Friday, November 20, 2015

Government is failing our children!

In the best interest of a child is merely a facade... Matthews 7:15 sheds light on DCF/CPS

Kidnapping and perjury is how the government operates in order to remove a child unconstitutionally when there is no abuse, neglect.  I had to dig deep if DCF truly felt it was in the best interest of my grandson to traumatize him in the way that they did by kidnapping him and ripping him away from the only security he had that was protecting him.  Absolutely not.  You can't help but to question how corrupt is corruption?  Corrupt enough to know there is no accountability for their failures.  One has to question, if the government wears disguises, it's easy to assume those taking on a role to care for the kids as foster parents or caretakers that the government has 'hired' cannot ALL be trusted... Can they?  No.  I was easy prey to the government... Can you imagine how many innocent children are easy prey to those wearing the very same mask as the government?!?  Is money the leading force?  Many believe it is.  If the government cannot be trusted, what makes them think anybody else can be trusted?!?  They simply don't care.  Power+Greed=Corruption.  Only those foolish enough to trust the government and who are ignorant to their amendment rights will have their child unethically removed by CPS/DCF... They have no problem placing a child that they remove unethically from a loving home into the hands of those who are on the same 'payroll' as them whether they can be trusted or not.  Children's lives are at stake.  The government is failing our children.  

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