyers, court investigators, and the judge, too. In other words, anyone from the government can abuse your kids and get away with it.

"Discretion" is when they decide to do just about anything they want: to kidnap your child from you, to keep your child, to adopt your child out, to hurt your child, to emotionally manipulate your child, to stop your child from hugging you at visits, or just about anything else. Only when they violate a "clearly established" constitutional right can they be sued. That is almost never.

It is ridiculous, but the courts have continually protected foolish and biased social workers from any liability for wrongdoing. We are going to try to change this.

What are "clearly established" constitutional rights?

Technically, they are rights specifically listed as being protected in the Massachusetts or federal constitutions, such as the right to free speech, or the right to bear arms.

Parental rights are not specifically listed in the either the state or federal constitutions. No one 200 years ago ever dreamed that government would interfere in families, so they didn't protect parental rights in the constitutions, state or federal. It would have been unthinkable to have a state agency to break into homes and kidnap children.

However, parental rights are now called "reserved powers", which means that any power not specifically given to the government by the constitution belongs to the people under the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution (Bet you never heard that one!) All powers, including parental rights, which are not mentioned in the Constitution, are kept by the people under the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Because most courts now operate more by a political agenda than by the law, they will often only protect 'enumerated', or listed rights, except for ones THEY would like to add, like gay marriage. However, the constitution is not supposed to work that way. All rights are yours by natural divine law. The constitution does not create rights, but only binds down the government from interfering with them. The Massachusetts and Federal constitutions list several rights as examples in the Bill of Rights, and then basically say that if we forgot any others, they are protected, too.

However, most judges now believe that the government creates and grants rights, rather than preserves existing rights that are bestowed by our creator, and which cannot be taken away. Thus, they will ignore your parental rights if it suits them.

Judges often merely explain rights away if they do not favor them politically, as they have done with gun rights, for example. They treat the rights protected under the constitution like an accordion - they expand certain ones that are in political favor, and contract others that are not politically correct.

Do parents have ANY rights?

Not really. The problem is that our founders never dreamed that anyone would ever think of intruding into families, so they did not write specific protections into our state and federal constitutions. They assumed family government would exist peacefully alongside state and church government. Now, when the rights of parents to raise children are being challenged, there is little protection available from courts against the savage predators in the DSS.

A parents' right to direct the upbringing of their children was never questioned until recently. Now, the state sees itself as the parent, and they let you have temporary custody of your own child, unless and until you do something the state doesn't like - then the child goes back to its true parent - the state. There is even a Latin lawyer term for this: Parens Patriae, which means, "father of his country". The Real Life Dictionary of the Law defines parens patriae as: "the doctrine that the government is the ultimate guardian of all people under a disability, especially children, whose care is only entrusted to their parents."

Are you getting this? The state now owns your children, and entrusts you with them, until you do something politically incorrect, like home school them, spank them, pray with them, or otherwise try to keep them out of the hands of those who want to make them into obedient world citizens.

You have told me all that I CAN'T do. Is there anything I CAN do?

Yes, but there are no easy answers. Read on.


(Adapted from material written by Attorney Mike Humiston at

A grizzly is a dangerous creature. They are arbitrary, vicious, and they are not afraid of you. Sound familiar? If you encounter one in the wild, you must be very careful...

Should I throw sticks and rocks and scream at him?

Only if you want him to kill you.

Then I should turn and run, real fast...

Only if you can run very, very fast.

Then what should I do?

Stand firm, don't show any signs of fear or anger, then carefully, quietly, back away.

The grizzly is the child protection system...

But I thought somebody else's government was the Great Bear...

Indeed. Always be polite when dealing with caseworkers and the police. Always, always!


Because the police carry guns, for crying out loud! And because you are dealing with terrorists, and they have your children. If you argue with the caseworker or the judge, you will only antagonize them. Nothing you say is going to change their minds or make them quit twisting your words. So don't try. Don't give them words to twist. There's no use throwing sticks and stones at the grizzly.

What about running away?

If you can do so legally, then do so. If the state has legal custody of your children, it is illegal to take them and leave. If you're going to break the law, then as with the grizzly, you better be able to run pretty far pretty fast. There are people sitting in prison at this moment for "kidnapping" their own children.

Are you telling me to give up?

Absolutely not! We're telling you to be smart. Know your rights and control the flow of information, but do it with a smile on your face and with total graciousness. "I'm sure this service plan is okay, but I'd just like to have my attorney go over it before I sign it. I believe you when you tell me they're just routine, so I'm sure you don't mind if he just has a look before I sign." Remember, the guy who tells you don't need an attorney is the guy who has something to hide. Just because their forms are "routine" does not make them right.


Unfortunately, you cannot do as much as you would really like to do to fight DCF yourself, except to AVOID doing the wrong things. You can learn about many of those wrong things, and about DCF dirty tricks, on this MassOutrage web site, and the linked sites. However, even if you learned it all, that is only the beginning.

Knowing the things you can learn here, simply doesn't give you the whole scope of the process. Courts and lawyers have made it so complicated (probably to keep a lot of their buddies employed) that very few people even inside the system completely understand the process and all its legal requirements.

