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Through Braeden's Eyes

My name is Braeden. I'm two years old and saw my mommy get brutally beat 12/6/13 by my Daddy and his mom, then they stole me to a place that made me sad. ಥ_ಥ >>~ FACEBOOK POST 3/7/14 with pictures of beating > (Will post in separate blog) ~<<

Pictures of beating >  

What happened to my mommy? I hope she's okay!

 >>~Braeden watches his dad and his grandmother (walking time bomb) brutally attack his mom who got him out of bed to put him in the middle of the 'scene'~How normal is that?~<< 911 Call > Seeking Justice >

My dad didn't know how to take care of me...he got arrested on 2/14/14 in an undercover child sex sting operation >Operation Green Shepherd 3 - 27 year old Aaron Tyszkiewicz< >> << and he had me with him.  MUGSHOT >> 

That was so scary!  Why did the police take him away? He's still in jail (as of 1/2014) and he doesn't think he did anything wrong.  Him and his mom never think they do anything wrong even after beating my mommy. I don't understand why.

<<~FACEBOOK POST 2/22/14 ~ (will show in Blog '1st Attempted Kidnapping by DCF') DCF (Saint Lucie County) and police invaded my home and violated mine and Braeden's 4th and 14th amendment rights by threatening to break my door down, searching my home through out, and DCF interrogating me, having no probable cause or search warrant... and being told I had no choice!!  ALL - a week after 1st failed kidnapping attempt by DCF (Manatee County) on 2/18/14 when I was threatened to be arrested unless I handed Braeden over 'willingly' to a stranger wearing a badge... I refused. It was all so INSANE!  Children are a gift from God and Braeden was getting the love every child deserves in a nice, stable environment with me.  During the whole coercement tactics DCF worker, Evelyn Harris, kept getting on her cell & calling for 'back up' repeatedly > ALL IN FRONT OF BRAEDEN!! More trauma and abuse inflicted on my grandson by a system who claims they are 'protecting' kids.  It's a farce - I lived it and have been researching it non-stop looking for answers as to how this is happening in America? >> When Tallahassee was made aware of this attempted kidnapping by Evelyn Harris, they denied she ever being in my home!  All they do is lie, disregard the Constitution and violate amendment rights of decent law abiding citizens.  I'm praying, they will be exposed for abusing their power by people telling their stories of the corruption! ~>>

I was so happy when my Nonnie rescued me who makes me feel safe and loved all the time. I was happy, but didn't understand what happened to my mommy?  As soon as Nonnie saved me, my Daddy's mom, who hurt my mommy really bad, called some people and LIED again just like she and my dad both did on 12/6/13 after she hurt my mommy and never got in trouble for it because my Daddy and his mom made up VERY BAD LIES to be able to STEAL ME AWAY FROM her.  

Nonnie made be happy when she told me I would see my mommy soon, but I had to wait for the 'Justice System' to DROP THE CHARGES and lift the NO CONTACT ORDER that my dad and his mom were able to have happen because the police were stupid and believed the bad people who only think of me as a 'pawn' to make them feel in 'power'.  The charges were dropped and the no contact order lifted 3/21, but it was too late.  

My Dad's mom didn't help keep me feel safe... She ABUSED my dad where he is emotionally crippled and now he is doing the same things to me that he HATES his mom for doing to him... Why did she call DCF and lie more, to have me taken away from my Nonnie?  They had me ripped away from my mommy, now, although my Daddy said it was fine for me to go to Nonnie's, his mom wanted to rip me away from her too!  Why did DCF try to first kidnap me on 2/18/14, four days after they handed me over to Nonnie?  STORY of when DCF tried to illegally kidnap me 2/18, the first time to take me back to my Dad's mom who abused all her children and beat my mommy on 12/6/13 > FACEBOOK POST 2/22/14 (will post in separate blog)

Then WHY did DCF have to lie under oath too, about my Nonnie, just so they could STEAL me away again and place me in a shelter when I was finally being taken care of by someone who made me feel safe and who really loves me?  Am I ever going to see my mommy again? DCF are bad people too and I was STOLEN once again, taken from my Nonnie and went to another scary place. How can DCF break the law by lying about the one person who knew how to take care of me until my mommy was allowed to be with me again?  Perjury is very bad and DCF should never have lied!  They said horrible lies about my Nonnie!! How could they do that and get away with such a bad thing?  

