Friday, September 19, 2014

Adoption & Safe Families Act (ASFA) - Child Trafficking

In 1997 President Bill Clinton signed the American Safe Families Act (AFSA). This act allowed child protective service agencies the power to terminate parental rights of children in foster care. It was meant to keep children from lingering in the foster care system for years on end, and allowed the children to find forever families. It had a warm, fuzzy, feel good feeling to it. What it has actually created: Child Trafficking. It has given Child Protective Services cash incentives, known as bonus money, for each child they successfully adopt out. This has provided the incentive for social workers to NOT work with the families that they are supposed to serve, but to rather work against them in order to gain their children. Instead of placing these children with fit family members as they are required to do, they find any excuse to deny family members kinship placement, using excuses such as a speeding ticket. BUT since they will receive large sums for adopting the children to strangers, they have OVERLOOKED FELONY CONVICTIONS of adoptive parents in order to quickly get their money. Families are being harmed, but most of all it is the children who are paying the ultimate price. They are denied their heritage and thrown into an artificial family, where they are often abused and neglected far worse than they ever were by their biological families. PLEASE contact your state reps and senators and tell them you are against federal cash incentives being made to social service agencies in order to adopt out children.

Departmental income has become more important to CPS and their offices than actually finding abused children and protecting them. Each and every time they remove a child from the home, they get paid from the Federal Government. 

1. Public Law 93-247 known as the Mondale Act of 1974.
2. Public Law 96-272 known as the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980
3. Social Security Title IV-E funds.

Take the time to listen to the FACTS of how DCF works... They have a 'God complex' and it needs to STOP! >