Monday, April 27, 2015

Senator Nancy Schaefer speaks from the grave...on corruption #OpExposeCPS

She is my hero!!!

CPS resorting to child trafficking

I know first hand how corrupt CPS is.  I was slapped in the face with a reality that should NOT exist in America... 'The land of the free'... IS A FARCE!!  CPS IS LEGALLY STEALING OUR KIDS AND HOLDING THEM CAPTIVE!  They are destroying families and unless we UNITE, we will remain powerless over being able to protect our children from the corruption that has been existing for years and is only getting worse.  Our children's 'protection' is being federally funded which has turned into child trafficking exhiliherated by the government when offering funds as an incentive to 'rescue' children from abuse who are supposed to be provided with a better life.  It's so disheartening to realize that we, The People, who are law abiding citizens and who are paying taxes from the income WE HAVE EARNED... is the salary we provide to people who are hired to 'SAVE' children but instead are STEALING children for profit.  Why would DCF commit perjury in order to remove my grandson from a loving home?  What's even more disturbing, how could they flat out lie and assasinate my character and not have ANY EVIDENCE TO SUBSTANTIATE THEIR CLAIMS?  It's total INJUSTICE!  I was providing the love and security I had managed to provide for my children on my own and was providing for my grandson until DCF chose to use their evil powers and expose their greed who were the only ones to INFLICT TRAUMA & ABUSE to an innocent child... Ripping him away to pass off to strangers by fricken LYING is NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF A CHILD!!  CPS is destroying families... And are the ones ABUSING OUR CHILDREN!  Our faith in God gave us the resources to bring Braeden home... Over $10,000 and counting in lawyer fees and 7 months later, by the grace of God, the lies were exposed in a way I will forever be thankful for... If we had knowledge of the police report that spoke the truth sooner, DCF would never have gotten away with  removing Braesen AT ALL!  Many others are not so lucky... The lies we were able to expose, DCF was quite aware of, but were obviously counting on our ignorance to hold my grandson 'captive' in a system THEY could profit from.  

Child 'Protective' Services was created to SAVE children from abuse but instead are abusing their power to rip children away from their families who never were subjected to any type of abuse until they became the property of the state and placed into foster care.  It is so insane that they continue to get away with what they are doing.  What are they doing?  I can only voice what I have personally experienced but opened up my eyes to the destruction that so many are blind to, as I was before 12/6/13.  We were so in the dark about CPS but had reached out to them in desperation with hope they would see the truth of the danger my grandson was in and bring him back home.  It boggles my mind looking back that we honestly believed that DCF would help us seek justice in SAVING my grandson from his mentally unstable father and his father's evil mother who had fled with him three days after brutally beating his mother, then walking free to continue the cycle of abuse.  All we knew is that Braeden's father had always been disturbed by his mother's abuse toward him all his life and he followed in her footsteps... monkey sees, monkey does.  We knew Braeden was in danger... DCF was our only hope to save him.  The reality we were faced with was twisted... IS TWISTED.  Although we were able to provide substantial proof of how unstable Aaron and his mother, Laura are - it didn't matter... All we could do was pray for Braeden to be safely returned to us somehow.  

Our prayers were answered on 2/14/14 when we received a call from a CPS Sheriff from another county stating that Aaron had been arrested while Braeden was with him in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shapherd 3 (google it and/or Aaron Tyszkiewicz).  Braeden was coming home!  God had answered our prayers!  The joy that we felt would only last for 3 days... DCF had the 'power' to save Braeden from two known abusers yet they chose to ignore the truth and he then became a 'target' once he was back home where he belonged.  Thank God Braeden was returned home where he would be safe but only because his father had been arrested.  The insane part is once Braeden was truly safe again in a loving home is when DCF chose to join forces with evil and opened my eyes that THEY DO NOT LOOK AFTER THE BEST INTEREST OF A CHILD.  

On 2/18/14 DCF attempted to kidnap Braeden by threatening to arrest me unless I handed him over willingly.  They did not succeed because I chose to get arrested; I knew I hadn't committed any crime and Braeden most certainly was NOT being abused as he had been previous to having him returned to us and DCF had DONE NOTHING THEN!  It is so mind boggling that they actually thought they could intimidate me by threatening to arrest me!  I was so terrified and even after they quietly left the house without saying a word while I was on the phone with my daughter... I had thought it was only a matter of time before the police would come to arrest me but that never happened!  That was the first of many lies that would follow.

A week later DCF tried a different approach... And succeeded in 'legally kidnapping' my grandson.  Or what I should say - they were successful in manipulating me into walking right into a deceptive trap!  More lies and manipulation proved what manipulative sociopaths that these people are capable of being and sadly are getting away with destroying families because it's an agency formed by the government and is federally funded which had been intended to save and protect children from abuse and/or neglect but having been subjected first hand to their evil methods of how they ripped my grandson away from me with no explanation by flat out lying and abusing their powers... Opened my eyes up to an evil existence targeting our children across the United States who need to be stopped!  These monsters need to be held accountable for their evil actions!  More people need to speak out and be the voices for our children!  This is not what God intended for our children!  They are a gift from God and should be cherished as such by ALL!!  

God provides for those who believe... I have been exposed to this corruption in order to have a voice for our children... Power-+Greed=Corruption [Evil]

It took 7 months to rescue Braeden by hiring an excellent attorney but we had been powerless when we had done no wrong.  No one should be powerless over being able to protect a child they love and care for but CPS has been given a power they are ABUSING.  Read my blog 'DCF STOLE MY GRANDSON' and 'EXPOSED DCF's DIRTY LITTLE SECRET'

Saturday, April 4, 2015

DCF and Manipulators abused my grandson

It nearly destroyed me to have my grandson, Braeden, ripped away from us twice, all based on lies, deception and manipulation.  It was by the Grace of God that he was returned back home to us both times.  It has been one hell of a journey and can only pray by getting our story out will help expose DCF/CPS for the terrorists they are and Aaron Tyszkiewicz and his mother, Laura Bodnar for the evil, master manipulating, twisted individuals they are. DCF has been given a power nobody deserves to have, especially those who have proven to us they are incompetent to know what is truly in the best interest of a child.  Abducting them from loving family is CHILD ABUSE!  That is what DCF/CPS is doing to endless families. They are destroying innocent families and are profiting with OUR tax dollars while they tear lives apart.

