Monday, May 18, 2015

DCF and police terrorized my grandson and me

I will always live with the guilt that I walked my grandson right into the hands of terrorists (DCF) in which they succeeded in kidnapping my precious Braeden on their THIRD attempt and didn't go down trying harder to prevent it - instead - I went into shock that I could have been so deceived by those wearing a 'badge' on 2/27/14.  I stood my ground miraculously their first 2 attempts when I was literally terrorized by DCF & police in the 'safety' of MY home. To have been treated so criminally and violated has no justification since Braeden ultimately ended up being trapped in a crippled system for 7 months all based on lies and manipulation. Such deception is practically expected by the woman who made the call but to have those who are paid to 'serve and protect' resort to ABUSING their power will forever haunt me. It wasn't about 'saving' a child... At all.  All DCF accomplished was ABUSE both my grandson and me. It makes me livid and heart broken. Whenever someone knocks on my door, I have panic attacks now - after all who am I going to call if I need to be protected??!!??  I was dealing with anxiety from years of abuse over 20 years ago by an 'X' who tried to kill me and my kids which seemed to resurface after I was subjected to a stalking hacker for almost 3 years who compromised my PC's, cell phones, printers... I thought THAT was insane?!? No... Doesn't even come close to what the police and DCF did to us.  I trust no one.   I have PTSD... Who am I supposed to be able to count on to protect those who truly need to be protected? DCF are the LAST people I would call if I felt a child needed to be 'saved' and as for the police?... They proved anybody's fair game to their brutality... Not only young 'black' men like the media is so willing to sensationalize on. CORRUPTION.