Thursday, January 22, 2015

Obama aware of Child Protective Services being corrupt?

Bottom line... Who is going to step up to the plate and SAVE OUR CHILDREN? Obama has more important things to tend to then to put a stop to what so many have been slapped in the face with by having their child removed UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and from loving homes.  American families are being destroyed!!!  America is NOT the 'land of the free'!  We are powerless over protecting our children against the corruption that is running rampant.  CPS 'Child Protective Services'/DCF 'Department of Children and Families (where I live in Port Saint Lucie, FL it's DCF; Different acronyms for every state but most people know 'them' as CPS - just a way for them to disguise a corrupt 'system' within our Government in America) can use anything 'legal' against you to rip your child away.  It's all a smoke screen.  That's what they do and they continue to get away with STEALING CHILDREN; LEGALLY KIDNAPPING them in order to run 'their' child trafficking business.  They turn law abiding, loving parents into whatever they can to 'legally kidnap' our children in order to keep the money rolling in and provide job security.  My family and I witnessed first hand how they have no guidelines within the parameter of the Constitution... The amendment rights put in place to protect the 'people' from those abusing their power within the government, who are paid by OUR tax dollars, no longer exists.  CPS is getting away with removing children unconstitutionally from loving homes and crippling American families!  

I've been on the same 'legal' RX since 1990, worked a full time job with Verizon Communications for 30 years, raised both of my children on my own with NO HELP from anyone.  I retired in 2010 and moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida to enjoy my 'freedom' with family to only be faced with the unimaginable that nearly destroyed me.  I was completely blindsided and am in total disbelief to this day.  It was all so insane and unjust!

My grandson had finally been returned 2 1/2 months after his mentally unstable father & the father's evil, manipulating mother had fled with him 2 days after brutally beating Braeden's mother (look at my previous blogs to get the full story), but then our prayers were answered when his father got arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shepherd 3 (google Aaron Tyszkiewicz) but because his mother wanted to continue using her grandson as a pawn and to continue the 'cycle of abuse' all her children were subjected to all their lives, she called DCF with vicious lies about me which I had no knowledge of and since I was ignorant to the corruption that exists, I had trusted DCF to do what was in the best interest of my grandson... Because of horrific circumstances that occurred 12/6/13, DCF had in their reports that Laura was quote, unquote - a 'walking time bomb' (found this out after the fact). I was completely sucker punched when DCF committed perjury and turned me into a 'drug addict' who had been 'arrested for doctor shopping'!  I was FRICKEN blown away.  NOT HAVING TO PRODUCE ANY EVIDENCE OF THESE OUTRAGEOUS LIES!  I have NEVER abused my MEDS and have NEVER been arrested for doctor shopping!  They say whatever they need to in order to accomplish their evil mission without having to produce any evidence.  Over $10,000 and 6 months later, our attorney was able to present a police report that EXPOSED DCF's LIES AND DECEPTION - their 'dirty little secret' (so they thought) which completely took them off guard!  

Thank God I had refused to answer the door to DCF on 2/26/13 until my sister arrived because by that time DCF had called the police for back up, which generated a police report we were unaware of until much later that totally contradicted everything DCF had claimed!  It even came out in court how DCF was very aware of the police report which CLEARLY STATED 'I did not appear to be under the influence of any illegal OR legal substance', Braeden appeared to be 'well taken care of', and 5 POLICE STATED 'THEY FOUND THE COMPLAINT TO BE UNFOUNDED'... (The call was made by my daughters X mother in law which they did NOT make me aware of when they invaded my home as if I were a criminal).

I was not aware of how the police had sided in my favor because the CPI case worker literally lied after she had left with the police to only return to tell me that the cops were unhappy with my demeanor and her job would be on the line unless we brought my grandson to DCF the following day to clear up the 'misunderstanding' at which time they 'legally kidnapped' Braeden!!!!  Fricken sociopathic pathological LIARS!!!  My grandson should NEVER have been removed from my care.  Six months after they STOLE Braeden DCF was very much aware of my TRUE DEMEANOR that was observed and validated by 5 cops AND documented which they thought was STILL 'DCF's DIRTY LITTLE SECRET' by testifying to the same vicious lies and making it seem the meds I take turn me into a monster or 'drug addict' who 'appeared to be under the influence' which, as they claimed, makes me incapable of caring for a child!  They were unable to testify this time that I had been arrested because I had gotten finger printed by choice in hopes it would have brought Braeden home when I PROVED THAT WAS A LIE!  But the public 'pretender' (defender) did NOTHING to bring Braeden home!  

This time we had a REAL attorney and the police report of 5 police officer's observation of my TRUE CHARACTER which DCF was NOT expecting that we would have bothered getting because afterall, we had been told the cops were not happy with my demeanor... Why would we even bother getting such a report?  They obviously were not counting on the police report to be exposed.  Narcissm on DCF's part... The REAL question is... Why wouldn't we?  We knew after being coerced into taking Braeden to their territory - these people are capable of anything PLUS a week prior they had tried to coerce me by lying and point blank telling me unless I handed Braeden over 'willingly', I would be arrested!!!  These monsters cannot be trusted!  Finally... 6 months after my grandson was removed unethically we were able to expose DCF's 'dirty little secret'!  Braeden would no longer be held captive and I would be 'free' to be his grandmother again!  God is good!

Why would an agency resort to such manipulation and deception?  How can these people live with themselves?  The police refused to remove Braeden, yet DCF has more power then cops by using  manipulative lying techniques equivalent to a sociopath!  Child trafficking is a federally funded agency that needs to be stopped.  YouTube 'Senator Nancy Schaefer' to get a better insight of the REAL CORRUPTION she tried to expose and was murdered to silence her!  Write to NBC to investigate DCF/CPS and your senator demanding to have every social case worker who has the power to destroy families and lives, need to be mandated to wear body cams, just like cops.  NO MORE LIES!!!  These evil monsters need to be held accountable for their unethical acts and need to produce evidence to back up anything they testify to against the 'target' of who they are on a mission of removing a child from in order to keep their business operating at our expense!!  Power+Greed=Corruption [Evil]

It is unconstitutional what is happening in America!