First, Braeden was taken in the most UNJUST and disturbing manner by his father, Aaron Tyszkiewicz, and the women the father claims has abused him all his life... His mother, Braeden's paternal grandmother, Laura Bodnar.  Laura was able to manipulate police and her son so easily in such a disturbing way there are some who believe she and her son were a part of an elaborate, twisted evil plan.  Either way they were allowed to walk free after viciously beating Braeden's mother, which allowed a mother and her son to continue the cycle of abuse they both seem fixated on.  God placed Braeden back in our lives, then he was ripped away again in a corrupt manner by DCF, where many are misled to believe are removing kids who need to be saved from further abuse and/or neglect.  I guess if that was the case, we'd be hearing about the so called abusive parent(s) a child was removed from, but sadly all we hear about is the abuse or death a child endures AFTER they have been placed into a very broken system.  The People are only left to assume these children are being removed from unloving homes and that Child Protective Services always looks out for the best interest of a child... This is a total farce... The farthest thing from the truth and The People have a right to know the truth.  DCF is a business that is failing our children miserably, yet are profiting from their failures.  It's a double edge sword.  My personal experience is that social workers consist of the good and bad... The dumb and the dumber and the CORRUPT. 

Senator Nancy Schaefer, God rest her soul, gave me clarity on the 'bad' - the corruption that exists before her tragic 'murder' >> Senator speaks out on corruption! >>  I experienced first hand a reality that should not exist. DCF and the police failed my grandson on 12/6/13, 2/17/14, 2/26 & 2/27.  To 'serve and protect' - what recourse is there when those who wear a badge 'protect' the wrong person and ends up having a domino affect of injustice that goes viral in a detrimental way toward an innocent child?  Faith in God... would see us through.

I found myself powerless over being able to protect Braeden from DCF!   We had just gotten him back from the evil that had fled with him 2 1/2 months earlier after they brutally beat his mother on 12/6/13.  DCF did NOTHING to save Braeden when he truly was in danger... while he was in the hands of two abusers... but then DCF tries to manipulate me so they could 'legally kidnap' him which has me in total disbelief to this day after God had placed him out of harm's way.  We were terrorized in my own home on 2/17/14 and 2/26 and our rights were completely violated by those who are totally incompetent in protecting kids by coercing the 'good guy' and having total disregard to the Constitution.  My grandson was abducted in a corrupt manner by DCF terrorists on 2/27 after a DCF investigator lied to me and my sister telling us we needed to come to her office because the police who had been in my home on 2/26 wanted to meet with us to clear up a 'misunderstanding'... It was a bold face lie!!  We have the police report that proves how we were lied to.  Braeden was literally kidnapped and I was SHOVED OUT THE DOOR!  After the shock wore off, an incredible anguish followed that nearly destroyed me, but I went in search for answers and wrote and prayed about it... Alot!   

DCF committed perjury on 2/28, without having ANY evidence 1 day after kidnapping my grandson; 2 days after 5 police refused to remove him because in the report it states they found the 'complaint unfounded', 'Appeared Braeden was well taken care of', 'Counted meds which were accurate', 'I did not appear to be under the influence of any legal or illegal drugs', etc. which the DCF Investigator was very much aware of and withheld from the courts!  Why in God's name did the DCF Investigator, Sheila Luther, lie to lure me to her office the next day to kidnap my grandson when FIVE police officers had witnessed the same thing as ONE DCF worker?  These people are idiots!  The police report was generated after they threatened to break my door down, searched my house, counted my meds and interrogated me!!  Five police officers witnessed my demeanor from the time they raided my home and throughout the extensive interrogation.  They knew Braeden was safe with me even though I was treated like a criminal!  No search warrant... No probable cause.  I had done nothing wrong.  All the allegations made against my daughter and me by Aaron's mother were NOT made in order to protect Braeden... But to regain control... It's all a game to her.  Aaron is a perfect example of what happens when raised by someone like Laura.  She's got him exactly where she wants him... under her control. 

Sheila Luther's boss, Leslie Jones/DCF opened my eyes to how corrupt Family Court is... The dynamics of just how destructive this holocaust is to children nationwide.  A great insight of how and why family court plays a part in the overall corruption >>>  Secrecy behind closed doors of family court.

worked for Verizon for 30 years, raised both of my children and retired in 2010 to enjoy my 'freedom' with family... What they did was unconstitutional!  I have NEVER committed a crime, yet in family court, Sheila Luther's boss, who NEVER spoke to me stepped up and took an oath to tell the truth, nothing but the truth and knowingly LIED.  She assassinated my character.  I was turned into a criminal in the blink of an eye.  Wow!  JUSTICE?!?  No.  How is this happening in America?  It's what sealed the deal to make Braeden a commodity for federal funding... 'legally held hostage by the state'.  We weren't aware of the police report until it was too late.  If only we had known then what we know now.

The week before on 2/17/14 DCF entered my home and led me to believe that I would be arrested unless I handed Braeden over 'willingly'.  I chose to get arrested and when the DCF worker, Evelyn Harris heard my sister was on her way, she slipped out the door without saying a word.  The 'back up' the DCF worker called numerous times never showed.  We found out their intention was to remove Braeden from my care and take him to a 'walking time bomb' (DCF's words) whose 28 year old son (Aaron) has always claimed to have been abused by.  Why would DCF return Braeden back with who THEY referred to as a 'walking time bomb'?  They interviewed Laura on 12/7, the day after she had attacked her daughter in law.   A person we know abuses her children.  A person who had adopted a child and as soon as she received a cash settlement from a car accident, she tried to return the child to DCF, then he vanishes, yet she bragged about still receiving that child's disability!  (Hindsight's 20/20)  DCF saw the beating my daughter had endured by this woman AFTER they interviewed her and THEY concluded she was a walking time bomb!   On 2/14 her oldest son (Braeden's father) was arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation... Operation Green Shepherd 3.  That's how we got Braeden back!!!!  It was truly God's doing to expose Aaron and bring my grandson back home out of harm's way.  Thank God they had been unsuccessful in reaching Laura!  She didn't return the call until the next day. It's in the disclosure that DCF had, in fact, planned on placing Braeden back into the hands of REAL danger!!!!  Look at what this evil, manipulating woman did to Braeden's mother on 12/6/13 with the help of her son, Aaron >>> and got away with it!

