Saturday, November 28, 2015

Enforce social workers to wear body cams!


Endless children are being removed based on lies by DCF.  Child 'Protection' Services are NOT protecting our children.  My grandson was removed from my care - ALL BASED ON LIES BY DCF!  Five police officers refused to remove my 2 year old grandson, Braeden from me after they searched my house and I was thoroughly interrogated by a DCF worker.  A body cam would have captured the FACT that the cops informed to DCF social worker that they were NOT taking part in removing Braeden from my care.  A body cam would have captured the plotting of a kidnapping made by the DCF worker when she returned to my home after the police had left and the lies she told me to lure me to her office the following day... It would have captured the actual KIDNAPPING and how no one ever spoke to me except for when I was demanded to leave WITHOUT my grandson, then my sister and I were shoved out the door with NO explanation and NO legal documents to do so.  DCF committed perjury the following day about me with NO EVIDENCE to 'seal the deal'.  They testified that I was 'under the influence' and that I had been arrested for 'doctor shopping' using the meds I have been taking since 1990 against me!  A body cam would have proved that I was NOT under the influence!  If a child is in need of being removed to protect them from abuse and/or neglect based on what a DCF 'observes'... Let the cameras roll to back up their 'observation' period!  As for testifying under oath that I had been arrested (which I never have), having to produce EVIDENCE of an arrest should be easy enough for any civil servant to get their hands on to be able to present as FACT... If a child is to be ripped away from their family by the government, it should be because body cams were able to 'justify' it is actually in the 'best interest of a child' which happens to be a saying Adolph Hitler came up with!  Kids should NOT be removed unethically OR based on lies... It only leads one to believe when a child is removed in such a manner, they are just a commodity for federal funding.  Isn't that corruption?  Our children should be protected by the constitution, but as it stands today Family Court has managed to operate unconstitutionally.  The People are demanding any child protective service social worker who has the power to turn your world upside down in a blink of an eye, just like police officers, need to wear body cams to prevent them from abusing their power.  Body cams will prevent the corruption that innocent families are being exposed to everyday.  Looking out for the best interest of a child will continue to be a total farce without body cams and having to produce EVIDENCE in a 'court of law'.  The LIES need to stop!  Help me actually 'protect' our children nationwide! 
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Government is failing our children!

In the best interest of a child is merely a facade... Matthews 7:15 sheds light on DCF/CPS

Kidnapping and perjury is how the government operates in order to remove a child unconstitutionally when there is no abuse, neglect.  I had to dig deep if DCF truly felt it was in the best interest of my grandson to traumatize him in the way that they did by kidnapping him and ripping him away from the only security he had that was protecting him.  Absolutely not.  You can't help but to question how corrupt is corruption?  Corrupt enough to know there is no accountability for their failures.  One has to question, if the government wears disguises, it's easy to assume those taking on a role to care for the kids as foster parents or caretakers that the government has 'hired' cannot ALL be trusted... Can they?  No.  I was easy prey to the government... Can you imagine how many innocent children are easy prey to those wearing the very same mask as the government?!?  Is money the leading force?  Many believe it is.  If the government cannot be trusted, what makes them think anybody else can be trusted?!?  They simply don't care.  Power+Greed=Corruption.  Only those foolish enough to trust the government and who are ignorant to their amendment rights will have their child unethically removed by CPS/DCF... They have no problem placing a child that they remove unethically from a loving home into the hands of those who are on the same 'payroll' as them whether they can be trusted or not.  Children's lives are at stake.  The government is failing our children.  

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