Thursday, July 31, 2014

FB post 2/22 1st DCF Attempted Kidnapping

There truly is nothing more powerful then God! Wow! ♡ ༺༒༻ ♡ Braeden was almost snatched away from me yesterday. I was told point blank that someone from child protective service was on their way to pick him up and I would be put under arrest if I didn't hand him over willingly! I felt like I was living an 'out of body' experience... I was devastated! I couldn't believe what was happening. Some lady, I had never heard of or laid eyes on showed up - it's kind of a blur (out of disbelief) When I started questioning her, she never gave me a straight answer to ANYTHING I ASKED - the only thing she kept saying to me is 'I have to go' and 'If I had any of Braeden's things I could send with him' and to give her something for him to snack on 'for the ride' to WHEREVER... I started pleading with her NOT TO DO THIS TO MY GRANDSON, HE HAS BEEN THROUGH THE UNTHINKABLE... PLEASE!!!! NONE OF THIS WAS MAKING ANY SENSE!! By the Grace of God he was finally back in a functional & loving home. I was crying but trying to keep my composure for Braeden's sake. Told her through tears all the HELL we have endured & went into detail about what happened on 12/6 that started this whole nightmare by two very evil individuals that are Master Manipulators... Not to mention Aaron being 'Mommy's' puppet on a string with no spine. Their relationship is very TWISTED. God placed Braden back with me and was told by the Sheriff who handed him over to me that Aaron, who had been placed under arrest, and Braeden had been with him at the time of arrest (which literally makes me sick to my stomach) wanted nothing to do with Braeden... He was an 'inconvenience' & we probably wouldn't have to worry about him changing his mind (from behind bars, facing up to 11 years prison with a $102,000 bond) who he was with. (Will show in next 2 post what he was arrested for and keep in mind he had Braeden with him - just thank God it was an undercover sting by the Manatee Police Dept) It makes no sense that HE could call the shots especially with what he was arrested for AND had my grandson WITH HIM!!!!! Our system is completely broken where innocent children are concerned... Unfricken believable! Evelyn, the lady standing in my home was now dictating to me that she had to go (with Braeden) but asked if she could use my bathroom. I asked her for a business card AND SHE HAD NONE! Showed me her 'ID' and nothing more and I'm suppose to just hand over A CHILD to a complete stranger?!?! I was so torn! It made NO SENSE! She started making phone calls, then stating to me "If I make a certain call, my BACK UP will be here and you don't want that"... "Don't make me call BACK UP". I was going to be put under arrest! I was frozen! I just couldn't get myself to place Braeden over to this complete stranger... I just couldn't! My daughter called and told Evelyn that her son was NOT going anywhere. Evelyn continued with her intimidation technique, threatening me and stating BACK UP WAS ON THEIR WAY!! I was frozen in time! I couldn't believe this was happening! My daughter was on speaker phone and asked what documents did she have to take Braeden? She said she didn't need documents!! I said, "For all I know, you could be a friend of Laura's!!! Then she reminded me of how I had spoken to Troy Symmon earlier, the Sheriff from Child Protective Services, who had met my niece and me 2/14, when we had drove over 2 hours to meet him then hand over OUR ANGEL to us, who informed me that 'someone' would be by to pick Braeden up and that I would be put under arrest if I didn't hand him over willingly! Evelyn kept making phone call after phone call. I didn't care who she called... Let the police show up, at least that way I will have documentation that this lady was legit and could in fact take Braeden away from me! Her ID badge DID NOT give me enough impact me to hand over ANY CHILD, let alone my grandson!!!! I was prepared for 'BACK UP' to show up any minute... I was beside myself. No way was ANYONE taking Braeden ANYWHERE without some type of legal documentation that they could take him from me!! Which is what I told Evelyn while she continued her scare tactic and 'acted' like she was calling in the troops. I was PLEADING with her through tears!!! In the meanwhile my daughter had called both of our lawyers who are on this case and are going to PROVE my daughter IS THE VICTIM and is NOT GUILTY of the perverse charges which Laura and Aaron ARE THE CULPRITS!! Nikki called me back and stated POINT BLANK by all means DO NOT HAND BRAEDEN OVER! Even if I go to jail, it will be worth the peace of mind that I tried to do the right thing for my grandson. THAT - I could live with! While on the phone with my daughter, Evelyn let herself out the door... I thought, 'Here comes her BACK UP, just a matter of time.' My head was spinning; again, I was in TOTAL DISBELIEF - Why was this happening?!? It's taken us over 2 1/2 months to finally get him back where he belongs... WHY IN GOD'S NAME? God had a hand in Braeden returning to us with no physical abuse but as for the trauma and emotional abuse he has endured is UNFORGIVEABLE!!! My heart was racing. I was hugging Braeden so thankful that I still had him and Evelyn was gone! How odd... She just slipped out the door and if she said anything, I didn't hear it. At least this way they will have to produce SOMETHING before I watch some stranger walk out the door with my precious Brady Bear! My sister, Jana showed up for support and I spoke to the lawyer. We have been blessed with two of the best lawyers we could have ever prayed for and they will PROVE MY DAUGHTER's INNOCENCE and it is SHE that was and IS THE VICTIM!! Laura and Aaron LIED... My daughter, Nikki was severely beaten where she had a concussion. If Nikki doesn't have a problem with me sharing the 'pictures that tell the true story', I will post them of her assault. The cops were manipulated by MASTER MANIPULATORS who beat my daughter so severely then Laura placed a bogus 911 call playing the 'victim' > while my daughter was restrained by her husband so she couldn't call 911 begging in the background. Never ONCE did she mention my Grandson (she was too concerned trying to cover her tracks) IT MAKES ME SICK!! Laura didn't have a mark on her and Nikki had 2 black eyes and bruises from head to toe... Literally! Laura kept claiming how she had had 'back surgery and a fusion' YET she refused to go to the hospital! Give me a break! The lady is a complete psychopath. Braeden was ripped away from Nikki because Laura and Aaron point blank LIED. Her story has changed so many times it sickens me that anyone would believe a word this disturbed woman has to say! There's so much more but not going to spill ALL the FACTS to give EVIL heads up on ANYTHING. GOD has brought Braeden back to us and exposed Aaron for how mentally unstable he really is so maybe now he will get the help he truly needs. All I know is, I am forever thankful that God is present in our lives and how HE is our foundation. When Braeden awoke night before last with night terrors, I was there holding him, loving him unconditionally reassuring him that 'Everything will be okay' and he will be reunited with his mother soon... The TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and we have God on our side. Please pray for JUSTICE and Braeden. God only knows what he has been exposed to. With God's help our love and your prayers & ours will heal us and keep us on the right path! ♡ ༺༒༻ ♡ God Bless! ♡ ༺༒༻♡
Cheryl Wright Kerspilo
I have no words. Just hang tight to that boy
1Feb 22
Richard Atkins
Christie I'm getting dizzy reading this trying to understand it all wow...... I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than I can imagine
2Feb 23
Stacy Alemar
Wow.. makes me so mad what ppl can do.. hang in there cause in the end the whole truth will come out.. your daughter is so fortunate to have u as a mom..keep fighting the baby is worth it!
1Feb 23
Jana Dillard Mayberry
Glory to God for all he has done and will continue doing......
Feb 23