DCF proved again how horrifically they fail children by making the decision to 'save' a child WITHOUT facts and truly proved the danger too many kids are subjected to by an ignorance that is inexcusable with a power they do not deserve to have by initially trying to kidnap Braeden on 2/17 (the 1st week day following the call made by the 'walking timebomb'... a master manipulating psychopath - Laura)

This is my daughter, Braeden's mother.  She sustained a concussion, post traumatic amnesia and bruises from head to toe, contusions to her shoulder and wrist and a cervical sprain.  She was the only one who needed medical care.  The cops never took any pictures of her, only Aaron, who had a scratch on his face (and God only knows how that got there) especially since his mom and him had claimed his wife had slapped him... In the police report (one statement) Laura claimed she had no choice but to 'protect' the son who has always claimed he was abused by her and is on 100% disability for different 'mental issues' from the army (yet claims he retired at 27) and the cops took a picture of Laura who had no injuries except she claimed on the 911 call she had 'neck and back fusions' and had been 'attacked' over and over totally out of breath.  She refused medical care, twice on the 911 call and again when the cops arrived.  Once the 911 call surfaced, the charges against the REAL victim were dropped and the No Contact Order lifted.  Aaron had even gone as far as in manipulating an injunction against his battered wife in the county they had fled to where his mother lives and as soon as one of the lawyers we had to hire to seek justice wanted to do a deposition, Aaron dropped the injunction.  Between DCF and the police, Aaron and Laura had given at least 4 different statements of what had occurred which were ALL lies.  The 911 call made by Laura was a total charade and is very telling of how a psychopath operates.

(Read my 911 narrative blog >>> 911 Call made by Laura - Total CHARADE)

Our prayers had been answered when I got Braeden back on 2/14.  Laura called DCF on 2/15 (Saturday).  I cannot wrap my head around that all it took was a call from a master manipulating, pathological liar who obviously knew exactly what to say to those who would be easily manipulated into transporting Braeden to the county Laura was in waiting to have him brought to her.  The dumb and the dumber.  She had succeeded on 12/6/13 to rip Braeden away from his mother AFTER assaulting her, she almost succeeded on 2/17 to have my grandson ripped away from me and returned to her by making a phone call with the help of those who are paid to 'serve and protect' and those who many are misled to believe 'look out for the best interest of a child'.  If it wasn't in the disclosure, I wouldn't believe the plot they had failed at on that Monday where there is proof that Laura was on 'standby' while I was being threatened by the same sheriff who had handed Braeden over to me on 2/14 after Aaron was arrested by showing him my ID in the parking lot of a McDonald's late at night... 3 days later he tells me by phone I will be arrested unless I hand over my precious grandson to the person from DCF he was sending to my home... because 'he was not safe with me'... 'Have Braeden dressed and ready to leave'.  MY grandson who I love and adore... wasn't safe with ME?!?  It was completely insane!  Based on what?  He had no logical explanation.  A decision was made to rip a child away from a home where he was being loved and was FINALLY safe, based on a phone call from a 'WALKING TIMEBOMB'?  What is so disturbing, from my understanding, DCF was told by Laura that I abuse my meds (I have been taking since 1990) so when a pill count was done on 2/15 & 2/26 - What was the point??????  Like I said, the dumb and the dumber.  Laura is such a lying hypocrite!  She knows nothing about me!  What is totally unacceptable is DCF had planned to return an innocent two year old to whom they claimed was a WALKING TIME BOMB!!  That is absolutely crazy!!  God is powerful.  It didn't happen.  There is no logic that 'they' would go to such unethical measures by coercing me based on the words of anybody without having any FACTS... Based on the words of a master manipulator!  Troy Simon, the sheriff from the county Laura's son, Aaron, was arrested in was unable to get a hold of Laura to come and get Braeden on 2/14.  She calls on 2/15 and everybody jumps?  It was truly God's doing that the sheriff contacted us when Aaron's mother never returned the calls & numerous messages that had been left for her (her son's in jail, Braeden was going to be placed into the 'system' but Laura figured she could wait, she was too busy - Again, God's doing).  I'm not sure if Laura would have mentioned the son she had adopted or not and had abused for years... If she did, it's a guarantee there was no mention that she had attempted to 'return' him to DCF, let alone, how she moved to another state without him.  Nor would she mention giving that child his night time meds during the day and locking him in his room with a deadbolt from the outside, although she justified her abuse towards him to everyone else claiming the child was 'evil'.   I'm positive she mentioned how she had been a licensed daycare provider for years... But left out how her daycare license was taken away.  A 'script' that comes in handy apparently, as long as you don't ask why she no longer ran a daycare like I did.  I guess the daycare license she lost because of an 'X husband' only leads to more questions that surprisingly enough she never answered.  Now that she has moved to another state, using an 'X' comes in handy for the child that vanished and moving gives her a explanation for no longer having a daycare.  What nobody bothered asking Laura was why exactly did she move to another state?  To leave her family, the child that DCF refused as a 'return', and her friends...?  To live near a guy she met on line is what her son told us, which he claimed made him unhappy that she chose another part of Florida instead of moving where he and his wife had decided to move... near by me and the rest of our family, once he was released from the army in TX where he was stationed.  Was counting down the days he would be receiving $3,000 a month and 'free' from the army where he claims in his script is 'retired' (27 years old) but in reality succeeded in getting disability for various 'mental issues'.  He was in jail since 2/14/14 for 15 months and his mother collected the $3,000 a month... Not a dime has gone to provide for Braeden.  And yes, he received it even though he was in jail.  Disability from the army (VA) didn't stop.  He did have the money to hire a lawyer to help get him out even though he was facing up to 35 years for the serious crimes he was charged with.  He should have spent at least 11 years minimum.  Laura had moved to the big leagues... For years she's been getting a disability check for the child she adopted who 'vanished', now her oldest son's disability check is providing for her.  Hmmmmm.  Dumb and dumber.

