Friday, August 11, 2017

Best Interest of the Child - Modern Day Slavery

Diversion from the reality that my grandson was literally kidnapped by DCF then DCF knowingly committed perjury about ME to 'seal the deal' to keep the money rolling in... their intention > just another 'forced adoption' to receive TITLE IV-E funding.  Two years later this 'protected empire' denied the kidnapping and claimed he wasn't 'removed' from me... why lie about me under oath then and in the disclosure... why lie at all?  They couldn't answer that question.  Once his father signed his rights to his son over to the state, he became a target for 'incentives' - they just needed to get me out of the way in order to move forward with the holocaust the government created in 1974 with the CAPTA legislation where children became a commodity for federal funding.  Endless innocent families are dismantled by greed and children's identities are forever lost since 1997 with the ASFA legislation Hillary Clinton was the master mind behind.  It is an evil corruption my family was subjected to and my grandson, who was 2 at the time, was traumatized.  Since when is it okay to subject a child to being kidnapped... then forced into a crippled system and claim 'best interest of a child' ... when it's the government committing such a horrific crime?  Children Deserve to have their voices heard... hear them roar!!