My Nonnie was really sad and they wouldn't allow her to even visit me for a long time because EVERYBODY LIED which didn't make any sense because she didn't do anything bad!!  WHY?  I thought lying was bad!  Bad things happened to me because of lies and it's happening to children all over the place. I can't be the only one.  Makes me very sad and I'm only happy when I'm with people who REALLY love me.

Aren't the 'good' big people supposed to protect me?  Aren't people who work for DCF, CPS etc. supposed to be 'good' big people?  Nobody cared when my mommy and Nonnie told the truth that I wasn't safe with my Daddy and his mom. How come?  So when the 'good' big people tell the truth to try and save me, why didn't anyone help me?  Something really bad was going to happen to me because the police found out on line, I was an 'inconvenience'.  And my daddy only had one diaper for me when we were going to that 14 year old girl's house that was far away who my Daddy just met on line the day before we left!... Then he got arrested.

Why did daddy put a lock on the outside of my bedroom door?  Just like his mommy did to her youngest adopted child after giving him medicine to make him sleep that he was supposed to only take at night time and nobody knows what happened to him.  My dad's mom told people that she finally got rid of Ryan but was happy and bragged how she still got money every month that is supposed to be for Ryan because he is disabled just like she and daddy tell people I am disabled, even though I'm not.  Were they going to get money for me too? 

A lot of big people keep believing all the lies by people who are supposed to love me but don't know what that is and keep using me in a twisted game that I don't understand... I want to go back to my mommy and Nonnie!  They take good care of me and I WUV them so very much and they love me to the moon and back!! That's a whole bunch!! Why can't the good people save me from a 'system' where I don't belong?  I know my mommy and Nonnie will try and save me from this place.  At least I get to see my mommy everyday now, which is so much fun!!  I just don't understand why I can't go home with Mommy and Nonnie? I guess we have to wait on the 'Justice' system which is scary because it has failed all the good people in my life and worst of all me!! 

Here is what my dad and his mom did to try and destroy my mommy and me.  Some people think they tried to kill my mommy by drugging her then beating her so bad she got a concussion and post traumatic amnesia! Pictures that the police never took although she was the only one with injuries and only one who was hospitalized >> 

STOP CYCLE OF ABUSE!  The 911 call is chilling to hear Laura (Aaron's mom) twisted manipulation in order to save herself!  (Will post separate blog of 911 call).

Pictures of Braeden's mommy (Nikki) from 12/6 beating by her mother-in-law & husband and story>> FACEBOOK POST 3/13/14 (Will post in another blog)

More > 2/24/14 FACEBOOK POST > pictures speak a 1,000 words (Will post in separate blog) >>~ ~<<

I don't want to be held hostage anymore by DCF.  You can help me by getting my story out and liking my FaceBook page BRING BRAEDEN HOME and sign my petition everyday - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?? I need to count on all the good big people that read my story to help save me from an UNJUST SYSTEM.  PLEASE HELP FREE ME SO I CAN BE REALLY HAPPY ALL THE TIME BY BEING ALLOWED TO GO HOME WHERE I BELONG!!  Please pray for me!

  ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ And we have to pray for everyone... especially for the bad people who did this to me! Thank you! 


Please sign my PETITION > > < <



~ After the public 'pretender' did NOTHING to help bring Braeden home, we were blessed to get the resources to hire a REAL lawyer that has been going up against DCF since the 90's and on 8/19/14 the lawyer exposed the police report that DCF assumed was their 'Dirty Little Secret' from 2/26/14 which contradicted DCF LIES about me.  If we had been aware of this report at the removal hearin DCF WOULD NEVER HAD GOTTEN AWAY WITH ASSASINATING MY CHARACTER and would NEVER had been able to unconstitutionally remove him!  With a public 'pretender' there is no funding to provide properly for a case i.e. Depositions, subpoenas etc. Although DCF gets provided the funding to pursue keeping Braeden 'trapped' in the 'system'... The only reason we got Braeden back was because we HIRED an attorney!  Not so many have the resources to hire an experienced attorney.  God was watching over us every step of the way since 12/6/13.  It nearly destroyed me but I always kept the Faith and knew God would bring Braeden back to us... 9/20/14 Braeden was 'free' to come home - FINALLY!  And I was 'free' to be the grandmother I had long awaited for!  


°\(ッ)/° ßÏG HÛGŠ TO YOU ALL!!

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