Saturday, February 28, 2015

Governor Rick Scott is providing more Incentives to have more children legally kidnapped or STOLEN

More power?  Exactly what kind of power?  How much power do these monsters need?  These people terrorized me in my own home twice!  I have never been treated so inhumanely in my life!  I have nightmares to this day.  Whenever someone knocks on my door, I get panic attacks now.  I trust no one.  There is no justification to have been treated so nefariously since DCF was literally able to steal my grandson on 2/27/14... They had been unsuccessful in 'legally kidnapping' him on 2/18/14, which didn't stop DCF from attempting to kidnap him with the help of the police on 2/26.  When that failed, DCF 'lured' me to their office the next day.  My sister and I truly believed DCF 'looked out for the best interest of children'... I'm here to tell you, that is the last thing that was taken into consideration when DCF traumatized my grandson and me on 2/18, 2/26 & 2/27.

Governor Rick Scott should NEVER have tried to 'fix' an agency with more money in order to make up for their past failures.  It's a double edge sword.  To pass such a bill that is going toward the never ending song and dance of abused kids being overlooked by a system paid for by our tax dollars so DCF can hire more social workers will only encourage these monsters to remove more children with lies and deception from homes where there is no abuse and/or neglect, as in my case, and endless cases around the world.  I know I'm not alone in seeking for answers that Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke volumes about before her tragic murder... I just knew that I would find that 'money' somehow played a part in my grandson being unconstituonally removed from a loving home!  It didn't take long for Senator Schaefer's words to surface... "Seeing the work of Gastapo, a 'protected empire', is how the Senator best describes DCF... Click here for a reality check  I'm sure she is turning over in her grave because she speaks of single parents as a target for CPS... Only I'm a 55 year old grandmother who raised both of my children by myself who has seen what DCF is very much capable of... DCF is getting very greedy... They are evil.  What do they have to lose when they go to the extreme to lie under oath to remove a child??  To go to the extreme of perjuring themselves in order to 'cash in' on MY grandson is all the wake up call I needed and am therefore sharing our story and Senator Nancy Schaefer lost her senate seat over when it was clear how corruptive CPS is >>> Was Senator Nancy Schaefer murdered because it would expose too many? 

It all looks good to those who have yet been subjected to having a child 'legally kidnapped' or as in my case having my grandson literally stolen from me after DCF had lied to me and told me police wanted to meet with me at their office to clear up a misunderstanding.  They had no legal documents but they literally stole my grandson and shoved me out the door!!  This occurred AFTER DCF and police had already terrorized my grandson and me on 2/18 when I was threatened to be arrested unless I handed my grandson over 'willingly' and when asked if they had legal docs they lied and claimed they didn't need any, then again on 2/26 they threatened to break my door down, searched my home, interrogated me and abused their power in such a way I am in total disbelief to this day... I had committed no crime, they had no search warrant, no probable cause, but I complied.  My grandson was my priority and I had nothing to hide.  There is no justification to have been treated in such a terrorizing manner to only have my grandson snatched away in the most inhumane way possible... To 'Serve and protect' - 'Looking out for the best interest' of a child is what I had believed in my heart would justify their actions for treating me in a way that I cannot believe is happening in the 'Land of the Free'.  It just so happens the police from this day had refused to remove my grandson and found the 'complaint unfounded' so DCF had me come to their territory the following day and had called in police working a different shift who appeared after my sister asked for documentation to be able to steal my grandson... But they had NONE.  DCF had isolated me in a room upon my arrival to what my sister and I had been told was to meet with the police who had completely violated mine & my grandsons 4th & 14th amendment rights the day before when they threatened to break down the door to MY house, searched MY house, counted MY LEGAL meds I have been taking since 1990 and demanded that I be interrogated by DCF... No search warrant, no probable cause!!  

If DCF hadn't deceived me in order to 'legally kidnap' my grandson where I was literally shoved out the door, giving me no explanation as to WHY they felt they needed to resort to such deception by ultimately dehumanizing me to a degree that will forever haunt me, there would be some 'logic' to their terroristic behavior on 2/18 & 2/26... BUT THEY DID RESORT TO SUCH MEASURES AND THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION!!!  How is this happening in America?  The 'Land of The Free'...

DCF can violate your rights at any given time AND commit perjury (character defamation) in order to 'legally kidnap' your child when there is no abuse and/or neglect that your child is being subjected to!  I thought perjury was a crime!  I worked for Verizon for 30 years and raised both of my kids on my own.  For DCF to testify that I had been arrested when I have always been a law abiding citizen was beyond disturbing and unconstitutional!!  DCF has no accountability when they are in the wrong because they have been given a power where they have been given free reign to 'save' our children at the expense of tax payers money, whose going to complain?  As long as it's saving children?  Well it's  NOT!!  It is destroying loving families... Dismembering families... There are no boundaries... More $$$ per child successfully removed from ANY home / 'Incentives' / to supposedly save children from what many have been misled to believe is going toward a system that cannot meet the demands of the reported ever growing increase of child abuse.  The reality is children who have never been subjected to abuse in the homes they are removed from unconstitutionally are placed into a home with Foster parent(s) where there is no guarantee that the children they take in are provided for in the way God had intended... They are traumatized!  In fact, I hear about abuse and deaths occurring in foster care more then I do about children abused by their parents.  The system is crippled.  If DCF/CPS are actually doing a good thing, how come we never hear from the media how DCF came to the rescue by saving an abused child from a home where they were removed??  Hindsights 20/20... I've NEVER heard the media 'DCF saved another child from an abusive home'.  Our children have no safety net once a loving parent finds they are powerless over this corruption.  Power or greed?  Both - is what is destroying families across America.   Too many are blind, thinking that 'money' is what these people need to step up to the plate and make up for all the children who slip through the cracks... The reality is DCF never received a call or many times receive a call from a vengeful person where a child is used as a pawn and other times, as in our case, DCF is easily manipulated by an abuser or someone seeking revenge. Most abused children happens behind closed doors - others choose to turn their head the other way.  It is insane the power DCF has to rip children away unconstitutionally, by going above the 'law' and continue to get away with violating the rights of law abiding citizens in order to 'save' a child where there is no evidence of ABUSE - sure, encourage the 'system' to play a role they are failing miserably at by giving them more money on top of a power that has only proven to be detrimental to more families then actually 'saving' children.  To be given the power to violate the rights of an individual and able to freely commit perjury in order to remove a child from a loving home - is such an injustice - that is NOT saving a child but instead causing trauma by ripping them away from the security of being loved in a way God had intended.  Removing a child may very well place them into real danger and by placing a child into State's care, there is no guarantee that child will be protected and a very real possibility be subjected to REAL ABUSE AND/OR DEATH by the hands of strangers who have no ability to put the needs of a child first and are only taking kids in for financial gain... NOT to provide a child with the love every child deserves to have.  DCF ARE THE ABUSERS!!! 

I am appalled that Governor Rick Scott feels the right thing to do in order to 'fix' DCF's failures is to throw more money their way.  Money is only going to encourage DCF to keep up with the 'numbers' and steal more children away unconstitutionally.  If DCF needs to resort to manipulation, going above the law and commit perjury to remove a child... The only one who gains is DCF >> $$$ >>> at OUR EXPENSE!!  It is such a hypocrisy of what is happening in America to our children.  Afterall there's plenty of 'incentive' for ANY child removed, right or wrong.  Where do we draw the line?  Our children deserve to have a voice!  Stop DCF from destroying The People!

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