According to Aaron he claimed moving here was the best thing for Braeden and couldn't believe his mother was trying to guilt him into moving near the guy (a complete stranger) she met online instead of her moving near family.  I will never forget how Aaron would get so frustrated trying to explain how 'crazy' his mother is and how she always found a way to get her way... No matter what or who got hurt in the process.  His words haunt me.  The one and only time Laura visits her son and his wife and child, she sucker punched her daughter in law right in the face, in front of both, Aaron does nothing and when his wife walked toward the bathroom to look at her face in the mirror, she was attacked from behind and hit over the head.  By WHO, is the question.  We do know Laura and Aaron completely emptied out the house in 3 days time and what wasn't stolen of Aaron's wife's belongings, the rest was trashed.  They were free to flee with my grandson.  Our world was shattered.  Laura, like Aaron said, succeeded in getting her way afterall.  Can't help but to think Laura AND Aaron both got what they wanted.  Aaron WAS on dating sites 3 days after his wife was brutally beat playing the 'victim' of spousal abuse who was a 'drug addict' and portrayed himself having custody of their 2 year old 'disabled' child.  His wife is NOT a drug addict and Braeden is NOT disabled. He wasted no time prowling on the internet for sex after his wife got arrested for a crime she not only didn't commit, but was the VICTIM of (both her and Braeden) by two master manipulating psychopaths.

We have the documents to prove the injustice that is happening to children in OUR COUNTRY... The 'Land of the Free'...  Further deception by DCF > social worker, Evelyn Harris claims she was never in my home on 2/17 when a child advocate had reached out to help us - perhaps a coverup?  Why else would she lie?  What she did is forbidden by law... At least I had always been led to believe in the 'Land of the Free' being coerced was a crime (repeatedly getting on her cell calling for 'back up' and trying to lead me to believe I would be arrested unless I handed Braeden over 'willingly'). I have witnesses of being coerced twice by DCF.  It was God's doing to have Braeden returned back home to us 2 1/2 months after this beating on 2/14.  Our prayers had been answered!  Then DCF stepped in and ripped him away... my faith would be further tested.  Faith is what held me together.  Faith was a true intervention.

The public 'pretender' did NOTHING to get Braeden back home.  We were so blessed to come up with the resources to hire an excellent attorney who exposed DCF's lies 6 months after he was 'legally kidnapped', 'stolen' or 'abducted' and he's back home where he is being cherished and showered with unconditional love the way God had intended.  God is good!

DCF is abusing their power and they need to be held accountable for ignoring our pleas when Braeden was clearly in danger when Laura and her son had fled with Braeden after the vicious beating on 12/6/13.  They need to be held accountable for terrorizing us on 2/17/14 and 2/26/14 where our 4th amendment rights were violated then our 14th amendment rights on 2/28 were violated.  To threaten to break down my door, search my house, interrogate me, count my meds with no search warrant, no probable cause... In order to save a child would justify such drastic measures or would it?  I wasn't given a choice but I had nothing to hide and my priority was to keep Braeden safe... I was ripped of that right.  DCF should NEVER have literally KIDNAPPED my grandson with NO JUSTIFICATION for doing so on 2/27/14, the day after our rights had been completely violated.  What was the point of terrorizing us in my home if they were able to just steal my grandson anyway in the most inhumane way?  It makes no sense.  It was the ultimate betrayal by the government and those who claim to look after the best interest of a child are, in fact, the ABUSERS.

The police had refused to remove Braeden... Found the 'complaint unfounded' on 2/26.  But then I complied to come to the DCF Investigators office because she flat out lied by saying we needed to meet with the police to clear up a 'misunderstanding' at which time they LITERALLY STOLE MY GRANDSON - didn't even have any documents!! ... I was powerless!!  It nearly destroyed me.  It traumatized Braeden, which is CHILD ABUSE!!  How does one describe the anguish that is caused by an injustice of having your child/grandchild literally ripped away from you for all the wrong reasons?  A pain that is indescribable.  If you're lucky, you will be given the strength to 'survive' it.  Faith... 

I thank God that DCF was unsuccessful on 2/17, but they traumatized my grandson when they abducted him on 2/27 like terrorists in such a nefarious way!  DCF ARE THE ABUSERS!!

The only abuse Braeden has been subjected to were by Laura, Aaron - Then DCF... To a degree that has opened my eyes to what Senator Nancy Schaefer was brave enough to speak out about in hopes it would make a difference for our children.  By speaking out on the corruption she lost her senate seat and possibly her life.  From the research I have done and experienced personally, she was the only one brave enough to try and expose the fact that Child Protective Services is a 'protected empire' who are misleading society into believing they 'look out for the best interest of a child', when IN FACT 'best interest' has been redefined at the child's expense.  Our tax dollars are fueling this child trafficking business where children are being removed intentionally and seized unnessarily for profit.  
The system is crippled and is destroying families across the United States.  They are NOT capable of knowing what is in the best interest of a child!!  Those wearing a badge FAILED TO SERVE AND PROTECT!  Not to say there aren't children in wretched situations (to think of Laura's 'adopted son' she abused and eventually disposed of... Gives me cringes) To think the 'cycle of abuse' had been passed along to her oldest son, Aaron, who is so mentally unstable, he 'justifies' all the abuse he was aware of that his 'adopted' brother was out in the open being subjected to by his mother... The woman he has no problem telling others has abused him all his life...Thank God we have a loving God whose power was what ultimately saved Braeden from the 'cycle of abuse' that both Laura and Aaron are fixated on...
Please help us protect Braeden from his father - a child predator >> Busted in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shepherd 3 > click here to help in any way you can and to see what we are now up against in order to SAVE Braeden from any further abuse.
Aaron Tyskiewicz is a registered child sex offender (14 year old child) and although he has plenty of stipulations for him to abide by while out in society for years to come, he is no longer held behind bars, and there is no stipulation set in place to protect my grandson from this monster who thrives off of destruction... Preying on children.  Like mother, like son.  Monkey sees, monkey does, only Laura has managed to stay under the radar unlike Aaron.  God works in mysterious ways and Laura's time will come.  We are very blessed that my daughter survived the beating, the next person may not be so lucky.

Braeden hasn't seen his father since he witnessed him getting arrested on 2/14/14 because his father had him with him when he traveled hours away to pick up a 14 year old child to bring back to his place for a weekend of sex while his son was under the same roof... perhaps locked in his room with a dead bolt would be something he and his 'abuser' (mom) could joke together about like they did when he attempted to put a lock on the outside of his two year old son's bedroom door during his mother's only visit (right before the brutal beating), which was an eye opener when Laura gave her approval and both chuckled and talked openly about the lock Laura had placed on the outside of the child's door she had adopted, as if it were the norm.  I can only imagine what went on behind closed doors.

