Monday, August 3, 2015

The Caseworker


Who is this person?  Is this employee of a state agency that just knocked on your door a civil servant in the traditional sense?  Comparable to what?  A judge?  An attorney?  A police officer?  A Doctor? They wear a badge... does that mean they took an oath to 'serve and protect'?  The caseworker at your door, insisting upon seeing your children, without a warrant, is getting ready to make your life a living, breathing hell.  For at least the next two years.  And at the end of it, there is a 85% chance you will walk away without your children, financially bankrupt, emotionally destroyed, suffering from PTSD and clinical depression, with homicidal tendencies towards that piece of crap caseworker that knocked on your front door, just two years ago.  I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'm going to keep saying it.....THAT CASEWORKER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!  That person is getting paid by your tax dollars to take your child away from you forever.  That's right!  Your very own government has used the taxes you paid all your life to create and build a foolproof way to confiscate children for forced adoption.  All that garbage we were taught about civil rights, democracy, justice in the American court system, and social services being an agency that protects children was all designed with careful forethought and planning, to turn us into the docile creature that opened the door and let a human trafficker in and basically gave them permission to steal your children.  How did that happen?  It happened to me.  My grandson was kidnapped in a corrupt manner by DCF... I was taught to trust those in authority, over a very long period of time, as you most likely were.  If it could happen to me and my grandchild, anyone is fair game.  It started in kindergarten and culminated in your high school civics classes. So how could that government employee be at your door to harm your family?  Because over the last 50 or so an elite sector of America has decided its a good idea to clean up the welfare roles and eliminate undesirable citizens from the ranks of "acceptable" society!   If you are not 'politically correct' in the eye of evil who are trained to use our kids as a commodity for federal funding, money trumps 'looking out for the best interest of a child'.  Who are these elite? Why your elected officials of course!

It is well past time to do something about the taking of children. We must join in active resistance to this tyranny and start dealing with these slimeballs, who are coming in the front door to steal children.  They are paid out of your tax dollars.  In many states they are not even required to have a degree, and on the states that do require a degree, that degree can be in anything.  The caseworker is making life decisions about your family and their degree could be in basket weaving or agriculture. This person may be an addict, alcoholic or predisposed to certain psychological illnesses.  His person is making decisions about your family based on a pre conceived program of forced removal with the actual goal to bring adoption to strangers, because that's where the money is, you know, the federal funding that is their job security and paycheck.  It's all about the money.  That's why you cannot believe one word that comes out of their mouth, do not believe their stated purpose, KNOW that they are confiscating your children to get a paycheck period.  The service plan is a distraction to keep you occupied.  To keep your attention diverted from the true goal of CPS/DCF, which is to place your children on forced adoption, because YOU have been found unacceptable by your government. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!  When you sign the service plan, you have just handed your children over to the federal government thru a state agency. What is happening to the American family that is targeted as unacceptable is exactly comparable to the relocation camps of WW2. You need to fight that caseworker and everything that caseworker is requesting of you like you are fighting a deadly enemy.  Because that is exactly what they are.  Agents of a social cleansing process, put in place with your federal tax dollars to get rid of YOU!  Give it some thought and approach this situation like the mortal enemy it is.  We must unite in active resistance to an unjust court, backed by an even more unjust legal system, all put in place by the henchmen of our government....yep.....that caseworker!!

Please click here to show unity that we are reclaiming our kids and are aware of the corruption! This link will take you to add a blue ribbon expressing 'corruption' among DCF/CPS.