Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Inspector General

I have reached out to the inspector general twice, in addition to the governor and senators.  All it did was reinforce the magnitude of the corruption that is destroying endless innocent families.  To have DCF respond by phone to both of my complaints to the IG and stand by 'it was in the best interest of the child' (to have DCF kidnap my grandson on their THIRD attempt) with the first complaint made me livid. All criminals should investigate their own crimes... As long as the criminals are 'civil servants' working for the government.  I totally get it now.  The response to my second complaint with specific questions that were NEVER answered only confirmed what I had suspected all along.  I was merely a scapegoat who was chewed up and spit out by the state... Braeden was a target for federal and TITLE IV-E funding.  The disclosure is very telling... It is filled with vicious lies!

If my grandson wasn't removed (kidnapped) from ME then why is the disclosure filled with vicious lies about ME?  Why is the kidnapping that DCF succeeded on 2/27/14 NEVER mentioned?  Why would Leslie Jones from DCF, who never spoke to me except to demand I leave as she held open the door while my sister and I were being shoved from behind forcing us to leave WITHOUT my grandson, commit perjury about ME at the removal hearing?  Testify under oath that I had been arrested for 'doctor shopping'??!!??  Without having to produce any such evidence!!  Why were my grandson and I terrorized on 3 different dates by DCF and police?  If my grandson was 'legally kidnapped' from his mother, why was I NOT 'allowed' to visit him once DCF 'sealed the deal'... Why I was NOT 'allowed' to stay with him overnight when he was hospitalized?  Why was I NOT 'allowed' to supervise visitation for my daughter and her son... my grandchild?!?  Braeden was placed in another county... If it hadn't been for the two angels (my sister and a friend from church) who were willing to take on the role as 'supervisors' and drive the distance everyday for seven months once my daughter was 'legally' able to visit with her own son, she would NEVER have had the means to prove herself as a parent.  Braeden would have continued to decline emotionally.  He was traumatized after he was unconstitutionally ripped away from me and had retreated into a shell.  By the Grace of God once he laid eyes on his mother, it was exactly what he needed.  

To know the state is ripping kids away from loving homes where there is no abuse and no neglect has opened my eyes to an evil existence... Corruption that is responsible for destroying endless innocent families.

If ever in our history we have shown to harbor a cancerous crime and human rights violations, we can know, like slavery, kids are held legally and detained from the reach of the protection of their families.  There is no greater issue facing America, and it is the dismantling of the American family, their self sufficiency and their right and promise under the constitution.  We can no longer look past the blind cruelty to families for the sake of racketeering to seize children for financial gain.