My daughter tried to divorce Aaron while he was in jail, without a lawyer because since 12/6/13 in order to seek justice for my daughter and save Braeden from the 'system', we had to hire 4 different lawyers which has tapped us out.  For whatever reason the Judge did not grant the divorce and now Aaron has retained a lawyer.  What makes no sense is after he was arrested it is documented that he wanted to sign all his rights over because Braeden was an 'inconvenience'.  All people are to Aaron and his mother are objects.  They are both psychopaths and are a real danger.  This is the last chapter of this nightmare.  God has seen us through and will continue to have faith in Him to help us find a way to save Braeden from any further abuse.  Neither Laura or Aaron have the capacity of putting anybody's needs first, let alone a child's needs before their own.  They are the evil who prey on innocent children for their own selfish and sick gratifications.

God has seen us through and we know He will be able to have this chapter closed to this horrible nightmare that began on 12/6/13 with a way to continue to keep Braeden safe.  He brings us so much joy.  Please send prayers our way...

God help our children.  God Bless America.

Please get our story out!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Anonymous speaks out on DCF Mega Corruption

Read my story below...

MEGA EMERGENCY OPERATION: STOP THE CORRUPT CHILD "PROTECTIVE" "SERVICES"... Show our UNITY that we are reclaiming our kids! CLICK HERE TO ADD A 'TWIBBON' TO YOUR FACEBOOK AND/OR TWITTER PROFILE - A ribbon making others aware of the overall corruption!

The government is getting away with kidnapping kids everyday from loving parents/grandparents.  'They' failed on their first two attempts to kidnap my grandson but succeeded on the third attempt.  If there was any logic or justification for what we were subjected to by DCF & police on 2/17, 2/26 & 2/27/14 it would most likely be a distant memory.  Instead I'm on a mission to share our story and the corruption we have been exposed to.  Government agencies paid to protect children from abuse are resorting to literally kidnapping our kids from loving homes in order to profit!  As Senator Nancy Schaefer stated... "They are like the Gestapo... They are a protected empire."  Listen for yourself  >>> Part I of Nancy Schaefer speaking out from the grave <<<
Why was she murdered exactly?  Murder-suicide is what the media wants us to believe.  Read my story and you decide.  In fact google Senator Nancy Schaefer's murder conspiracy theory.

Our government needs OUR TAX DOLLARS to survive... and OUR KIDS! It's NEVER enough. They are getting greedy!  Broaden the horizon beyond 'your' world before it's too late and keep reading to learn ONE WAY the government has been resorting to bring in enough money to 'balance the checkbook', in addition to providing 'job security' so to speak fueled by our tax dollars.  Think about all the kids 'they' need to keep our tax dollars coming in. >>>  Click here to get insight on how family court operates against our children... A court held in 'secrecy'. <<<

Once your Constitutional Rights have been violated by those who take an oath to 'serve and protect' and use coercion, lies and manipulation, not once, but twice  to try and break you to gain access to your child in the 'safety' of your own home and when that fails, DCF/CPS uses new manipulative lies where they finally succeed in literally kidnapping your precious, innocent child/grandchild, who you cherish and love... you go searching for answers after the shock wears off and then the profound anguish that follows... Why my grandson?  Whose paying these manipulative liars?  WE ARE... The People - I can barely wrap my mind around it!  As long as society is unaware of how exactly their tax dollars are being used within our government in retrospect to saving children from 'abuse'... Endless families will continue to be destroyed.  Endless children will suffer.  I was so in the dark like so many others.  Knowledge is power.  By reading this in its entirety based on my story and the corruption that exists within CPS/DCF, it will provide you the wisdom needed before you find yourself powerless against it, as I did on 2/27/14.  Be sure to share this link with everyone you can in order to give others heads up about 'The Caseworker' > What everyone needs to know about a caseworker.

I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  I moved here in 2010 after retiring from Verizon where I worked for 30 years.  Nothing in my life experience has been more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted forced separation from my grandson, Braeden, by strangers... DCF... Terrorists.  Everyone assumes they get paid to 'save' children... only every child 'saved' brings in more money and to our horror these terrorists are failing more kids then they are saving from abuse.  They are operating a child trafficking ring... An industry that needs 'merchandise' (our kids) to keep the federal funding flowing.  Power+Greed=Corruption

My grandson was literally kidnapped from me at DCF's headquarters because I was lied to by DCF and was foolish enough to walk right into a trap the day after a DCF Investigator and 5 police officers invaded my home after threatening to break down my door, then searched my house, counted my meds (2nd time) and interrogated me for over an hour without having a search warrant or probable cause, but I had reason to believe that since I had nothing to hide, being terrorized in my home and completely violated was the price I was willing to pay in order to keep Braeden, my precious grandchild, safe from any more trauma then he had already been exposed to before he had been returned to me on 2/14/14.  I didn't have a clue as to what DCF had been told (or the police) but clearly they had been given wrong information, which I was able to prove on 2/26/14 to DCF and the 5 police officers who had violated me, only I was unaware of the TRUTH until much later because after the police had left with the DCF Investigator, Sheila Luther from DCF returned to lure me into her office the next day by lying to my sister and me stating we needed to come to her office the next day to meet with the police who had been at my home to clear up a 'misunderstanding' or her job would be on the line.  I should have listened to my gut instinct - but they used my sister to convince me they were on Braeden's side.  'That's what they get paid to do'.  We were clueless they kidnap children for a living. They saw how much I love and cherish my grandson the way God had intended... But that didn't matter.  Now that he was back with me, he was safe and no longer being abused, isn't that DCF's goal?  No.   If only we had known then, what we know now.  What they did was beyond criminal.  There was no 'misunderstanding' with the cops.  The police who invaded my home had REFUSED to remove my grandson because they had found the 'complaint unfounded' with all the false allegations proving to be lies (we have the police report).  Only DCF moved quick, we didn't find this out until it was too late. We were in the dark to the corruption that Senator Nancy Schaefer bravely spoke about before her murder... > PART II > Click on this link to hear Senator Nancy Schaefer speaking out on the corruption  Many believe she was murdered to be silenced.  Far fetched?  After what I have researched, hoping to get answers to so many questions... Having my grandson literally ripped away from my loving arms when there was NO JUSTIFICATION, no rationalization...NO ABUSE... I had been misled (lied to) and led him right into the hands of people I had once believed 'look out for the best interest of a child'.  Sheila Luther/DCF plotted out the kidnapping from the time the police refused to remove him from my home!!!  I wrote a letter to numerous people, including a complaint to the Inspector General, who in turn passed my complaint to DCF to investigate.  Michelle Marchand from Tallahassee called me and may as well have slapped me in the face by denying the FACTS as to what happened!  Shame on me for allowing my emotions to get the best of me where I expressed anger when she flat out denied that Braeden was kidnapped.  Sure, all criminal acts should be investigated by the criminals who commit a crime.  It was beyond insulting... I knew to wait for another day to call her back when I was better prepared to remain calm no matter how she distorted the FACTS of the kidnapping DCF plotted and followed through with.  I prepared myself to hear her justify the crime by stating it was 'in the best interest of the child'.  I was ready and determined to be a voice for all the children who are removed unethically from loving homes.  I made sure to inform her there was absolutely no rationalization for what DCF did, which was IN FACT a criminal act... While we were suffering in anguish, DCF was able to profit with our tax dollars, which spells CORRUPTION and informed her to GOOGLE Senator Nancy Schaefer.  I was calm, cool, and collected and wasn't backing down on all the research I have done.  She was actually at a loss for words and finally decided to 'pass the buck' by giving me the name and number of Sheila Luther's boss (Leslie Jones, who held the door opened while I was being shoved out after she demanded me to leave without Braeden on 2/27/14) was how she got me off the phone.  I called immediately and all I got was a recording giving me a name of somebody else and their number who was taking calls for that person.  Wow!... They are knowingly destroying families.  If Michelle Marchand was truly ignorant to the corruption endless families are faced with, at least she would hear our family suffered and how DCF TRAUMATIZED Braeden.  Yes, I question to this day the extent of the CORRUPTION we were exposed to and how exactly was Senator Schaefer murdered or should I ask by who?  

