Thursday, November 6, 2014

DCF verses Mafia

CPS/DCF can and will use anything 'legal' against you.  They've been given too much power.  They lie... That's what they do and they continue to get away with STEALING CHILDREN.  They are pathological liars who are equivalent to sociopaths that walk among society by lying and turning law abiding people who are loving parents/grandparents into 'unfit' in order to keep the money rolling in which provides them with job security by 'legally kidnapping' innocent children around the world using a facade of 'protecting' children who need to be saved from abuse and/or neglect when in reality it's become a 'child trafficking' business paid for with our tax dollars... The only difference between DCF/CPS and the Mafia is 'organized crime' does not get kick backs from our tax dollar that the Government 'controls' or 'collects' from those working 'legally' (as long as the Government can profit, it's 'legal') and unlike CPS, the mafia does not target children for financial gain.  Oh yeah, another disturbing fact... The media portrays the Mafia as an organization operating against the Government which makes them the bad guy with evil intentions where as Child Protective Service is an agency that is constantly in the headlines of yet another child who suffered unimaginable abuse which tragically ends in death more times then not by strangers paid for by the state who has specifically been hired to provide the love and understanding that the child supposedly was not receiving from the ones DCF had them removed from.  How twisted is that?  The reality that endless amount of children who have never been abused and/or neglected in many of the homes they are ripped away from to only be subjected to exactly what a government agency is in reality responsible for by what the media still portrays as 'protecting' children from the evil path they end up placing them in seems to be 'organized crime'... How deep and/or how many are getting away with criminal behavior on behalf of children who have no voice?  Removing children from safe, loving homes and placing them in harms way by an agency paid to 'protect' for profit have a even bigger payout when the parental rights have been terminated then the child is adopted out to strangers and in most cases destroying an unsuspecting family by not only breaking the hearts permanently of the parents/grandparents who were powerless against the corruption and forever left with a broken heart that will never mend... An emptiness that can never be filled... Such despair come over some who end their life in order to stop the pain.  The child given up for adoption in many cases are falsely led to believe their parents either didn't love them or were unable to provide for them.  How can this be happening in America?

I've been on the same 'legal' RX since 1990, worked a full time job with Verizon Communications for 30 years, raised both of my children on my own with NO HELP from anyone.  My grandson had finally been returned 2 1/2 months after his mentally unstable father & the father's evil, manipulating mother had fled with him, then his father got arrested in an undercover child sex sting operation > Operation Green Shepherd 3 (google Aaron Tyszkiewicz) but because his mother wanted to continue using her grandson as a pawn, she called DCF with vicious lies about me which I had no knowledge of and since I was ignorant to the corruption that exists, I had trusted DCF to do what was in the best interest of my grandson... I was completely blindsided when they committed perjury and turned me into a 'drug addict' who had been arrested for doctor shopping!  I was FRICKEN blown away.  I have NEVER abused my MEDS, never appear to be 'under the influence' and have NEVER been arrested.  They say whatever they need to in order to accomplish their evil mission.  Over $10,000 and 6 months later, our attorney was able to present a police report that EXPOSED DCF's LIES AND DECEPTION!

Thank God I had refused to answer the door to DCF until my sister arrived because by that time, DCF had called the police for back up, which generated a police report we were unaware of until much later that totally contradicted everything DCF had claimed!  It even came out in court how DCF was very aware of the police report which CLEARLY STATED 'I did not appear to be under the influence of any illegal OR legal substances', Braeden appeared to be 'well taken care of', and THE POLICE STATED 'THEY FOUND THE COMPLAINT TO BE UNFOUNDED'!  Was not aware of how the police had sided in my favor because the CPI agent literally lied after she had left with police to only return to tell me that the cops were unhappy with my demeanor and her job would be on the line unless we brought my grandson to DCF the following day to clear up the 'misunderstanding' at which time they 'legally kidnapped' Braeden!!!!  Fricken sociopathic pathological LIARS!!!  My grandson should NEVER have been removed from my care.  Six months after they STOLE Braeden DCF was aware of my TRUE DEMEANOR that was observed and validated by 5 cops AND documented which they thought was STILL 'DCF's LITTLE SECRET' by testifying to the same vicious lies and making it seem the meds I take turn me into a monster or 'drug addict' who 'appears to be under the influence' which, as they claim, makes me incapable of caring for a child!  They were unable to testify this time that I had been arrested because I had gotten finger printed by choice in hopes it would have brought Braeden home when I PROVED THAT WAS A LIE!  But the public 'pretender' (defender) did NOTHING to bring Braeden home!  

This time we had a REAL attorney and the police report of 5 police officer's observation of my TRUE CHARACTER which DCF was NOT expecting that we would have bothered getting because afterall, we had been told the cops were not happy with my demeanor... Why would we even bother getting such a report?... Why wouldn't we?  Finally... 6 months after my grandson was removed unethically we were able to expose DCF's 'dirty little secret'!  Braeden would no longer be held captive and I would be 'free' to be his grandmother again!  God is good!

Why would an agency resort to such manipulation and deception?  How can these people live with themselves?  Child trafficking by a 'Mafia Government' living off of tax payer's dollars. Power+Greed=Corruption [Evil]

Listen to Senator Nancy Schaefer who was brave enough to speak out on the corruption before she was tragically murdered... Hear for yourself!