Friday, August 11, 2017

Best Interest of the Child - Modern Day Slavery

Diversion from the reality that my grandson was literally kidnapped by DCF then DCF knowingly committed perjury about ME to 'seal the deal' to keep the money rolling in... their intention > just another 'forced adoption' to receive TITLE IV-E funding.  Two years later this 'protected empire' denied the kidnapping and claimed he wasn't 'removed' from me... why lie about me under oath then and in the disclosure... why lie at all?  They couldn't answer that question.  Once his father signed his rights to his son over to the state, he became a target for 'incentives' - they just needed to get me out of the way in order to move forward with the holocaust the government created in 1974 with the CAPTA legislation where children became a commodity for federal funding.  Endless innocent families are dismantled by greed and children's identities are forever lost since 1997 with the ASFA legislation Hillary Clinton was the master mind behind.  It is an evil corruption my family was subjected to and my grandson, who was 2 at the time, was traumatized.  Since when is it okay to subject a child to being kidnapped... then forced into a crippled system and claim 'best interest of a child' ... when it's the government committing such a horrific crime?  Children Deserve to have their voices heard... hear them roar!! READ, READ, READ to gain knowledge of the overall the corruption that exists among out government that our family was subjected to, traumatized my two year old 'adoptable' grandson and nearly destroyed me because of the deception the government stoops to in order to keep this evil operation running.  Mafia are Saints compared to what is happening to innocent families across the nation.  You live and learn.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Whose keeping score?

~Players Scorecard Child Protective Services~

This scorecard is for understanding the role and activities of each "State Actor” and their part in taking children from Parents and Families.

How & why the game is played > 


The game is played in secrecy behind a false narrative of “confidentiality” for the child. In reality, the confidentiality is to protect the “state actors” who carrying out activities to take children for true issues and false issues.


Federal Funding / Medical Research / Child Abuse & Neglect / Medical Malpractice / Pharmaceutical Trials / Custody Battles / Physician Error / State Economy / Employment / Social Engineering


• The Leading Actor in your State is the “Governor”.

• Your State Governor could take immediate action if the person wished to stop

this, sometimes corrupt, misuse of the Child Protective Services system within

your state.

• The Governor could call for a “Special Session” of the State Legislature and take

the “lead” in guiding them to repair a failing system that hurts children and families.

Why would the Governor not take action?

• The Governor will not take action because it would be political suicide. The

system is ADDICTED to federal funding and the Governor’s support comes from the very same people that use the system for “wrong” reasons.

The main supporting cast >


• Your “State Legislature” is the main Supporting Cast that stands idly behind the Governor and does not represent the best interest of their constituents.


• Because “politics” dictates they remain silent or lose their status in the legislature. The Governor can stop the legislation they are wanting heard and both parties have a vested interest in not being exposed for allowing the misuse of the Child Protective Service system in your state for decades.

State Attorney General's office >

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer for your state. Their job is to represent and provide legal advice to departments. (Child Protective Services)

• It is not their job to achieve justice for children, Mothers, Fathers or families. They defend the state systems with a savagery that citizens would be ashamed of and are capable of unethical actions that border criminal behavior.

 Child Protective Services

 • Child Protective Services is a state agency entrusted to investigate sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect of children.

• They are supposed to keep children safe.

• Consistently children that should not be taken are taken and children that should be taken are not taken. Literally thousands of cases are not investigated and children die while CPS is involved.

• Children are not safe in your State’s custody.

The CPS Investigator is responsible for the initial contact with the child and gathers evidence of the;

 Who? What? When? Where?

of the suspected child abuse and neglect.

They are responsible to make the decision to remove the child. Some of these CPS cases drag on for more than six years and are often never decided as the child turns 18 and some are decided at 11:59pm the day before the child’s 18th birthday.

Modern day slavery was established in 1974 with the signing of the CAPTA legislation.  This is organized crime within our government and although it is recorded in history that CAPTA legislation which began feeding federal funding into the state’s child welfare agencies... with remarkable foresight Mondale expressed concerns that the legislation could lead to systemic abuse in that the state agencies might over-process children into the system unnecessarily to keep, and increase, the flow of federal dollars, in 1997 the ASFA legislation would systematically help increase more funding for every child the 'system' could adopt out to strangers although most children unjustly taken have family who are swept under the rug because money and 'organized crime' is always more of a priority then what is actually in the ~ best interest of the child ~.  Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the ASFA.  Instead of putting a stop to modern day slavery, HITlary found the opportunity to establish more profit while appearing as if ~forced adoption~ is based solely for kids in need of a new family while leaving biological family members in total disbelief of being powerless to protect their own flesh & blood against Organized Crime within our own government... Who are the players?  Whose keeping score?  Children's lives are at stake everyday.  If you believe all kids who are taken by the key players within this corrupt establishment... it will only be a matter of time before you or someone close to you has had their child put up on the auction block in 'need' of providing our government a source of 'incentives' they manipulatively established in 1974.