In sum, fighting DCF is so hard, so technical, and there are so many pitfalls, that you are better off to work with a good lawyer rather than try it yourself. There is just so much to fighting one of these cases, that it is about like doing brain surgery on yourself to try it alone.

So... .

Get a good lawyer.

The single biggest ingredient in fighting the DCF menace is to get a good lawyer. What is a good lawyer? Here is the list of qualities I would look for:

Hates the DCF;

Committed to parental rights over government power;

Knows the DCF law, regulations and policies;

Will stand up to DCF social workers and judges, not collaborate with them;

Is YOUR lawyer only, and is not being paid by the state;

Will work with, not against, your spouse's lawyer to get your kids back, if appropriate;

Respects you;

Respects the Constitution and other founding documents;

Does not think lawyers are God, and will work WITH you, not talk down to you;

You trust him and he trusts you. You are both going to take a blindfolded walk down the plank in the dark, so you better trust each other.

Work with your lawyer.

The most important thing you can do to get your children back, in addition to avoiding falling into any of the DCF dirty tricks, is work with your lawyer to help him or her get your kids back. How?

You can help review the DCF record, which is very tedious, to look for any evidence you can use against DCF. You can make a chronology, or a time line of all the major events so far, so that the lawyer can get a clear overview of your case. You can pay the poor guy, so he can endure the endless days and nights of attention to your case. You can be patient with the delays, knowing that it is not your lawyer, but DCF and the Court, who have caused them.

You can do everything he tells you in the way of counseling or drug testing or parenting classes, so that he can go back to DCF and report that you have been a good little boy or girl. You can clean up your act, if it isn't: Straighten up your house, your heart, and your life.

You can attend every visitation that your child's kidnappers allow, without fail, even though they will cancel the visits any time they feel like it for any selfish reason. (Irony - they often cancel to care for their own child). You can smile (though gritted teeth) at your child's captors, and work with them. Never, never show your anger, even though the social worker may deserve to fry in the lowest part of Hell.

Listen to your lawyer. Trust your lawyer. If you can't, get a new one. Even if you have a state appointed lawyer, due to lack of finances, fire him if he does not work for you. If he is laughing it up with DCF, fire him. Many lawyers who do this work actually like DCF because they get a lot of work from it. Me - I'd be very happy to be put out of the DCF business tomorrow, if they were abolished.


What about the Government School? Can they get my children there?

They sure can. In fact, it is the preferred method. No pesky parents. Only sympathetic statists who embrace big brother and believe that the government has the best interest of the child at heart, as opposed to the parents. Government school, you say? Is that a PUBLIC school? Yes, and it is financed by, supported by, and run by the same government who wants to steal your children.

If they have any suspicions about your home whatsoever, the DCF agents will come to your child's government school, all smiles, and take your children aside. They will use suggestive and coercive techniques, and get "disclosures" about what goes on in your home: things like spanking or other discipline, prayer in the home (that is now 'abuse'), yelling or arguments between parents (that is now 'domestic violence'). Since this is done alone, no one will be able to fight the DCF agent's lying version of the "abuse" that they will coerce out of the child.

If I can't trust the government school, who can I trust?

No one but your own private lawyer, as stated above. The government has a snitch network of so-called "Mandated Reporters" everywhere a child is likely to be. Nurses, doctors, school counselors, police, dentists, therapists, teachers, day care workers, and many others MUST report anything they think is suspicious, or risk a big fine.

They have manipulated these former helping professionals into becoming snoops for the "Central Party Committee". These people used to be able to help folks in trouble. Now, if you go to them, they will often turn you into the DCF. The authorities have beat them into submission, and most of them now have the attitude of: When in doubt, report.

At this point in our history, only your lawyer can keep your secrets, by law. Everyone else is a snitch. Tell them to no one else.

What should I do, then?

GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT of the government school, and do it now. That is the major pipeline through which the DCF steals children from families. If you are taking government aid of any sort, get rid of it if you can.

If you decide to compromise your family by keeping your children in danger there, then at least teach them that if some DCF agent comes to talk to them, that they demand to have their parents present before answering any questions.

Teach your children the sanctity of the family. The schools are teaching your children to rat on you. Teach your children the other side, the danger to which they expose your whole family by reporting you to the authorities. Teach your children that dozens of children have committed suicide while in foster care. Hundreds have died. Thousands have been tortured and abused.

Teach them that they have the right to remain silent, and if they choose not to remain silent, each and every word they say will be used against their mommy and daddy. Love them, love them, love them.

Teach your children this: "Kids, this is our family attorney, Mr. Smith. He is our family's only attorney. He is the only attorney that we talk to. If somebody else comes to you and says he is your own attorney (e.g. the DCF agent, or guardian ad litem) anything you say to him will be used against our family."

One of the best things you can do is buy and read Suzanne Shell's book, Profane Justice. It can be ordered for $25.00 by writing to: Sage Wisdom Press, P.O. Box 75863, Colorado Springs, CO 80970. Forewarned is forearmed.

What about real child abuse?

