Thursday, July 24, 2014



THE CYCLE OF ABUSE HAS TO STOP!! My daughter, Nikki has been manipulated and abused by Aaron Tyszkiewicz, who has always claimed to HATE HIS CRAZY MOTHER! They are two peas in a pod. The apple doesn't far too far from the tree. On 12/6/13, while Laura Bodnar, Aaron's mother was visiting she brutally attacked my daughter which left her with two black eyes, bruises from head to toe and caused a concussion and post traumatic amnesia but the Master Manipulators who had lost custody over Braeden when by daughter divorced Aaron, had this planned from the time Braeden was born and Aaron manipulated Nikki into remarrying him because Braeden had become a pawn in their sick twisted world to conquer. Get my daughter out of the picture (we're thankful she is alive) and manipulate the FACTS of what REALLY happened and sadly were able to manipulate the cops!! The cops couldn't get Nikki to tell them who gave her the black eyes and bruises (see pictures) so she was put under arrest and Laura and Aaron who had one scratch on him and Laura had one dot the size of the freckle on her chin became the 'victims' which is all about control, power and manipulation!! The cops NEVER TOOK ANY PICTURES OF NIKKI's BRUTAL ATTACK... What does that tell you? TOTAL INJUSTICE!!! God will see us through this...