Saturday, August 9, 2014

DCF Stealing Children



ARTICLE - 'The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need.  That is a fraud; the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying them and their families.  The number of children who emerge from the system, able to function normally, are near zero.  Some are never seen again.'

'The system used includes three stages.  The first phase is to shock and intimidate the parents into consenting to let their children be processed into the system.  The second phase is to force parents, terrified for their children, to begin a process of 'case management.'  That process is a template that is designed to push the parents into emotional meltdown and bankruptcy.  The third phase is to sever the parental rights entirely and sell the children.'

'In the wake of this trauma families are atomized, destroyed.  Parents and grandparents never again see the children who connect them to the future.  Children lose their past and the anchoring each of us needs to develop into a healthy human being.'

'Children are taken from loving homes to make a profit!! State employees who fail to take children out of homes are penalized; many of these leave the system which has been converted from a system originally intended to help families to one that profits those in control.'

'Manatee County, Fl has long made a business of STEALING CHILDREN!'  

Ironically, I came across this article months after a complete stranger showed up at my door on 2/18/14, four days after my grandson had finally been returned to us from when his father, Aaron, and Aaron's mother fled with Braeden on 12/6/13 after brutally beating my daughter so severely it gave her a concussion and post traumatic amnesia from the shock of being attacked from behind > Story >  See other blogs >  '911 Call - Seeking Justice'

A woman from DCF showed up on 2/18/14 so I could hand over my 2 year grandson, Braeden, with no explanation, no documents, not even a business card... Saying I would be put under arrest if I didn't hand him over willingly.  Braeden had just been returned to me by a CPS Sheriff, Troy Simon from Manatee County, Fl, 4 days prior, who had called before the DCF caseworker, Evelyn Harris, showed up at my home informing me that because Braeden was 'not safe' with me someone would be stopping by to pick him up and that I would, in fact, be 'arrested unless I handed him over willingly'.  I was stunned!  Where on earth was this coming from?  They had just handed Braeden over to me with their blessings after my grandson's father, Aaron, got arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation.  We had been praying for Braeden's safe return since Aaron and Aaron's mother had fled with him on 12/6/13 after brutally beating my daughter.  Our prayers had been answered... God exposed Aaron and Braeden had finally been returned to us after a very long 2 1/2 months worrying about the abuse he probably was being subjected to and the trauma he had been exposed to caused by two evil monsters.  How could DCF cause Braeden more trauma?  It was all so irrational.  To think I was so naive to believe that DCF is a system set in place to protect children from abuse... But instead DCF is the one inflicting abuse.  It is happening around the world.  He had already been ripped away from his mother, the only one who had always provided him with unconditional love.  Braeden was there when his father got arrested... Now that he is truly safe again I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Now that Braeden was really safe, I'm being told otherwise?  It's all too crazy.  A system that originally intended on helping families... is joining forces with evil when they get a call from the same woman (Laura) who is a walking TIMEBOMB >> A 47 year old who can be filled with so much rage to be capable of inflicting serious injuries to another human and be able to manipulate her way out of having to pay the consequences for her criminal behavior is a very dangerous person.  Laura's son, Aaron, had always said he had been abused by his mother and would try to explain how 'crazy' she is constantly.  Her only mission is to cause havoc in people's lives in an attempt to destroy her 'prey' which seems to give her a sick sense of 'power'... The devil herself.  People are merely 'objects' that can be easily disposed of when she can no longer benefit and/or has accomplished her 'mission'.  A true sociopath.  Laura called with vicious lies to DCF, which I was totally unaware of at the time, in order to rip Braeden away from us a 2nd time.   Constant drama and turmoil is what these people thrive off of... DCF IS CORRUPT AND GO HAND IN HAND WITH HAVING THE SAME DISTURBING TRAITS OF A SOCIOPATH.  All it takes is a phone call from a malicious, manipulating, pathological liar who abused all her children to continue the cycle of abuse with DCF's help.  In the DCF disclosure papers it shows all of the delusional strategic plotting of the 'attempted kidnapping' that Laura initiated.  But to read that Laura was on 'standby' in Manatee County a few hours away from my home just waiting for Braeden to be ripped away again, only this time it would be from me, who only knows so well of what monster's like Laura are capable of doing once they are on a mission to feel in power over their 'target' who they need removed out of the way in order to get their claws into their chosen 'victim'... Braeden... She will stop at nothing.  How could DCF be such idiots?  How dare them portray themselves as a system that protects children when I have learned first hand what DCF is capable of after receiving a call from the evil that exists on this earth.  Two evils joining forces.  God help us all.  

WHOLE ARTICLE > 'Manatee County, Fl has long made a business of STEALING CHILDREN!'  Below: stages.