Monday, October 26, 2015

Children deserve to have a voice

Sharing my story with you in hopes you will share with your friends and to the world to bring awareness of the corruption within our government.  Our story...

Since 1974 federal funding has become the root of all evil for endless loving families and innocent children.  That's when Walter Mondale initiated CAPTA (the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act), the legislation that began feeding federal funding into the state’s child welfare agencies.  I find that Mondale expressing his concerns that the legislation could lead to systemic abuse in that the state agencies might over-process children into the system unnecessarily to keep, and increase, the flow of federal dollars is merely a piece in history that is to somehow shift blame for the corruption that has created a holocaust among American families not to mention how disturbing it is to find additional facts that shortly after CAPTA was enacted there was a dramatic increase in the number of children in foster care, peaking at around 500,000 during the mid-70’s.  The amount of children being unnecessarily removed has increased catastrophically and there is nothing that is being done to stop innocent families from being destroyed by this corruption. 

'Incentives' (our tax dollars) that Former President, Bill Clinton expanded on in 1997 (ASFA) were suppose to expand family preservation and support 'services', but instead DCF/CPS 'Child Protective Services' has been resorting to kidnapping children from loving homes and committing perjury in Family Court to 'seal the deal' and lying in their disclosures.  As it stands today, ripping kids away from their entire family is the only way to collect these 'incentives' ($$$)... Turning kids into orphans is a financial gain for the government and provides job security for endless people.  >>> Click here to understand how corrupt our Family Courts are <<< Once your child is removed, the goal is to adopt them out to strangers.  Follow the money.  'Looking out for the best interest of a Child' is a total farce.  ~Matthews 7:15~

I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  DCF succeeded on their THIRD attempt to kidnap my grandson... Why?  FIVE police officers found the 'Complaint Unfounded' after ALL allegations made against me and my daughter were proven to be LIES!  So why was he KIDNAPPED???  He was an easy target for TITLE IV-E funding.  His father was in jail, his mother had bogus charges against her (which were dropped), all they needed to do was get me out of the way and succeeded in doing so unconstitutionally.  I trusted the wrong people. 

I have reached out twice to the Inspector General to investigate DCF's criminal actions against my grandson and me... It was ABUSE!  Kidnapping is one of the most horrific crimes one can be subjected to and because it was the government, people we should be able to trust, makes it even more criminal.  The IG passed the buck right back to the DCF person who had suggested I put my complaint into the IG!!  Michelle Marchand/DCF failed both times she contacted me to justify DCF's criminal acts.  She stood her ground it was in 'the best interest' for Braeden to be kidnapped from me with the first complaint I had made, but the 2nd one she responded to, she not only was unable to answer specific questions I had asked and passed the buck by giving me a number to Leslie Jone's/DCF (who kidnapped my grandson) boss, she had the audacity to undue the kidnapping altogether that I still have nightmares about because she told me that my grandson wasn't removed from ME!!  She informed me "He was removed from his mom"... Yet he was in MY care!  So these are the games the government is going to play.  Again... Braeden was a target for federal funding... They just needed me out of the way.  Braeden was KIDNAPPED from ME!!!   He was in MY care!  If he wasn't removed (kidnapped) from ME then why did Leslie Jones/DCF have the need to commit perjury about ME the next day in family court at the removal hearing?!?  Why wasn't I allowed to visit MY grandson once he was held 'captive'?  Why wasn't I 'allowed' to stay with him overnight when he was hospitalized?  Why wasn't I 'allowed' to supervise visitations between MY grandson and MY daughter?  WHY?  I was the 'link' DCF needed out of the way that would give them better 'odds' for my daughter to fail as a 'parent'.  I thank God each and everyday for placing Jessie in our lives (met her in church), and having my sister, Jana who took on the roles as 'supervisor'.  We were so blessed... We are so blessed.  Although Braeden was placed in another county, there was rarely a day missed in 7 months that he didn't see his mother.  Neither one ever complained about it including the fact of the amount of gas and mileage it took that neither one could realistically afford.  It truly was by the Grace of God... They were both ~Angels~ who played such an important part in helping us get Braeden back.  How dare this woman attempt to placate me and insult my intelligence in such a way!  These people are on the same playing field as the criminals who manage to manipulate their way for years before they finally get caught.  'People' working in a job for the government who bank on our ignorance and our children as merchandise.

~ The secret of FREEDOM lies in educating people, whereas the secret of TYRANNY is in keeping them ignorant ~

Money is the leading force.  How can they continue to dismantle loving families?  I went in search for answers.  Senator Nancy Schaefer gave me clarity on the corruption...Click here to hear Senator Nancy Schaefer herself speak out on the corruption  People need to be outraged with what is happening to our children in the 'Land of The Free' where parents and grandparents are powerless over being able to protect their own children!!!  Where a grandparent is ripped of their 'rights' in order to profit from an easy 'target' these monsters see as free 'merchandise'. 

Family court has no due process... Our children are not protected in the 'justice' system.  Get an understanding of just how corrupt family law is and how and why the Constitution does not exist in family court.  We, as Americans have been led to believe "innocent until proven guilty" exists... NOT in family court... >>> Understand how Family Court operates against our children <<< Our Constitution is far removed from family court.  It is merely a formality that is totally misleading to those whose children should NEVER have been removed.  I lived it, I breathed it.  Perjury is a given by those on a mission to remove your child... The 'Land of the Free' is a misconception.

The Social Caseworker is your worse enemy.  Lived it, breathed it also with Sheila Luther/DCF (Investigator), the first caseworker, Tiffany Perry, who came out for the 'welfare check' and Sarah, who was assigned to our case after Braeden was kidnapped and they ALL wrote outrageous LIES about ME in the disclosure.  Another link within this blog and my story will give you much needed clarity on why to NEVER trust a social worker. >>> Everything you need to know about a caseworker. <<<  You live and learn.  Protecting children should be a priority to ALL... It has always been my priority.  By the grace of God our children's voices will be heard.  By the Grace of God we were assigned a new caseworker, Roxette Ojeda, who just so happened to be contracted out by Devereux CBC and although she was naive to the corruption and probably read all the disturbing lies in the disclosure, she was willing to see passed all that and actually play the part of 'looking out for the best interest of a child'.  

Please write your Senator, Governor, Inspector General, Media and request for Child Protective Services to be investigated and audited and share our story with them!  Please Share, share, share our story and FACTS about CPS corruption >> Our Story > My family was subjected to this corruption. Click here to read and share our story.

If ever in our history we have shown to harbor a cancerous crime and human rights violations, we can know, like slavery, kids are held legally and detained from the reach of the protection of their families.  There is no greater issue facing America, and it is the dismantling of the American family, their self sufficiency and their right and promise under the constitution.  We can no longer look past the blind cruelty to families for the sake of racketeering to seize children for financial gain.

Please add this ribbon to your social profile that will show UNITY against this corruption by clicking on this link >We need to UNITE against this evil corruption!  It's easy to do and it's free.  Let's UNITE and be a voice for our children nationwide!

Spreading the word is our only hope to end this corruption.
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