My grandson is literally abducted then DCF commits perjury by testifying I had been 'under the influence' and I had been arrested for 'doctor shopping' when I have always been a law abiding citizen who worked hard all my life and raised two children on my own with no help from anyone... I was desperate for the truth.  The woman (Leslie Jones) who assassinated my character had NEVER even spoken to me!  The police report we didn't get until a couple months later clearly states 'Christie did not appear to be under the influence of any legal or illegal substances'... DCF observed exactly the same thing as the 5 police officers did when they raided my home the day before I was lured to the office of the DCF worker where NO ONE SPOKE TO ME until they had succeeded in kidnapping my grandson and I was demanded to leave and literally shoved out the door while I pleaded!  It was by the Grace of God that I was able to hold my composure and will never forget the look in Leslie Jones eyes, who never acknowledged me except to demand me to leave WITHOUT my grandson, who is the boss of Sheila Luther - it was like I was looking into the eyes of the devil himself.  I could sense that she actually gained pleasure in having such power of being able to commit such a horrific crime 'legally' for all the wrong reasons.  It was truly evil.

What is deeply troubling, when Braeden was truly in the hands of a child abuser, who had fled with him 12/2013, our desperate pleas went unheard.  It was truly by the Grace of God that Braeden had been returned to us on 2/14/14 but on 2/17, a week prior to the abduction, Evelyn Harris (from DCF) had come into my home with the intent of leaving with Braeden by trying to intimidate me by repeatedly calling for 'back up' and threatening to arrest me unless I handed Braeden over willingly.  Arrest me for WHAT?  We are talking about an innocent two year old child!  He wasn't some puppy I found on the side of the road who needed to be returned to his owners!  To find out that their intended route would have placed Braeden right into the hands of a master manipulating child abuser a few hours away.  Seriously?!?  My daughter's x-mother-in-law was able to manipulate these people into believing I was the 'bad guy' and she was the 'good guy'.  There is no telling what 'script' she used but it must have been totally off course from the FACT her 27 year old son is so deeply troubled by the abuse, he claims he has been subjected to all his life by his mother; he fears her in such a disturbing way, he not only allowed his abuser to get away with brutally beating his wife, but letting his wife go to jail for a crime his mother committed on 12/6/13.  Unless of course they were in on it together.  They are both so twisted his mother could justify abusing a child she adopted who she tried to return to DCF once she received a cash settlement for a car accident.  He was obsessive in talking about how abused he has always been, but refused to see the brother, who had been adopted, was also being abused.  He only saw himself as a victim, yet an innocent child deserved what he got because he was 'evil' as his mother portrayed the child she gave night time meds to early to 'knock him out' and put a lock on the outside of his door to lock him in his room... She did what she had to do, as long as she got that disability check he provided.  

For God's sake, Aaron got arrested on 2/14/14 in an undercover child sex sting operation and had Braeden with him!  That's how we got him back!  Our prayers had been answered... No one would listen to our genuine concerns for Braeden's safety after his father & his father's mother fled with him!  But all it took was a phone call by a GENUINE CHILD ABUSER for DCF to remove my grandson once he was finally safe with me to place him with a woman who he had only seen 3 times at the time they fled with him in 12/2013.  DCF is incapable of having a clue of doing what is in the best interest of a child!

I have been on the same LEGAL prescriptions since 1990 and raised both of my kids on my own!!  I retired in 2010 to enjoy my 'freedom' with family.  Such an injustice nearly destroyed me but fighting to get Braeden back home was my priority.  Sharing what I have personally experienced with these terrorists is in hope to bring awareness to others.  But my priority will always be lavishing Braeden with the love he had been robbed of for 7 very long months he was held hostage by this evil corruption, not to mention the 2 1/2 months prior he was forced to be with two child abusers!!  It was a struggle but I had to keep the faith!

To have a parent/child bond severed by the state agents who possess unhindered power, and give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity.  It's criminal.  Evil.  This is happening to 46,000 children per day, right here in the United States of America.

The law states that a child can only be removed from their home as a last resort, and only when a child is at imminent risk of serious harm, but CPS/DCF does NOT follow established law, nor do the police in many circumstances, and nobody makes them.  I was able to protect Braeden twice from DCF and will never forgive myself for obeying the 'law' a third time.  It's a deception no one should be subjected to.  Ultimate betrayal.  How can this be happening in America?

State and federally funded Child Protective Service agencies are seizing children from non-abusive homes in the absence of evidence or realistic cause to believe that the child is in danger of harm, an act of emotional and psychological terrorism, and CPS/DCF does not follow State and Federal regulations, or the Constitution of the United States.  Children failed by the system have died while in the protective custody of the State, in the care of CPS and foster care... Such hypocrisy!