Real child abusers should go to prison. And the traditional due process protections of criminal law are more than enough to separate the true abusers from the falsely accused. Just because O.J. was acquitted of murder does not mean we should dispose of all due process. Likewise, just because some abusers will get away does not mean we should take away all children.

[Compiled from numerous sources]

Copyright © 2008-2014 Gregory Hession, JD. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be specific legal advice, but general information to assist you. You should consult an attorney to advise you on your individual case.

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DCF Stealing Children



ARTICLE - 'The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need.  That is a fraud; the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying them and their families.  The number of children who emerge from the system, able to function normally, are near zero.  Some are never seen again.'

'The system used includes three stages.  The first phase is to shock and intimidate the parents into consenting to let their children be processed into the system.  The second phase is to force parents, terrified for their children, to begin a process of 'case management.'  That process is a template that is designed to push the parents into emotional meltdown and bankruptcy.  The third phase is to sever the parental rights entirely and sell the children.'

'In the wake of this trauma families are atomized, destroyed.  Parents and grandparents never again see the children who connect them to the future.  Children lose their past and the anchoring each of us needs to develop into a healthy human being.'

'Children are taken from loving homes to make a profit!! State employees who fail to take children out of homes are penalized; many of these leave the system which has been converted from a system originally intended to help families to one that profits those in control.'

'Manatee County, Fl has long made a business of STEALING CHILDREN!'  

Ironically, I came across this article months after a complete stranger showed up at my door on 2/18/14, four days after my grandson had finally been returned to us from when his father, Aaron, and Aaron's mother fled with Braeden on 12/6/13 after brutally beating my daughter so severely it gave her a concussion and post traumatic amnesia from the shock of being attacked from behind > Story >  See other blogs >  '911 Call - Seeking Justice'

A woman from DCF showed up on 2/18/14 so I could hand over my 2 year grandson, Braeden, with no explanation, no documents, not even a business card... Saying I would be put under arrest if I didn't hand him over willingly.  Braeden had just been returned to me by a CPS Sheriff, Troy Simon from Manatee County, Fl, 4 days prior, who had called before the DCF caseworker, Evelyn Harris, showed up at my home informing me that because Braeden was 'not safe' with me someone would be stopping by to pick him up and that I would, in fact, be 'arrested unless I handed him over willingly'.  I was stunned!  Where on earth was this coming from?  They had just handed Braeden over to me with their blessings after my grandson's father, Aaron, got arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation.  We had been praying for Braeden's safe return since Aaron and Aaron's mother had fled with him on 12/6/13 after brutally beating my daughter.  Our prayers had been answered... God exposed Aaron and Braeden had finally been returned to us after a very long 2 1/2 months worrying about the abuse he probably was being subjected to and the trauma he had been exposed to caused by two evil monsters.  How could DCF cause Braeden more trauma?  It was all so irrational.  To think I was so naive to believe that DCF is a system set in place to protect children from abuse... But instead DCF is the one inflicting abuse.  It is happening around the world.  He had already been ripped away from his mother, the only one who had always provided him with unconditional love.  Braeden was there when his father got arrested... Now that he is truly safe again I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Now that Braeden was really safe, I'm being told otherwise?  It's all too crazy.  A system that originally intended on helping families... is joining forces with evil when they get a call from the same woman (Laura) who is a walking TIMEBOMB >> A 47 year old who can be filled with so much rage to be capable of inflicting serious injuries to another human and be able to manipulate her way out of having to pay the consequences for her criminal behavior is a very dangerous person.  Laura's son, Aaron, had always said he had been abused by his mother and would try to explain how 'crazy' she is constantly.  Her only mission is to cause havoc in people's lives in an attempt to destroy her 'prey' which seems to give her a sick sense of 'power'... The devil herself.  People are merely 'objects' that can be easily disposed of when she can no longer benefit and/or has accomplished her 'mission'.  A true sociopath.  Laura called with vicious lies to DCF, which I was totally unaware of at the time, in order to rip Braeden away from us a 2nd time.   Constant drama and turmoil is what these people thrive off of... DCF IS CORRUPT AND GO HAND IN HAND WITH HAVING THE SAME DISTURBING TRAITS OF A SOCIOPATH.  All it takes is a phone call from a malicious, manipulating, pathological liar who abused all her children to continue the cycle of abuse with DCF's help.  In the DCF disclosure papers it shows all of the delusional strategic plotting of the 'attempted kidnapping' that Laura initiated.  But to read that Laura was on 'standby' in Manatee County a few hours away from my home just waiting for Braeden to be ripped away again, only this time it would be from me, who only knows so well of what monster's like Laura are capable of doing once they are on a mission to feel in power over their 'target' who they need removed out of the way in order to get their claws into their chosen 'victim'... Braeden... She will stop at nothing.  How could DCF be such idiots?  How dare them portray themselves as a system that protects children when I have learned first hand what DCF is capable of after receiving a call from the evil that exists on this earth.  Two evils joining forces.  God help us all.  

WHOLE ARTICLE > 'Manatee County, Fl has long made a business of STEALING CHILDREN!'  Below: stages.