Normal, innocent people do not tend to be suspicious and defensive, so they usually cooperate when social workers knock on their door.  I believed that truth and justice would prevail because I had done nothing illegal or wrong, he wasn't being abused, therefore Braeden would remain safe with me... Right?  So I thought.  

Citizens should NOT be removed from their homes and family members based on more than hearsay!!  DCF/CPS needs to be held accountable when they break the law... To commit PERJURY should have greater penalties when a child's life is at stake... How is lying 'in the best interest of a child'? rip a child away from their roots... from unconditional love to only be placed into a crippled system??!!  He had already been unjustly ripped away from his mother nearly 3 months prior.  Such an injustice.  If only the child was not a financial gain for those who lie... No evidence had to be provided. Yet they had done a background check on me and KNEW they were LYING... Lies are bought and paid for by our tax dollars.  There is no Constitution that needs to be followed where our children's lives are at stake.  Not in family court.  If you are not familiar with your amendment rights... familiarize yourself with them before your rights and your child's rights are violated. 

Federal statistics say there are approximately 3 million reports of suspected child abuse and neglect each year.  The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services documents 900,000 as 'substantiated', leaving over 2 million families per year FALSELY ACCUSED.  Of the 'substantiated' cases, 68% do NOT involve child maltreatment, according to the federal authorities.  This figure is escalating at an alarming rate each year as over zealous reporting and frivolous intervention by DCF/CPS spins out of control.

Under the CPS microscope every word, inflection, and action is attributed with the most bizarre and outlandish 'meanings'.  If you have ever bounced a check, you have a 'criminal record'; if a parent is on legal prescriptions, they are 'under the influence'; when you're able to blurt out the meds you are taking have been prescribed since 1990 and you're clearly NOT under the influence - all of a sudden YOUR LEGAL MEDS was the result of an arrest for 'doctor shopping' IN ANOTHER STATE, if your child is shy, they are 'fearful and withdrawn'; if they are outgoing and active, they are 'acting out due to some trauma'.  Damn if you do, damn if you don't.  Our tax dollars hard at work.

Federal law gives CPS 15 months to seek Termination of Parental Rights and have the child adopted out (and collect hefty adoption incentive bonuses - $$$.)  So children are being put up for adoption based on a timeline, even when parents have not had a chance to answer the initial allegations, and in the absence of any evidence or charges that they have harmed their child.  Too many parents simply do not have the resources to hire an attorney to fight this 'protected empire' and they lose their kids forever - there's a higher 'pay out' for kids that get adopted out.  Social workers routinely perjure themselves under oath (lived it) without facing any penalties or admonishment.  Hmmmmmm. THESE ARE FACTS.  How exactly do the judges get paid?  Justice?... 'Kickbacks' from OUR TAX DOLLARS when they eagerly take your child away based on lies in family court.  

Meanwhile, children who have been removed from their grieving families are placed in state contracted foster homes and institutions which receive federal benefits.  Money, money, money!  Money to be made with ANY child 'legally kidnapped' or 'medically kidnapped' whether it's in the 'best interest of a child' or not.  NOT!  The system is crippled... Children are drugged, restrained, some are sexually, physically, and emotionally abused.  Endless kids murdered.  It's  all over the news!!  Everybody turns a blind eye because the reality of it is too disturbing and 'others' are getting paid 'hush' money.  No guarantees.  So how is it, exactly, by LYING UNDER OATH and having Braeden removed from a loving grandparent in order to only be placed into what 'Dr. Phil' claims is a 'crap shoot', looking out for the best interest of a child???!!???  It's not!

If social workers 'care' so much for children - would they be willing to work without pay and sacrifice for the child the way a parent does?!?  Sleepless nights, pray with them, pray for them, teach them right from wrong, feed them, clothe them and put off buying things for themselves because 'they' should always put a child first... The system is filled with people who ALL get paid for every child they take in... Why is it, so many foster kids stand out because their clothes and shoes are too big or too small, have holes in them etc.?  Foster kids are 'throw aways'... 'Nobody loves them and their poor'.  TOTAL Misconception.  A foster kid shouldn't stand out because they appear to be poor.  These are the kids 'lost in the system' that our tax dollars are supposed to be providing for to the foster parent who many times are not using our tax dollars to care for the child at all but instead for their drug habit or numerous other reasons besides providing for the child they only take in as an easy source of income.

Would they be willing to give their life for these children?  I will forever live with the guilt that I didn't go down trying harder to prevent the THIRD attempted kidnapping... I was in a state of a shock from the ultimate betrayal... I couldn't wrap my mind around the magnitude of deception by those who get paid to 'serve and protect'.  I trusted the wrong person.  Trust no caseworker!

Instead, social workers pass the kids off to complete strangers who also get paid by our tax dollars for every child they 'warehouse'  and are labeled 'foster parents'... (Not ALL foster parents use kids to financially support their drug habits... not ALL foster parents are pedophiles preying on innocent children, and not ALL foster parent have a sick need to abuse a child)  In fact, my grandson, as so many other children who are 'legally kidnapped' from loving homes, have no guarantee... My grandson was unconstitutionally ripped away from being guaranteed the love and protection every child deserves to have to only be placed where he could have been subjected to the EVIL in this crippled system!  Wow!  I thank God that we KNOW Braeden is safe now.  God was truly sending Angels his way.  But there are no guarantees.  We had to keep the Faith.

Which of us TRULY has the 'best interest of the child' at heart... Parents or Social Services?

The financial incentives for shredding families, warehousing children until the barriers to adoption (parents) can be eliminated and children adopted out, are lucrative.  CPS is part of a $12 billion dollar a year, tax payer fueled, child trafficking business which provides jobs for caseworkers, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, various court personnel, psychotherapists, foster homes, pharmaceutical vendors and numerous others.  Oh yeah, once a child is traumatized by being ripped away for all the wrong reasons... 'Legal Drugs' for the kids are a given... 'Knock the kid out' to only lock them in a room because he or she's been 'abused'... Really?  ABUSED BY THE SYSTEM AND TRAUMATIZED!  There's a higher payout for the kids that end up on psyche meds because then they are considered disabled.  DCF was persistent in trying to label Braeden 'disabled'.  He was so traumatized when he was ripped away from his mother in December 2013 and God only knows what more emotional abuse he endured after his father and the father's mother fled with him until he was brought back to us on 2/14/14.  Ironically, these two monsters tried to claim Braeden was disabled too!  It is so disturbing to think the very ones causing trauma toward a child are so twisted by labeling a child 'disabled' somehow frees them of being responsible for the abuse they have inflicted on an innocent child, not to mention the abusers gain more financially.  Braeden is NOT disabled.  All he needed, like every child, was to be loved unconditionally and not used as a pawn or a commodity for federal funding.  

Do you have any idea what it feels like to have a child taken away for NO reason?  Can you imagine the pain and the profound anguish that comes in unrelenting waves as you try to figure out why this is happening?  How would YOU like to be falsely accused?  To be powerless to protect YOUR child/grandchild because you complied with those wearing badges, because you trusted the government?!?  IT's INSANE!  It's an INJUSTICE!

Now, I was just collateral damage in the war against children, a scapegoat, just another person chewed up and spit out by the state.  Braeden was a financial gain to DCF... He was merely a contribution for 'federal funding'.

Families are coerced into participating in a case plan by intimidation and the threat of losing their child.  Once you sign a case plan, your child is 'locked in' and is guaranteed revenue for numerous people and if enough months pass by because the public 'pretender' didn't do their job in seeking 'justice' your parental rights are terminated and the 'system' can collect even more federal funding as soon as the child is adopted out. Bill Clinton passed the ASFA in 1997 that put a price tag on every child in America.  But first, they have to be 'legally kidnapped' and placed into the 'system'. 

It is socialist ideology that children should be raised by the State.  Dr. C. Henry Kempe, author of the Battered Child Syndrome and an open supporter of the Communistic party stated "We must remove children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them."  'Nationalize'?  THEM?  One Nation 'Under God' was left out.

It feels more like Nazi Germany and the soviet gulags every day.  Comparing CPS to Nazis is not too far fetched... Under Hitler homeschooling was a basis for child endangerment charges... Banned in 1938.  What direction is homeschooling taking now?  History repeating itself?  In 1936, the German High Court (Hamburg) ruled that "Custody rights shall be terminated for parents who, as fanatical bible students, cannot rear their children in accordance with today's State and because this endangers the mental well being of the children, who are thereby prevented from participating in the national community."  First amendment clearly states 'free exercise of religion'... Unless DCF decides otherwise.

CPS routinely employs unconstitutional actions, fraud, extortion, deceit, kidnapping, and conspiracy in an ongoing criminal enterprise designed to cheat the public and destroy families of the United States of America for profit, for aggrandizement and to delude the public into thinking their actions are for the general welfare of this nation.  Unconstitutional summary judicial proceedings designed to perpetuate for-profit crimes against humanity, family dismemberment and human trafficking, and to defraud the Federal Government for Social Services Agency operational funds have been perpetuated upon many families in America.

Child Protective Services, in taking children who do not meet the statutory definition of abuse or neglect from loving homes is creating more throwaway children than they are legitimately saving.  CPS will merely decide that children are 'at risk' and that abuse or neglect may occur in the FUTURE.  These are POLICE STATE TACTICS that are routinely deployed against citizens of totalitarian regimes.  What happened to due process?  What happened to the Constitution of the United States of America?  Where is the Bill of Rights?  Dismembering families are creating artificial orphans by means of fraud and/or deception is NOT legitimate government business.

CPS engages in for-profit crimes against humanity consequent to the unlawful dismemberment of families to create human trafficking victims from which the County earns Federal funds with which to fund its operations.  The exploitation of men, women and children for financial gain is the definition of human trafficking which Senator Nancy Schaefer, God rest her soul, stated numerous times before she was tragically murdered.  

It's modern day form of slavery in the 'Land of The Free'.

DFPS statistics themselves underscore the fact that my grandson, Braeden, was in FAR GREATER DANGER in the custody of DCF then he was in the care of me or his mother who had been wrongfully arrested for a crime that allowed the real criminal to walk free which allowed the 'cycle of abuse' to continue.

For God's sake... I lived it, I breathed it... The corruption among those who our tax dollars have proven to be paying a greedy 'mafia mentality' organization i.e. Organized Crime terrorized me and my grandson on 2/17/14 & 2/26 in my own home!  2/27 I was coerced into going to DCF's territory where my grandson was literally abducted then I was shoved out the door with NO EXPLANATION!!!  It was the most inhumane treatment that haunts me to this day.  The ultimate betrayal that I am praying to expose.

Only because we were able to (thank God) come up with the resources to hire an excellent attorney was Braeden finally 'free' to come home by exposing DCF's lies 7 long months AFTER he was abducted.  The public 'pretender' did NOTHING to bring my precious grandson home even after I got finger printed to prove I had NEVER been arrested.  It is such an injustice to have been subjected to a reality that our children are not 'ours', the Bill of Rights is a farce and the Constitution of the United States has no foundation.  Why exactly do we pay taxes?

I was merely a scapegoat to the DCF terrorists who made me realize our children's voices need to be heard.  They deserve to have a voice and to be loved and cherished the way God had intended.

This has forever changed me and can only pray that one day I will feel at 'peace'.  But knowing the evil so many families are being subjected to, is not something I can pretend is not happening.  We can spread the word in hopes that this true injustice of 'cashing in' on our children to help 'balance the checkbook' when they are knowlingly placing them into the hands of a very crippled system filled with other master evil manipulators who are also using INNOCENT CHILDREN to gratify their own sick agenda.  It needs to be stopped!  

I have to believe that I'm not sharing our story in order to fuel those who are involved with this corruption regarding our children with the notion that WE The People are powerless... but instead for THE PEOPLE to UNITE and have our voices heard.  It's so disheartening that people are so easily outraged when they believe an individual 'black' men has died unjustly by the hands of a 'white' police officer and the media has a field day... Children of all races are dying and being abused everyday who are lost in the system.  Innocent children are being targeted everyday, 'legally kidnapped' or 'medically kidnapped' unconstitutionally from loving homes for financial gain to only be placed into a very broken system where there are no guarantees.  Society should be outraged what is happening to our children.  United we stand! 

We know how very blessed we are to have gotten Braeden back safe and sound.  He had no voice for almost a year while he was held captive by first his father, then DCF.  Our children's voices need to be heard.  Hear them roar!

Please get our story out!